There are many things that I choose on a daily basis, here are some examples:

I choose…..

  • who I want to become friends with.
  • what to read.
  • what to eat.
  • where to go shop.
  • how I do my hair.
  • what I wear.
  • what to watch on television.
  • what music to listen to.
  • where to go for dinner.
  • what websites to visit.
  • when I go for a walk.
  • when I go to bed.
  • when to relax and unwind.
  • when to have a cup of coffee, tea or alcoholic beverage.
  • when to be a listener and when to be a talker.
  • what religious ideologies to believe.
  • to become vegan.
  • to practice saving the lives of animals by becoming vegan.
  • the place in which I live.
  • the job that I do.
  • the day I decided to live my authentic life.

The one thing that many people believe that I chose – was my sexuality.  THAT IS SOMETHING I DID NOT CHOOSE – that specific ‘thing’ about me, was something I was born with.  I didn’t, one day, suddenly decide to choose that I liked people of the same-sex.  I don’t believe the writings of any religious denomination and what was written.  Therefor – you can’t preach what YOU believe onto me.  If you believe there is a God – and you have an issue with my sexuality – blame HIM, not me.

People need to STOP projecting their religious beliefs (or choices) onto others.  Nothing good comes from telling others that the way they live their lives and how they were born is wrong.  Most importantly – your religious CHOICES should not have any impact on civil rights.  There should always be a separation of what you choose to believe religiously and government policies.

When YOU project your beliefs onto your children – it only hinders them and may potentially kill them.  Instead encourage your children to explore and to have different viewpoints, thoughts and to be their own individual.

My heart goes out to Tyrone Unsworth, from Brisbane, Australia and so many others who have taken their own lives due to bullying because of their sexuality.


Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Yesterday, my husband Jason asked me if I wanted to watch a film he recently watched called ‘Dirty Girl‘ starring Juno Temple and introducing Jeremy Dozier.  I have never heard of this film before, I didn’t know the subject matter and thought I would take Jason’s word that the movie was worth watching.  It was.

The story takes place in 1987 in Oklahoma and follows the lives of Danielle Edmonsdston (Juno Temple),  a promiscuous high school student and Clarke Walters (Jeremy Dozier), a shy, gay classmate.  Normally, the 2 would never connect however, they are forced together as Danielle is assigned to attend a ‘special class’ to try to stop her apparent ‘destructive behaviour’.  Danielle and Clarke are forced to work together on a class project to learn the ways of parenting.  They begin to learn about each other and eventually form a friendship.  Danielle learns that her birth father is alive and decides she wants to meet him.  Clarke is reluctant at first but is forced to join her as his father discovers that he is gay and wants to force him into military school in hopes to ‘cure the homosexuality’. 

Watching this film, I couldn’t help but empathize with Clarke and Danielle as I know what it was like to be an outcast and to keep my homosexuality hidden from friends and family.  Danielle’s version of being loved and accepted came in the form of her sexual conquests while Clarke’s was purely in fantasy as he dare not admit to being homosexual for fear of what his father might do.

Despite the films attempt to reach mass audience appeal – I found it to be honest, funny and touching.  It is a true coming-of-age movie that I and so many other people can relate to.  The movie also stars Milla Jovovich, William H. Macy, Mary Steenburgen, Dwight Yoakam, Maeve Quinlan and Tim McGraw.  Directed by Abe Sylvia and Produced by Rachel Cohen, Rob Paris, Charles Pugliese and Jana Edelbaum.

Check out the trailer….the movie is available on Netflix.