I am not a black male but this fact doesn’t mean that I don’t have empathy for the marginalization, abuse, systemic racism or murder of black men, women and children.  Being a white male, I have definitely not experienced the type of systemic racism and judicial inequality the many black men have faced and experienced.  I don’t fear leaving my house thinking that I may be abused, harassed or even killed by police officers due to the colour of my skin.

As a gay male, I have been harassed and a victim of crime because of my sexuality.  I don’t believe to be what society deems as a “stereotypical gay male” and would not think that I would be singled out and murdered because of my sexuality – at least not in Canada.  I know that many black men and women are targeted by police and are not treated fairly simply because of the colour of their skin.

Many people have defended police forces everywhere indicating that “not all cops are bad or racists.” and “all lives matter.” and even indicating that if black people are not committing crimes or guilty of anything – they wouldn’t be targeted.  I’ve also heard many people, including friends, indicate that the Black Lives Matter movement is just an angry mob asking for trouble.  Correct me if I’m wrong – if a community or group of people have been targeted throughout history, wouldn’t you have the right to peacefully protest that marginalization.  Yes, there have been many atrocities committed against minorities and many minorities continue to be treated in horrific ways – their movement will come.  Today – every other story in social media is about a black person being brutally beaten or killed at the hands of police.  I have read stories of white males committing the same or worse crimes than black individuals and are given much lesser sentences.  White men and women across America are paid more than most visible minorities.  The incarceration rate of minorities far outweighs the incarceration rates of white people.  Opportunities are not the same for minorities because of income inequality and I don’t understand why many doubt these facts!

I have three nephews and one niece who are bi-racial, born to white mothers and black fathers, and I see the difference in how they are treated.  I always think of them as they go about their daily routines and imagine that they will mostly likely be stopped and targeted because of the colour of their skin.  This sickens me to the core of my being.  Yes, all lives matter but today, it is the lives of those who are being targeted and killed that I stand with.  I want my niece and my nephews to have the same chances in life as most white men and women but that isn’t going to happen until there are some fundamental changes in how people view and treat visible minorities. In the meantime – BLACK LIVES MATTER protests should continue, voices should be raised because right now there is a lack of respect for black people and other minorities.

It seems that the lives of minorities are less valued.  When people such as policemen and politicians show a lack of respect for minorities – why should the average person? It is irresponsible when someone who is running for president of the United States of America and leader of the (not so) FREE WORLD spews hate speech and demoralizes a whole group of people.  That isn’t leadership – that is preying on people’s fear, hatred and ignorance.

Remaining complacent and ignorant does nothing to create positive change in the world – it is those who stand up to tyranny, ignorance, hate and fear that make the world a better place.  So, instead of criticizing and continuing to marginalize certain minorities – why not try STANDING with them and supporting them?


Together, we can make the world a more positive one!




What are you taking notice of today?  Are you waiting to see the next Hollywood blockbuster movie, are you sucked in to the lives of celebrities or are you eagerly awaiting the next best piece of technology.  Take a moment and release yourself from all that ‘faux’ happiness and thing about what is going on in the world and how YOU can help create positive change.

Corporate media is filling our heads with endless stories of the militarization of police departments across the globe.  They are making peaceful protests look like war zones.  Governments, in collaboration with the big oil conglomerates and police, are putting environmental activists behind bars and freeing the ones who are destroying and polluting the earth.  Wars are being fought in the best interests of those who would benefit most and not for the greater good of the people in those regions.  Poverty and famine are devastating many parts of the world while those who have no financial worry hunt endangered species with no regard.  

I know, you are wondering, “I thought this blog site was Coalition of Positive Energy”, so why all this negative talk?  Without knowing what is happening in our world – we can’t effectively create positive change.  So what can we do about it?  Is there an alternative to this status quo?  Well, we can do a lot and yes, there is an alternative to what governments are doing now.  Remember – we put them there and we can certainly remove them. 

We can’t rely on corporate media as they are manipulating and controlling everything we do – from the products we buy to the food that we eat.  You don’t see commercials for healthier lifestyle choices or foods that promote good health.  You don’t see news reports on what pharmaceutical drugs are doing to people and their health.  Instead, television promotes these drugs like they are miracles of health.  Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, Arby’s and all those other unhealthy fast food chains bombard us with how cheap their food is but they fail to tell us how unhealthy it is.  Oil companies are making commercials about how great and clean their resources are but they fail to show the economical and environment devastation oil spills cost us and our environment.  We must hold governments and corporations accountable for their lack of respect for the environment and for the people who are peacefully protesting for income equality, safe food, clean water, clean air and a peaceful planet. 

What is the alternative for people who are tired of governments creating legislation that does not reflect the views of the majority.  We are tired of wars, lack of environmental protection, governments bailing out corporations and letting ordinary citizens struggle and die for standing up for what is right.  We are tired of the ‘old ways’ – times HAVE changed and we need leaders to reflect that change for the greater good of the people and not the greater good of lining their pockets with money from corrupt corporations.  I will say and keep on saying that we NEED A REVOLUTION – of peace, of love, of positive change.

“You can feel purposeful every single day by taking a moment to cheer up a disgruntled employee, make a child laugh, or even pick up a piece of litter and place it in a trash can.”  – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I appreciate Dr. Wayne W. Dyers sentiment but imagine how purposeful you would feel by thinking much bigger by helping create legislation that would protect animals from suffering, people from suffering and the environment from suffering.  It’s not out of reach, we can do it – all we have to do is keep mobilizing and putting pressure on our governments and stop buying the crap that becomes meaningless in a year and ends up in landfills.  The moment is now.  Change is needed now.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!