There has been much controversy and discussion about the removal of the Confederate Flag lately.  Many claim that it is a symbol of victory and an important part of history but there is much violence, racism and hate associated with this flag:

Bree Newsome (with assistance of a friend) took the initiative and climbed the flag pole to take down the flag herself.  We all understand and know what transpired during the civil rights movement.  There was no equality for people of colour during that time.  People of colour couldn’t use the same fountains and washrooms of whites, they couldn’t go to the same schools.  And if you spoke or advocated for equality; you were beaten, degraded and even killed.

I applaud those who came before Bree Newsome and stood up to their oppressors, people who demanded respect and equality and who didn’t want to be treated like they were unworthy.  All over the world people like; Harriet Tubman, Representative John Lewis, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Booker T. Washington, Mohandas and Kasturba Gandhi, Cesar Chavez, Malcolm X, Desmond Tutu, Bob Moses and Ella Baker fought their oppressors and demanded change around the world.

Today, this type of oppression continues by those who are supposed to serve and protect everyone.  It is common to see videos of white policeman beat and kill so many people of colour.  When politicians are debating creating barriers, fences and walls to keep immigrants out, what else are we supposed to conclude except that these same politicians are pandering to the white racist America.  If they are treating minorities from other countries this way, it isn’t inconceivable to believe that politicians and legislators want to keep America’s minorities disenfranchised, poor, uneducated and oppressed.

So, when you hear your friends say things like; “they do it to themselves”, “if they were not committing the crimes, they wouldn’t be in jail”, “they are supposed to listen to the police” and so many other ignorant statements, they are just regurgitating the sentiments expressed by corporate media to insure we keep those same minorities lucid and submissive.

The REVOLUTION OF LOVE continues – we are the many that have had enough of those few who want to continue this oppression.  Knowledge is power!  With knowledge, determination and passion POSITIVE CHANGE is inevitable.  So many have given their lives to ensure those people who have oppressed others and their symbols are removed but never forgotten.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Many believe me to be very harsh against people who have Christian beliefs and values.  I don’t.  What I am against is what some religions teach.

Many of us have been told that God is always watching and that we should fear him.  Why fear a God that apparently loves and ALL of His children?  Is God a voyeur?  If he is always watching, how come he hasn’t interfered in helping the homeless or punishing the greedy?  Many people have claimed that God caused many of the environmental catastrophe’s today because of gay marriage.  To them, I say:  “Why is God only interested in causing devastation in order to drive YOUR point?” These “rule’s” weren’t God’s rules, they were the rules of men who felt uncomfortable or threatened by things they didn’t understand or fear.

In my world, women can practice religion, they can vote, they can decide not to be with their spouses without any recourse of death, they can drive cars, they can voice their opinions if they disagree with their spouses and they can do whatever they want with their bodies without feeling shamed or ridiculed.

In my world, people who are struggling to buy food, eat healthy, get an education and have access to health care should not be told that it is their own fault they are in this predicament.  They should be supported and given a chance to create a better life for themselves and their children.

In my world, people should not be denied to love someone of the same-sex.  Shouldn’t we be encouraging love to flourish and grow so that society can flourish and grow.

In my world, wars would not be a means of showing my disagreement with policies of another country.  I would engage in conversation and dialogue not wave my military might around in order to instil my own countries beliefs.

So what has religion taught me?  It has taught me that there are many people who are puppets and who are afraid to ask questions.  Religion has taught me that there are many followers.  Religion has taught me that there are those who use it to secure their place in the world through politics.  Religion has taught me that you only win through violence and obedience.  Religion has taught me that there is much hate in the world.  Religion has taught me that there is much ignorance in the world.  Religion has taught me that there is much divide and separation in the world.  Where is the love?  Where is the compassion?  Where is the tolerance?

All of the above sounds very anti-love and anti-religion, doesn’t it?  To that I say, “Why is it that what you believe outweigh what I believe?”  I may not believe in what is written in a ‘holy book’.  I certainly do not believe what religious doctrine has preached as the word of whatever God or prophet or idol others believe in but this doesn’t make me any better than those who believe this.

What if there was a religion that made no judgements on others?  It’s okay to be a woman and have a voice.  It’s okay to help others.  It’s okay to be different.  It’s okay that you have a tattoo.  It’s okay that you are Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Rastafarian, pagan, atheist or whatever.  What is not okay is to judge, oppress, divide, conquer and hate.

So I ask, which world would you rather live in?  A world that dictates everything you should believe or a world that allows you to ask questions and not be a follower?

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


I can not believe that people are still fighting against love!  When 2 people of any socia-economic, religious and/or political background are in a committed, loving and nurturing relationship how is that any different than their own?  Hiding behind religion to make a stance on who can be together is ridiculous as many people do not believe the bible literally!

The ‘Gay Propaganda Law’ in St. Petersburg, Russia was approved by the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg and was signed into law by the city’s governor, Georgiy Poltavchenko.  This law came into effect as of March 30, 2012.  The law fines individuals up to $17,000 for “promoting homosexuality” and “pedophilia” among minors.  Anyone who violates this law faces jail time.  I am getting really irritated by individuals who constantly associate pedophila with homosexuality – this is blantantly a false statement and perpetuates the ignorant beliefs that these homophobic individuals have.  I have witnessed and have read about many ‘straight’ (if you want to label) individuals going to jail for pedophilia.  Why doesn’t Russia do anything about human trafficking instead of passing ridiculous and homophobic laws based on what their religious views are.  

Madonna is definately not a stranger to controversy and has expressed her views on this law during a recent stop on her MDNA world tour.  She condemned the law and indicated that the gay and lesbian community should be able to love without fear (shouldn’t anyone?).  She made her opinions very clear and directly violated St. Petersburg ‘Gay Propaganda’ law and was fined $17,0000.  

Madonna also expressed her distaste for another controversial issue that is happening in Russia.   Maria Alyokhina, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Yekaterina Samutsevucg-Masha face a charge of hooliganism that could send them to jail for seven years for singing a song in church.  The song happened to be an anti-Putin song.  Masha, Nadia and Katya belong to a punk rock band called Pussy Riot. It’s a loose collective of about 10 young Moscow women, feminists in a very macho country, who dress up in brightly coloured clothes and balaclavas (ski masks) and use music and performance art to criticize the repression and conformity they see around them. 

Madonna donned a ski-mask during a performance of one of her biggest hits ‘Like A Virgin’ to show her support for Pussy Riot and for their art.

I applaud artists like Peaches, Bjork, Patty Smith and Madonna for fighting against this kind of oppression.  Russia, it seems – wants to use Pussy Riot as an example to instill fear into other individuals not to speak out against their government or express their personal views about any political or social issues through their art.  There is no room in our society for this type of intolerance and oppression and we all must speak out against it.  Here is the petition in protest to help the girls of Pussy Riot:


Please see the attached link for a better understanding of this controversy:


Inform and educate yourself – when you have the right information, only then can change happen.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!