If you had to write a brief description of yourself, what would you say about yourself?  What are your greatest attributes?  What are the things you don’t enjoy about yourself?  Have you really ever thought about how others see you?  Do you even care?

I’m going to take a look at these questions and answer them as honestly as I can. 

What are my greatest attributes?

My loyalty, my passion, drive and desire to create positive change into the world, my empathy, my honesty and sincerity.

What are some things I don’t enjoy about myself? 

I like everything about myself.  I like the direction my life took.  I love that I advocate for the ethical treatment of animals.  I love that I have made the choice to become vegan.  I love that I think with my heart.  I love my strong convictions in creating positive change into the world.  I love being in love.  I love learning and growing.

Do I care about what others think of me?

The only person that matters in my life is ME.  Without trying to create the best possible me – I would not be able to motivate others into creating positive change in the world.  I do care about how other people view me – especially if they view me in a negative way.  I encourage feedback in order to ensure I become a better person.  What I don’t care for is when people make judgments about me.  I don’t care if you do not like what I am wearing, the colour of my eyes or hair, that I have gained a few pounds or that I raise my voice a bit when I am defending the earth, our environment, animals that have no voice or people who are oppressed because they were born with certain uniqueness. 

A brief description about myself:

To expand on what I have said above – my commitment in my life is being the best partner, husband and friend to my partner of 21 years.  I want to continue to advocate for the things I am passionate about (animals, environment and the LGBTQ community).  I want to become a beacon in creating positive change in the world – if I have influenced just one other person to be kind to animals, our planet or to each other – my job is done but I’m not going to stop.  I am comfortable and love living my life in the most authentic way possible.  I am not afraid to share my views about many of the injustices in this world.  I really believe that we should treat others in the same way that we want to be treated.  I am not afraid to be expressive and passionate in my convictions and have been known to get into heated discussions about those passions and beliefs.  I am avid believer that ‘one person can make a difference’ and get quite offended when people say that a problem is too big to solve.  I get annoyed when people also say, “you can’t change the habits or thoughts of so many people.” – I don’t think Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Jane Goodall, Ingrid Newkirk or so many other influential people thought this way.  Even Adolf Hitler didn’t think this way. 

I believe I am honest, caring, loving and passionate.  I am overly sensitive – which is an amazing attribute considering most people think that being overly sensitive is a negative trait and a sign of weakness.  Sensitivity is a sign of strength and empathy – people who are sensitive can really put themselves in any situation and act to ensure a positive outcome is not too far from reach.

Today, so many people are too concerned about how others see them and are afraid to live an authentic life.  Imagine the changes we can make in the world if people would just live authentic lives.  Imagine if more people cared about the environment, the poor, the ethical treatment of animals, child poverty, income inequality and other issues that are more deserving of our time and efforts.  More people care about Hollywood gossip than the possible extinction of certain animal species.  We can make huge strides in protecting our declining forests, lakes and oceans but we need to raise our voices and we need to raise them LOUD and STRONG!   The time is now.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



Religion should not dictate or influence policies on social issues.  Belonging and believing in religious doctrine is a choice and should remain in people’s homes.  When individuals try to influence their beliefs in order to deny others privileges and rights that everyone is entitled to is absolutely wrong. 

I support everyone’s right to express their ideas and to voice their opinions but when you try to instill your personal religious beliefs to preach hate – I draw the line.  Many preacher’s or religious leaders from various religions continue to discriminate against the LGBT community and they continue to spread outrageous claims based on their religious beliefs.  Here are some examples – with my rebuttals in red:

“As a mother, I know that homosexuals cannot biologically reproduce children; therefore, they must recruit our children.” – Anita Bryant

Homosexuals everywhere are devising plans to kidnap as many children as we can to teach and force them to become gay so we can build our armies and take over the world.  As a mother, Ms. Bryant should have been more concerned about teaching her children how to spread love, compassion and kindness into the world – not hate and intolerance. 

“If the world accepts homosexuality as its norm and if it moves the entire world in that regard, the whole world is then going to be sitting like Sodom and Gomorrah before a Holy God.” – Pat Robertson

Mr. Robertson’s beliefs are not the same as everyone else’s beliefs.  I know many ‘straight’ people who accept ALL people for who they are.  There are great kind, generous and loving people who happen to be gay…and then there are ignorant, hateful and judgemental people who claim to be Christian.  If Pat Robertson (and so many other religious leaders, preachers, pastors, etc) believe their religious ideologies/doctrine, then they should stay silent regarding their obsession with homosexuality and let their God make His judgement Himself.

“Don’t misunderstand. I am not here bashing people who are homosexuals, who are lesbians, who are bisexual, who are transgender. We need to have profound compassion for people who are dealing with the very real issue of sexual dysfunction in their life and sexual identity disorders.” – Senator Michele Bachmann 

When you make a generalized statement that homosexuals, lesbians, bisexual and transgender individuals have a sexual dysfunction and sexual identity disorders – you are bashing them.  I didn’t wake up one morning and decide, “I think I’ll have an emotional and sexual relationship with a man today.”, because if I did – then that would suggest that anyone can make that same decision.  I wasn’t born with a disorder, I didn’t decide to become gay, I wasn’t influenced to become gay – I was born as is. 

“Let’s say we discover the gene that says the kid’s gonna be gay. How many parents, if they knew before the kid was gonna be born, [that he] was gonna be gay, they would take the pregnancy to term? Well, you don’t know but let’s say half of them said, “Oh, no, I don’t wanna do that to a kid.” [Then the] gay community finds out about this. The gay community would do the fastest 180 and become pro-life faster than anybody you’ve ever seen.  They’d be so against abortion if it was discovered that you could abort what you knew were gonna be gay babies.” – Rush Limbaugh

I wonder if Rush Limbaugh would feel the same way if they discovered a gene that would suggest a child would be born sexist, racist, homophobic and ignorant.  Mr. Limbaugh has made countless and offensive remarks about women, minorities and homosexuals and justified them by saying he’s a comedian….I don’t think comedians become comedians to justify and spread their hate.

“Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong. Sin becomes fine,” he later added. “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men. Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers — they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.” – Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty)

Comparing homosexuality with bestiality….why do these God-fearing men and women always make this comparison.  As I proud gay man – I have no desire to have sexual inter-course with any animal and I don’t know any other gay person who feels the same.  Why the obsession with homosexuality, bestiality and adultery Phil?  Creating controversy that instills hate in order to increase viewership and financially benefit is irresponsible and not very Christian, is it?

If these so-called “Christians” like Pat Robertson, Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, Phil Robertson, Michele Bachmann, Bryan Fischer and so many other judgemental individuals focused on issues that would promote love, kindness and compassion into the world, imagine how much more supportive, inclusive, loving and kind people would be?  If organizations such as the American Family Association or National Organization for Marriage tackled issues of homelessness and poverty imagine the lives that would be changed.  Religious leaders need to re-focus and declare war on human rights violations, income inequality, domestic abuse, destruction of the environment, greed, gang violence, sexual eduction, rape and so many other issues of importance that will ensure positive outcomes.  From my understanding, God’s message is to support love, compassion and kindness – His message wasn’t to spread ignorance, hate and incite violence on those who are different or have different belief systems.

Larry Tomczak, anti-gay pastor, has recently made comments about the film, Foxcatcher, directed by Bennett Miller and starring Steve Carell, Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum as well as the Ellen Degeneres show, American Idol, Glee and Two And A Half Men of being part of Hollywood’s gay agenda.  He also said professional NFL football athlete Michael Sam was a “castaway” for coming out.  Tomczak also suggested that gay advocacy groups were trying to push their gay agenda on children.  Ellen Degeneres addresses Larry’s ignorant views in a very eloquent and humorous way:

You may ask yourself why I’m writing a blog that has seems to be somewhat negative…my intention in writing this blog is to create awareness of those who may instill their ignorant views on others.  This blog is a means of providing a different view-point – and considering the subject – who do you believe has the most knowledge of the subject of homosexuality, those who make ignorant and biased statements or a homosexual?  Creating positive change in the world won’t happen with hate, ignorance and judgement – it comes from love, compassion and truth.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Who is Sam Simon and why should we care?

Sam Simon is an entertainment mogul.  He is co-creator of the multiple Emmy Award-winning The Simpsons writing genius behind hit shows like Taxi, Barney Miller, Cheers, The Tracey Ullman Show, The Drew Carey Show and the FX series, Anger Management but it is not his celebrity status that I want to write about.  I want to write about his BIG heart, animal advocacy and his compassion.

Sam Simon has been diagnosed with terminal colon cancer but continues to advocate for animals.  Ingrid Newkirk, President of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), has recently stated, “Sam Simon may be a big Hollywood figure, but it’s his big heart that makes him a PETA soul mate.”  Sam Simon serves on PETA’s Executive Committee and has been a vegetarian since he was 19 and vegan since joining PETA years later.  He attended a PETA news conference with Bob Barker, another animal rights activist and previous game show host of The Price is Right, in which he indicated (regarding using animals in film/television), “If you can’t afford the CGI (computer-generated imagery), either do a rewrite or do a cartoon show like I did.”

Simon is known for his work within the Sam Simon Foundation, which rescues dogs from shelters and trains them to assist soldiers who return from war with physical and mental trauma.  He addresses animal homelessness by sponsoring spay and neuter surgeries in low-income areas of Los Angeles and has assisted PETA launch their newest mobile spay-and-neuter clinic.  He has also hosted PETA fundraisers at his home in L.A.  Simon once donated his fee for an episode of The Drew Carey Show to PETA because the plot involved greyhound racing, and he fleet that he could not in good conscience keep the money.

Simon has donated his time, his heart and his finances as mentioned above and has been pivotal with his work with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Save the Children.  He has taken up the hobby of buying up captive animals from places like zoos and circuses and recently answered PETA’s and ARAN’s (Animal Rights Action Network) appeals to rescue Benjy, an Irish breeding bull believed to be homosexual, from slaughter.  Mr. Simon has also donated a $2 million ship to Sea Shepherd’s anti-whaling fleet.

PETA’s Norfolk, Virginia, headquarters has a new moniker – the Sam Simon Center – in honour of his advocacy for animals.  He once said of PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, “I say yes to everything she asks me.”

Imagine what positive and loving changes you can contribute to if we only allowed ourselves to say “yes” more often.  We can make huge and positive differences in the world – we can become beacons of hope for people and animals that can’t stand or speak for themselves.  We can be instruments of change when so many of our governments and corporations can only think of the ‘bottom line’.  Sam Simon’s compassion and endless generosity should be an example of humanity’s greater good and what we can accomplish.  This blog is my way of showing my gratitude for his generosity and for creating positive change in our world.

If you would like to help in creating positive change – please donate to any of the not-for-profit charities that Sam Simon supports, here are the links: (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) (The Sam Simon Foundation) (Shepherd Conservation Society) (Save The Children)

Together we can make the world a more positive one! 



I don’t have children but I do have nieces and nephews that do and that, for me, is enough to take a stand and help in the fight to curb climate change.  I may not be around to witness the more major effects that climate change will have on the planet but isn’t what we have seen already enough for a call to action.  The debate is over – the earth is becoming warmer and it will be devastating to humanity and our eco-system.  It is not enough to change your lightbulbs to even impact climate change – we must think outside the box and demand more change.  Corporations should be held responsible and pay for the damage they have done to our planet.  Agriculture and the meat industry is responsible for deforestation and the largest portion of climate change in the world today.

Our we willing to allow our children to pay for the mistakes of greedy corporations of the past.  Must we not be adamant in demanding change to ensure a healthy planet for all in the very near future?  I keep thinking – if people are allowed to sue the tobacco industry for giving them cancer, shouldn’t we be allowed to sue those corporations who are directly responsible for climate change and making our air and humanity susceptible to increasing pulmonary diseases?  We have to make them change their habits by not supporting them.  STOP BUYING from those corporations who have put a strain on our environment by polluting our waters and our air.  Reward companies who are committed to create products that don’t deplete our natural resources and use sustainable and renewable energies.  The alternative is unacceptable because it will be YOUR sons or daughters that will pay the price for our need to WANT useless materialistic ‘things’.

Here is one of the most inspiring speeches I have seen regarding the environment and our planet – Hopefully it inspires you to work in creating a world that will be safe for the generations of the future.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Can we be spiritual and speak out against the things we believe to bring pain and misery to people and animals?  Are people who strive to remove negativity from their lives able to engage in discussions or debates about the injustices around them?  I have and continue to struggle with the idea that I try to inspire others to remove negativity from their lives yet share stories that are sometimes not so positive.  Is this a contradiction of sorts?

Simply put – we have to address the issues that are not so happy or positive to talk about in order to help resolve whatever negative issue it is.  I have received messages/comments on various social media indicating “Why do you post such cruel or negative stories?” or “Some of pictures you post are really offensive and violent.”  I believe, that I have an obligation to be as truthful as I can about the issues that I am passionate about.  I would rather be blatant about these issues in order for people to understand the importance of a certain message.  We can’t be passionate about fighting climate change without understanding the devastation or impact that climate change will have on our planet.  You can’t speak of animal rights without seeing or hearing the abuse animals endure in our for us to eat or wear them.  We can’t act on human rights issues if we don’t have empathy for those who are facing those issues with threat of imprisonment, violence or even death.

I am shocked in knowing how many people were more enraged about Miley Cyrus’s MTV performance than the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case.  We have become so desensitized to the issues that we should be enraged about and enraged about the issues that shouldn’t matter at all.  If we managed to turn off our televisions long enough – how many of us would realize that television is just a means of distraction, a means to keep people pre-occupied from thinking – instead, they are told what to buy, eat, drink, smoke, visit, do, say, etc…and they really believe it.  Imagine if we kept our televisions turned off long enough to engage in conversation and to listen to one another and come up with solutions to the issues we should be concerned about.  Forget about Miley Cyrus and her MTV performance – you would not know of it if you were volunteering at the local animal shelter or soup kitchen.

Don’t get me wrong – sometimes, it’s okay not to care, it’s okay to have a day where we can be silly and not have to worry about a thing.  So what is a happy medium?  I believe that we have an obligation to act and to become involved in the issues that are causing so many grief and misery.  Ignorance is not bliss.  Our ignorance has allowed financial institutions to reap the rewards of their greed.  It has allowed our corrupt governments to create legislation that benefit corporations and not the constituents that have elected them.  Our ignorance has allowed us to be indifferent to the abuse animals endure for fashion and food.  Our ignorance (and lack of involvement) has given our governments free rein to control us with fear and a false sense of security and we need to WAKE UP.

It is time for action now because:

  • We are running out of fresh water and clean air.
  • The food we are consuming is killing us and keeping us sick.
  • Government is not working on our behalf.
  • Corporations are influencing legislation.
  • Media/Government/Corporations are dictating what we do, say, eat, drink, etc.
  • We don’t need another Wal-Mart/McDonald’s/Burger King/KFC/Kelsey’s/Home Depot/housing development/etc.
  • Prescription drugs shouldn’t be an answer to health care.
  • We only have THIS planet.

So – is it better to go through life as a zombie and to be told what YOU should be doing, saying, or buying?  Or is it time to WAKE UP, turn off the televisions (and whatever else is a means of distraction) and take action.  It is time to fight for clean air, healthy food, policies for the greater good of humanity and for LOVE.  What is more spiritual than having the need and desire to create positive change in the world?

It is time for action and for a REVOLUTION OF LOVE!

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



The wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is completely irrelevant to me.  As a matter of fact, the lifestyle’s of celebrities do not interest me at all unless they support a cause that matters to me or for the greater good of humanity.  Don’t get me wrong, I do buy music and go to the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies – but doing that is just a temporary escape from the distractions that BIG CORPORATION and governments want us to lose ourselves in. 

I do my best to remove the brainwashing that has occurred all of my life;  I have had to remove the notions that eating, drinking or wearing animal products was a necessity, I have had to tell myself that I don’t need a big car or house in order to be satisfied, I have had to understand that more consumption will not fulfill my life, I have come to the realization  that  governments or corporations are not acting for my best interests but their own.  All this has allowed me to ‘wake-up’ and to focus on issues that really matter.  What is a more important priority:  Discussing the name of the next royal baby or ending the mass genocide of seals that the government of Canada allows annually?  Forget about Lindsay Lohan’s next stint at rehab when the Alberta tar sands is causing sickness, destroying the environment and polluting Canada’s waters. 


Imagine if people gave their focus to the issues that really mattered – would there be as many people facing starvation, would there be less environmental devastation, would animals be protected from inhumane treatment, would there be less war, better health care and education?  Yes, there would be, but we are too busy being distracted by media to help us think, do or say.  Eat at McDonald’s, shop at Wal-Mart, drink Coca Cola, buy a gas-guzzling SUV, live and work in the concrete jungle, work nine to five and have children, a big house and a mortgage you can’t afford.  By doing all this, you are guaranteed to become sick, rely on pharmaceuticals to help you do something you hate to do all over again – until you die.  THIS IS NOT REALITY!

Here is MY reality:

  • I work to live and don’t live to work.
  • I advocate for things/people who fulfill my life (animals, environment and the LGBT community).
  • I eat foods that make my body and mind feel good (I do have some cheat days – which are great for the soul).
  • I try not to support companies that do not have good environmental or animal rights policies.
  • I am always working hard to change my behaviour to become more enlightened and positive.
  • I prefer to treat ailments in a natural way.
  • I try to be outdoors as much as I can.
  • I will not support political parties that will not commit to renewable/sustainable energy.
  • I have learned to pace myself and not become stressed regarding ‘lifestyle deadlines’ (life-style deadlines is a term I use to describe the traditional goals that were pushed on society and that we must reach at a certain age such as; finishing school, having a career, getting married, having children, buying a house, etc…).
  • Accepting and loving the aging process.
  • Learning to let go of my past and living for THIS moment.

I love not being distracted and I love that I have to think about the things that I do or say without having to conform to what everyone else is doing or saying.  I love being the ‘eccentric uncle’ or ‘that weird guy’ – I love being me.

 Are you ready to remove your distractions?

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



How many times have you heard the following statements about television personalities, athletes, celebrities, pop stars and even people you know:

“He/She is told old to be wearing that.”

“He/She should not be behaving like that – it isn’t age appropriate.”

“Why do old people think they can do that?”

“Eww, old people shouldn’t be having sex.”

“If you reach the age of retirement, you should stop working to let the younger generation become employed.”

“Old people are too fragile to engage in that kind of physical activity.”

I hope that I am never faced with any of the above.  I have been guilty of saying “what you are wearing is too young for you” to my husband Jason and I cringe when I think about it.  If you feel great about wearing something and it makes you feel good, what does it matter what others think?  Should you not be empowered to wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable, sexy, confident and make you feel good?  Whenever we judge others in what they wear, say or do – says much about yourself.  You are saying these things because they make YOU feel uncomfortable.  You may also be saying these things because society frowns against what isn’t considered to be ‘normal’.  But what is normal?  I would rather be thought of as original and eccentric than conform to what everyone else deems ‘normal’.

Many people feel that once you reach a certain age that you should act a certain way.  True ageism (as well as sexism) rears its ugly head in Hollywood and the music industry, especially as it relates to sexuality/gender.  Money (and sex) is what motivates Hollywood and the music business.  Who wants to hire an actress over 50 in a leading role (unless you are master of your craft such as;  Meryl Streep) when you can hire sexy actresses that will sell movie tickets?  Today – it’s Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Stewart, Emma Watson, Amy Adams and Jennifer Anniston.  Actor’s don’t have this issue – Robert DeNiro, Robin Williams, George Clooney, Anthony Hopkins, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, and Morgan Freeman are all still headlining movies.

Ageism/Sexism seems to be much worse in music – especially if you are a women.  Case in point – Madonna.  She looks radiant and is in great shape but because she is over 50, many people believe that she shouldn’t be doing what she is doing or wear the clothing that she wears.  Do you hear people saying this about Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, Jon Bon Jovi, Bono, Paul McCartney or Prince?  There is a double standard when it comes to being sexual for a female and a male.  When Madonna (or any other female pop star) grinds on stage with a younger male – she is a slut, a whore and a tramp but when a guy does the same thing, he’s a stud and cool.

I am glad that my thoughts on this issue have grown to be more opened to peoples individuality.  I am glad that there are people out there that don’t care what others think about in terms of their fashion sense and being young at heart.  Ultimately – if we are happy and enjoying doing what we are doing, the judgements of others should never deter us from staying happy.

Here is a great documentary on the subject of ageism – it is profound, inspiring, touching and motivating!  ENJOY!