How many times have we come across situations we become uncomfortable with and how many times have we judged the people who are in those uncomfortable situations?  Instead of judging others based on their appearance, we should all take the time and try to understand why they may be in that situation.  Here are some examples of how we judge others without knowing the circumstances:

  • The homeless – we assume that they are addicts, are crazy and are they because they want to be there.
  • That “crazy” person screaming on the corner – again we make assumptions without understanding that person’s situation.
  • The lady who is talking to herself beside you on the bus.
  • The angry woman at the market.
  • The young boy who prefers to put on high heels on rather than play with trucks or the young girl who would rather play baseball than be a princess.
  • The guy in the park passed out beside an empty bottle of alcohol.
  • The large man or woman eating at a fast food change.
  • The man/woman walking into traffic – could be blind and not understand what he is doing.
  • etc..

Prior to making judgment’s against any other person – we should practice empathy.  When you see someone in any of the situations above, imagine yourself in their shoes.  Wouldn’t you want someone to reach out to you?

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Today, don’t let the negative attitudes of others bring ‘static’ to your day.  Stay away from energies that bring your energy levels down such as; negative people, television news, alcohol, drugs (prescription and recreational).  Allow yourself to think thoughts of love, empowerment and compassion.  The best way to do this is to use and think of words that will make you happy and fill you with positivity.  Here are a list of words that you can use in affirmations today and always to ensure you attract positive energy:

  • love
  • empathy
  • compassion
  • excitement
  • joy
  • fulfilled
  • healthy
  • focused
  • blissful
  • understanding
  • encouraging
  • inclusive
  • rewarding
  • creative
  • kind
  • beautiful
  • helpful
  • receptive
  • responsive
  • gleeful
  • wonderful
  • energetic
  • vibrant
  • flowing
  • present
  • alive
  • available
  • successful
  • strength
  • courage
  • friendly

The words we use in our daily lives really have an effect on our energy and the energy around us.  We have the power to change our moods, negative situations, and our lives by choosing the words we speak.  If we use negative words all day long….your day will probably be filled with negativity.  Here are some examples:

“I hate mornings”….if you make this statement in the morning and right after you wake up – you will probably spill coffee on yourself, stub your toe, get into an argument at work, etc.  All your inter-actions throughout the day will probably be ‘low energy’ and surrounded by negative static and energy.  Instead of saying “I hate mornings” say, “I am happy, healthy and grateful for the breath of life”

“I’m really tired”….if you make this affirmation, you will most likely, be tired and lethargic all day long.  You will have no energy to face your day with love, admiration and positive energy.  You will attract like-minded people and wonder why you feel unhappy and lack energy to change your mood.  Instead of saying “I’m really tired” say, “I am energized and receptive to love.  I will have an excellent and positive day”

You can add whatever other words to the above list that will allow you to connect with the positive vibrations of the universe.  Let these words allow you to create positive change in your life, the lives of those you love and  into the universe.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!