As a vegan – I sometimes struggle to maintain my positivity.  I’m always told to be sensitive to those who do not understand my choice to maintain my vegan lifestyle.  Friends and family sometimes question why I post such violent images and videos on social media?  I am quite often told that vegans are so “in your face” and “very aggressive”.

In all honesty – the best way to get a message across is the most direct approach. It’s the only way to make people understand their hypocrisy and what kind of cruelty to are supporting.

It is interesting that, as a vegan, I am usually the one who has to apologize for this lifestyle choice.  At restaurants, how many times have I had to say, “Sorry, I’m vegan, I don’t eat any animal products.” – Only to be asked, “Would you like cheese with that.” or “Do you eat fish?” – Fish are living, breathing animals, why would you ask me if I want fish after stating I don’t eat any animals?

I sincerely want to create positive change in our world – this includes positive change for animals.  I don’t support any of the following things:

  • The clubbing of seals.
  • Bull FIghting.
  • Fishing.
  • Fox hunts.
  • Safaris.
  • Pig wrestling.
  • Groundhog weather predictions.
  • The running of the bulls.
  • Cock fighting.
  • Dog fighting.
  • Any type of animal racing.
  • Rodeos.
  • Pig roasts.
  • Animal sacrifices in the name of religion.
  • Horse racing or any type of racing involving animals.
  • SeaWorlds or any type of animal “jails”.
  • Cattle farming.

These are only a few.  Animals are not ours to wear and definitely not ours for our amusement.

So – I say to all you ‘none-vegans’ – “Don’t call me a radical animal activist – just so I can make you feel better about your decision to eat or wear them” – I am not a radical, I am simply acting on my need to protect and help animals who can’t speak for themselves.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one.


If you had to write a brief description of yourself, what would you say about yourself?  What are your greatest attributes?  What are the things you don’t enjoy about yourself?  Have you really ever thought about how others see you?  Do you even care?

I’m going to take a look at these questions and answer them as honestly as I can. 

What are my greatest attributes?

My loyalty, my passion, drive and desire to create positive change into the world, my empathy, my honesty and sincerity.

What are some things I don’t enjoy about myself? 

I like everything about myself.  I like the direction my life took.  I love that I advocate for the ethical treatment of animals.  I love that I have made the choice to become vegan.  I love that I think with my heart.  I love my strong convictions in creating positive change into the world.  I love being in love.  I love learning and growing.

Do I care about what others think of me?

The only person that matters in my life is ME.  Without trying to create the best possible me – I would not be able to motivate others into creating positive change in the world.  I do care about how other people view me – especially if they view me in a negative way.  I encourage feedback in order to ensure I become a better person.  What I don’t care for is when people make judgments about me.  I don’t care if you do not like what I am wearing, the colour of my eyes or hair, that I have gained a few pounds or that I raise my voice a bit when I am defending the earth, our environment, animals that have no voice or people who are oppressed because they were born with certain uniqueness. 

A brief description about myself:

To expand on what I have said above – my commitment in my life is being the best partner, husband and friend to my partner of 21 years.  I want to continue to advocate for the things I am passionate about (animals, environment and the LGBTQ community).  I want to become a beacon in creating positive change in the world – if I have influenced just one other person to be kind to animals, our planet or to each other – my job is done but I’m not going to stop.  I am comfortable and love living my life in the most authentic way possible.  I am not afraid to share my views about many of the injustices in this world.  I really believe that we should treat others in the same way that we want to be treated.  I am not afraid to be expressive and passionate in my convictions and have been known to get into heated discussions about those passions and beliefs.  I am avid believer that ‘one person can make a difference’ and get quite offended when people say that a problem is too big to solve.  I get annoyed when people also say, “you can’t change the habits or thoughts of so many people.” – I don’t think Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Jane Goodall, Ingrid Newkirk or so many other influential people thought this way.  Even Adolf Hitler didn’t think this way. 

I believe I am honest, caring, loving and passionate.  I am overly sensitive – which is an amazing attribute considering most people think that being overly sensitive is a negative trait and a sign of weakness.  Sensitivity is a sign of strength and empathy – people who are sensitive can really put themselves in any situation and act to ensure a positive outcome is not too far from reach.

Today, so many people are too concerned about how others see them and are afraid to live an authentic life.  Imagine the changes we can make in the world if people would just live authentic lives.  Imagine if more people cared about the environment, the poor, the ethical treatment of animals, child poverty, income inequality and other issues that are more deserving of our time and efforts.  More people care about Hollywood gossip than the possible extinction of certain animal species.  We can make huge strides in protecting our declining forests, lakes and oceans but we need to raise our voices and we need to raise them LOUD and STRONG!   The time is now.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



If something unaccepted happened in front of you to another person in which you would be required to assist them, would you?  Here is an amazing video of a monkey assisting another monkey after losing consciousness from being electrocuted….we can learn much from our animals friends and their compassionate instincts.  Enjoy:

Sometimes our instincts provide the best of outcomes in many situations.  Listen to that voice within that provides the answers that will really make the difference in your life – that voice is your connection with the energy that created all and your connection with the universe.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



Who is Sam Simon and why should we care?

Sam Simon is an entertainment mogul.  He is co-creator of the multiple Emmy Award-winning The Simpsons writing genius behind hit shows like Taxi, Barney Miller, Cheers, The Tracey Ullman Show, The Drew Carey Show and the FX series, Anger Management but it is not his celebrity status that I want to write about.  I want to write about his BIG heart, animal advocacy and his compassion.

Sam Simon has been diagnosed with terminal colon cancer but continues to advocate for animals.  Ingrid Newkirk, President of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), has recently stated, “Sam Simon may be a big Hollywood figure, but it’s his big heart that makes him a PETA soul mate.”  Sam Simon serves on PETA’s Executive Committee and has been a vegetarian since he was 19 and vegan since joining PETA years later.  He attended a PETA news conference with Bob Barker, another animal rights activist and previous game show host of The Price is Right, in which he indicated (regarding using animals in film/television), “If you can’t afford the CGI (computer-generated imagery), either do a rewrite or do a cartoon show like I did.”

Simon is known for his work within the Sam Simon Foundation, which rescues dogs from shelters and trains them to assist soldiers who return from war with physical and mental trauma.  He addresses animal homelessness by sponsoring spay and neuter surgeries in low-income areas of Los Angeles and has assisted PETA launch their newest mobile spay-and-neuter clinic.  He has also hosted PETA fundraisers at his home in L.A.  Simon once donated his fee for an episode of The Drew Carey Show to PETA because the plot involved greyhound racing, and he fleet that he could not in good conscience keep the money.

Simon has donated his time, his heart and his finances as mentioned above and has been pivotal with his work with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Save the Children.  He has taken up the hobby of buying up captive animals from places like zoos and circuses and recently answered PETA’s and ARAN’s (Animal Rights Action Network) appeals to rescue Benjy, an Irish breeding bull believed to be homosexual, from slaughter.  Mr. Simon has also donated a $2 million ship to Sea Shepherd’s anti-whaling fleet.

PETA’s Norfolk, Virginia, headquarters has a new moniker – the Sam Simon Center – in honour of his advocacy for animals.  He once said of PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, “I say yes to everything she asks me.”

Imagine what positive and loving changes you can contribute to if we only allowed ourselves to say “yes” more often.  We can make huge and positive differences in the world – we can become beacons of hope for people and animals that can’t stand or speak for themselves.  We can be instruments of change when so many of our governments and corporations can only think of the ‘bottom line’.  Sam Simon’s compassion and endless generosity should be an example of humanity’s greater good and what we can accomplish.  This blog is my way of showing my gratitude for his generosity and for creating positive change in our world.

If you would like to help in creating positive change – please donate to any of the not-for-profit charities that Sam Simon supports, here are the links:

http://www.peta.org/ (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

http://samsimonfoundation.com/ (The Sam Simon Foundation)

http://www.seashepherd.org/canada (Shepherd Conservation Society)

http://www.savethechildren.ca/ (Save The Children)

Together we can make the world a more positive one! 



Do you still doubt that animals have feelings?  Do you still think that they can’t express or feel joy, love, empathy or pain….well, think again.  I hope these images and videos help you understand why I advocate for animals and why I made the decision not to eat them or willingly support any company that inflicts cruel and unethical pain and misery on animals.

I hope that you are moved and that you will at least think about how your actions today can affect the livelihood of animals tomorrow.  Be more proactive in choosing the companies you support and let them know that the inhumane treatment of animals is not acceptable in this day and age.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Forget Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Beyoncé – the following videos have evoked so much emotion from me that I want to share them again.  I don’t need to explain much as they are pretty self-explanatory.  I have renamed them to names I find are much more appropriate.  Here they are with my ‘made-up’ titles:


So simply put – what a wonderful mother to appreciate the beauty of her son’s innocence.


The womam at the beginning got all choked up talking about why they decided to start their foundation.  So emotional and so beatiful when people see the beauty, intelligence, and respect the lives of animals.  The people in this video are true heroes and I am grateful they and so many like them exist in our planet.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



It’s time to forget the negative issues that are pressing on our minds.  Let go of them and clear your mind…if only for a moment.  Clear your mind and allow yourself to feel joy, love and to laugh.  Here are some videos that will ease the burden of hardship and allow you to live in the moment where nothing matters else matters except your enjoyment:

Kate (the Great Dane) and Pippin (Black tailed Deer)

Bubbles (dog) and Bella (elephant)

Cat and Dolphin

Owl and Cat

Leo the Lion, Sheer Khan the Tiger and Baloo the Black Bear

Allow yourself to relax by giving yourself moments to enjoy the simple things in life.  Enjoy the time you have and live in the moment – it is all you have, it is all WE have.

Wishing you all much love, health and happiness and know that……..

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


My husband introduced me to Esther the Wonder Pig about a year ago.  I was instantly hooked and captivated by her story….here is the rundown from Esther the Wonder Pig’s website:

Esther is some pig. She was misrepresented as a “micro pig” and sold to Steve and Derek in the summer of 2012.  She was just 4 pounds, and in under 2 years she grew to be 500 pounds! Derek and Steve kept Esther anyway.  She was accustomed to home life, and so the whole family went on an adventure of a lifetime.

We have followed Ester’s story as well as Steve and Derek’s (and the rest of the family) on Facebook.  We learned about their ambitions and future plans to open a sanctuary (which we can’t wait to go visit).

Steve and Derek’s story is one of commitment, dedication, perseverance and love.  Why would anyone in their right mind end up keeping a pig that weighed over 500lbs after thinking they were receiving a micro pig?  Well – people who are special, people who have a conscience and people who are defenders of animals.

Esther is not just a pig – she really is the Wonder Pig!

Here are some facts about pigs:

  • Pigs snuggle close to one another and prefer to sleep nose to nose.
  • They dream, as humans do.
  • In their natural surroundings, pigs spend hours playing, sunbathing and exploring.
  • People who run sanctuaries report that pigs enjoy listening to music, playing with soccer balls, and getting massages.
  • Pigs communicate constantly with one another, more than 20 vocalizations have been identified that pigs use in different situations, from wooing mates to saying “I’m hungry!”
  • Newborn piglets learn to run to their mothers’ voices and to recognize their own names.
  • Mother pigs sing to their young while nursing.
  • According to Professor Donald Broom of the Cambridge University Veterinary School, “[Pigs] have the cognitive ability to be quite sophisticated.  Even more so than dogs and certainly [more so than human] 3-year olds.
  • Pigs appear to have a good sense of direction and have found their way home over great distances.
  • Adult pigs can run at speeds of up to 11 miles an hour.
  • Pigs do not “eat like pigs” or “pig out”.  They prefer to eat slowly and savour their food.
  • Pigs are clean animals.  If given sufficient space, they will be careful not to soil the area where they sleep or eat.
  • Pigs don’t “sweat like pigs”, they are actually unable to sweat.
  • They like to bathe in water or mud to keep cool.

***Thanks to PETA contributor – Heather Moore, for the above points.  This information and more about pigs and any other animal is available on:  http://www.peta.org/blog/top-ten-fascinating-facts-pigs/

My husband and I are advocates for animals – we consider ourselves vegetarian, almost vegan.  We do our best to be conscious of what we buy, wear and who we support.  We are thrilled about Esther’s future and hope that all the great things Steve and Derek have completed and have yet to complete come to fruition.  Here are some great photos of Esther and her family:

images-1 images Unknown

All the best to you and your family…

For more information about Esther, please follow here on Facebook or check out her website:



This is the perfect example that by working together, positive outcomes can happen.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


You don’t have to be a scientist or zoologist to know and understand that animals have feelings – they don’t like to be chained, they cry out in pain when you hurt them, they don’t like to be alone and they would tell you all these things if they could talk.

Sea World is under much scrutiny due to the way they treat their whales and other captured mammals.  Circuses are under investigation for the use of bullhooks – a cruel method in training elephants and pharmaceutical laboratories and educational institutions are being forced to stop cruel and unneccessary animal testing.

People are not aware that factory farming is the biggest challenge to climate change – you need land, which causes deforestation, you need food to keep these animals alive and hormones to make them fatter.

Do people even think about how their food ends up on their plate – do they think about the treatment animals endure to become food, clothing or used for entertainment?  Animals are amazing creatures that can feel, think, and let us know when they are in discomfort….all you have to do to see this, is to look into their eyes:

Much can be said about a person in the way they treat and think of animals.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



Creating awareness of a negative issue that is happening is a must in order to reach a positive outcome but what if that ‘negative’ issue is shrouded in lies for political gains?  Canada’s government is currently involved in two issues that stir controversy and have no benefit to most Canadians but much benefit for members of parliament or the lobbyists acting on behalf of big corporation:  The Alberta tar sands and the annual seal hunt.

Today, I would like to write about the annual seal hunt and ask the question – Is it really a necessity?  Many argue (especially Canada’s indigenous people) that the seal hunt is essential for the survival of some native communities as they depend on the seals for food and their pelts to protect them from the elements.  I mean no disrespect to these communities but is there no other means for food and clothing in these remote locations?  Our government isn’t too inclined to assist these communities to ensure they have access to proper food, clothing and shelter but rather allow the seal hunt to continue in order to secure votes in these communities.

Here is a timeline since the seal hunt began – please note, this information was supplied via IFAW (International Fund For Animal Welfare) in a ‘mock’ campaign to create awareness about the seal hunt.

Seal Hunt Stats 

***for more about this ‘mock’ campaign, please visit the following link*** 


Recently – Ellen Degeneres spoke out against the seal hunt and called it an inhumane practice.  This caused a small backlash against Ellen as many supporters (mostly by the Inuit) started a ‘selfies’ campaign urging others in the Inuit community to take ‘selfies’ with their seal pelts to send to Ellen.  An Inuk seamstress Sandi Vincent challenged Ellen’s claim regarding that the seal hunt is “inhumane”.  (Clubbing seals to a bloody death doesn’t seem to be an inhumane practice).  I understand that people can be appreciative, grateful and respectful in giving thanks to how they have obtained their food but, in my opinion, there is nothing humane in the slaughter of thousands of helpless seals.

Most countries have banned seal pelts/products – this annual slaughter is a dying tradition.  If these seals are a ‘staple’ food for the Inuit community, is it not possible to find an alternative method of obtaining the seals rather than bludgeoning them to their deaths? 

We have achieved so much with modern technology – man has invented the car, boat and airplane, we have had men, women and animals in space.  How is it so difficult to find a solution that will appease those in Canada who rely on the seals for food without such a violent end for those seals?

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!