Low energy feelings can come from anywhere and from any situation – it is how we deal with them that will either benefit you or keep you feeling down.

Understand where the low-level energies come from:  What triggered your low level energy feelings?  Was it an argument you had with a significant other, family member or a friend?  Was there a stressful situation you had to deal with at work?  Was there a death of someone who is close to you?  Are you watching too much negative television?  Whatever the issue is – know that you are capable of addressing it right away.  If you had an argument with someone, don’t put blame just ask for understanding and forgiveness so that both parties involved can move forward in a positive way.  Dealing with issues at work can also be very stressful and cause low-level energy feelings – these issues can also be dealt with by talking with your employer, co-worker’s or Human Resources department by bringing the issue to them in a positive manner and asking for assistance to resolve the issue.  When death happens, we can’t ask for emotional healing overnight, there is a process to healing and you must let that process happen naturally.  Don’t let anyone tell you when or how long you have to heal, we all grieve differently.

Redirect the low-level energies by doing something positive:  The best way to get rid of low-level energies is to engage in something you love.  Write, draw, paint, dance, sing, walk, exercise, talk, do whatever it takes to bring love in to distinguish hate, anger or sadness.  If you are depressed or angry, take your depression and anger out by exercising and getting your blood flowing.  Feelings of sadness will diminish if you bring joy, laughter and love to others in need.  Surround yourself with animals if they make you happy – they love unconditionally and always bring joy and love into our lives.  Allowing yourself to engage in the activities you love will ensure that you will always remain joyful and filled with positive energy. 

WE ARE NOT ALONE – we all experience low-level energy feelings, we may not know what others are experiencing and why they may be expressing their low-level energies onto you.  Remove yourself from that negative situation and send healing and love to the person who is expressing those low-level energies.


Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



It’s easy to get caught up in our day-to-day struggle that we forget to show love and compassion for others and for our own health and well-being.  Here are some things you can do to reconnect with yourself and to provide on-going positive energy into our world.


It is corporate media’s job to TELL YOU what products you should be buying, what medications to take and what food to eat.  They are in the business of making profits and are not concerned with your wellness.  Think about it.  Companies are not advertising foods that prevent positive health.  Television is notorious for selling the foods that perpetuate illness such as; high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. These diseases ensure drug companies maximize their profits by giving people the dependency to live longer with their illnesses without quality of life.

News networks are not independent and are only there to serve the corporations that own them.  Look to other news sources for things that are happening locally and internationally.  www.censorednews.com is a great resource.


By turning off your televisions from distraction, you are able to enjoy and be present to what is around you such as nature.  Reconnecting with our environment is an excellent way to restore health and piece of mind.  You can clear your mind from daily stress by going for a walk and breathing fresh air.  Going for walks allows you to get your blood flowing and burns calories.  This is a great opportunity to give back to mother nature.  Bring a garbage bag and pick up any garbage that can harm local wildlife and that makes where ever you are walking an eye sore.


Meditation is a great way to release any stress that may be living inside of you.  Stress leads to emotional and physical disease.  There are many great resources to guided meditation.  A great resource is http://www.hayhouse.com


Perform random acts of kindness.  Not only is this beneficial to the person receiving the random act – it’s great for those who initiate it.  This doesn’t have to be a monetary act – it could be in form of a compliment or even a hug.

LOVE is powerful.  LOVE creates positive change.  LOVE is the essence of where we all came from.  It is in us to give and it is for us to receive.



Together, we can make the world a more positive one!






Can we really choose our sexual orientation or is our sexual orientation already built within our DNA?  I can’t answer that question on a scientific level but I can certainly answer it based on my life experiences.

Let’s start as far back as I can remember.  I can’t pin point the exact moment that I realized that I was attracted to other men but I always knew that this was part of my being.  I wasn’t forced to choose my sexual attraction to other men – I was forced to simulate to what was around me and what other people thought was ‘normality’.  Society, religion and family forced heterosexuality upon me.  I grew up thinking that my attraction to other men was wrong because it was an unacceptable behavior in our society based mainly on religious beliefs.

So as a child – I was already being forced to accept other people’s ideas of what they thought was right.  I was told that my purpose in life was to get an education, get a good job, find a women, get a house, get married and start a family.  This was what was considered ‘normal’.  It wasn’t until I was a pre-teen that these ideas seemed wrong for me, especially the idea of being in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex.  That notion seemed completely against who I was – it wasn’t an authentic feeling.

Needless to say, I lived my life for the benefit of making other people happy.  I dated girls because it was what I had to do not what I felt.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved women but not in a sexual way.  For me, women were nurturing, emotional, great conversationalists, beautiful and loving.

When I began my journey into manhood, I realized that my life of lies, deceit and self-hate were only hurting me.  How can I love others if I don’t even love and respect myself?  I began my life of authenticity – it was a long and painful process.  I had to really look within and start being honest with myself.  I had to release all of the internal homophobia I learned from society, religion and family and then start living my life from love.  This was a struggle and continues to be a struggle but it in the end – it had to happen.

No one can tell you that you must love a certain person.  Love and attraction just happens naturally.  It is something that you can’t choose – I didn’t choose my sexuality, it was chosen for me.  As I said above, I was forced to assimilate to what was considered to be ‘normal’ and was stripped of an authentic part of who I was.

I love who I am today.  I love that I found a path that is in line of who I was meant to be.  I love being an individual with my own thoughts and ideas and I love that I no longer have to hide who I love.  I gained emotional scars throughout my journey but I have learned to love and cherish those beautiful scars because they have shaped me in becoming the person I am today – and I LOVE that person.

Don’t conform to what others tell you – look within and listen to the authenticity that lives within you, that authenticity should guide you in all the endeavors your life’s path will take you on.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



I AM…..






I am in love with the EARTH

I am an activist for ANIMALS


I am not PERFECT

I am a good FRIEND





I am an ARTIST

I am a LOVER






I am GOD

Don’t allow the negative perceptions of others determine how you see yourself.  Once you are comfortable in your own skin, it will not matter how others see yourself as long as you know how much you shine!


How Do YOU Determine Happiness?

Do you determine your happiness by:

  • The amount of money you have.
  • Your social status in your community.
  • Your level of education.
  • Your job title.
  • The influence you have on others.
  • The amount of power you have.
  • Your personal possessions.

Please remember – All of the above does not matter without love.  Your true worth isn’t about the material things you possess, the power you yield, your education level, your social status, your job title or how much money you have – it’s about how much love and positive energy you can give to those who need it most.

Love given and love received is all the happiness anyone should ever need.


Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Lately, I don’t really take much time to assess why certain things have happened in my life.  I just assume that whatever happens is what is meant to happen.  I don’t over analyze, I don’t take too much time to question or debate why things have/have not happened.  Instead of asking myself, “Why didn’t I get that job?” or “Why is this person treating me this way?” – I make the determination that these events are supposed to happen as they are because I am supposed to get a better job or I was supposed to learn something about that person.  Sure we can do things in order to achieve certain results but there are many things that we don’t have control over.

I remember an incident in which my spouse’s friend was slightly unhappy in her job.  I suggested that she take the experience she received from her current job and apply for a position where I worked.  She not only got the job – her life changed.  She met someone she fell in love with, they got married and had two beautiful children.  According to many of her Facebook posts, she seems to be happy and is enjoying her life.  Where we meant to connect so that these events could take place in her life?

It is only normal to ask ourselves, “What if I hadn’t decided to move here?” or “I wonder what would my life have been like if I didn’t meet (insert name here)?”  These questions remind me of a movie called, Sliding Doors, starring Gwenyth Paltrow.  The movie takes a look at a life of a woman in two different situations.  She is rushing to make a train and the first scenario is how her life turned out by catching the train.  The second scenario is a look at her life had she not caught that same train.  It was an entertaining movie that had the same outcome – things are supposed to happen as they should.

When we do look back at our lives, we shouldn’t look back with regret.  The past should be looked at as learning experiences that have made us the people we are today.  Live in the current moment and don’t stress too much about the ‘what if’s’ or ‘I should have…’  If we are present and fully aware of the now, we will not miss anything.  We should also not spend too much time thinking of the future – you can’t determine what will happen tomorrow, next week or a year from now so why bother worrying about it?

By being aware of the now – the things that are happening to you in real-time, you will be in a much better capacity to deal with anything that happens.  Allow yourself to do the things that you want to do now.  If you apply on a job, do your best and thank the universe for the opportunity – if the job is supposed to be yours, it will happen.  If you are debating whether you should move to a different part of your town, city or another part of the world – trust in the universe (or fate) to provide you with your solution.  Things happen as they should.  If you are struggling too much with a certain situation, take a deep breath, send your inquiries into the universe, remove yourself from the stressful issue and trust that fate will take care of the rest.  By trusting in yourself and in the universe or higher power – you allow yourself to connect to source, the power of creation and the never-ending force of love.  Trust in that love and all will be well in your world.

Path To Love

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



I declare the following and stand strongly behind these declarations as they come from a positive place and they come from LOVE:

  • A person’s CHOICE to believe in religion should not impede on the rights of those who don’t follow any religious doctrine.
  • MARRIAGE is just a word – the process of being or becoming married is NOT solely based and afforded to heterosexual couples.  Individuals who are in loving and in committed same-sex relationships also have the right to be married and call it a marriage because that is what it is!
  • There is no difference between physical abuse towards an animal or a person.  Abuse is abuse.  All sentient beings should be treated with respect, compassion and love.
  • Don’t ever apologize for wanting to spread love and positive energy into the world.  Stand behind what you believe with conviction and with passion and people will respect your views.
  • Religious beliefs SHOULD NEVER influence legislation – religious views are choices people make in what they believe and should never be used to deny civil liberties of others.  Leave religion OUT of politics.
  • Money should never influence a decision for a person, organization or government to do something that will have a positive impact on society.  Isn’t the positive impact worth the money?  Example:  Climate Change – spending money to make our planet more sustainable and moving towards more renewable sources of energy is a good thing whether or not you believe that climate change is happening.
  • LOVE is my religion – I know that I am here on this planet to create positive change in the world.
  • Finally…if you believe in “GOD” – He/She/It made us in His/Her/Their own image.  We are a reflection of Him/Her/It.  So ‘GOD’ is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, black, white, yellow, red, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Christian, man, woman, child.  GOD is everyone and everything so when you are judging someone else, you are judging GOD.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


I have finally created my first project.  It is a book of inspirational messages, affirmations that include personal and original images to help you stay positive and to spread love into the world.  Please share and visit the following link to order a softcover or to purchase the ebook.

Enjoy and thanks for your support.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!




Many believe me to be very harsh against people who have Christian beliefs and values.  I don’t.  What I am against is what some religions teach.

Many of us have been told that God is always watching and that we should fear him.  Why fear a God that apparently loves and ALL of His children?  Is God a voyeur?  If he is always watching, how come he hasn’t interfered in helping the homeless or punishing the greedy?  Many people have claimed that God caused many of the environmental catastrophe’s today because of gay marriage.  To them, I say:  “Why is God only interested in causing devastation in order to drive YOUR point?” These “rule’s” weren’t God’s rules, they were the rules of men who felt uncomfortable or threatened by things they didn’t understand or fear.

In my world, women can practice religion, they can vote, they can decide not to be with their spouses without any recourse of death, they can drive cars, they can voice their opinions if they disagree with their spouses and they can do whatever they want with their bodies without feeling shamed or ridiculed.

In my world, people who are struggling to buy food, eat healthy, get an education and have access to health care should not be told that it is their own fault they are in this predicament.  They should be supported and given a chance to create a better life for themselves and their children.

In my world, people should not be denied to love someone of the same-sex.  Shouldn’t we be encouraging love to flourish and grow so that society can flourish and grow.

In my world, wars would not be a means of showing my disagreement with policies of another country.  I would engage in conversation and dialogue not wave my military might around in order to instil my own countries beliefs.

So what has religion taught me?  It has taught me that there are many people who are puppets and who are afraid to ask questions.  Religion has taught me that there are many followers.  Religion has taught me that there are those who use it to secure their place in the world through politics.  Religion has taught me that you only win through violence and obedience.  Religion has taught me that there is much hate in the world.  Religion has taught me that there is much ignorance in the world.  Religion has taught me that there is much divide and separation in the world.  Where is the love?  Where is the compassion?  Where is the tolerance?

All of the above sounds very anti-love and anti-religion, doesn’t it?  To that I say, “Why is it that what you believe outweigh what I believe?”  I may not believe in what is written in a ‘holy book’.  I certainly do not believe what religious doctrine has preached as the word of whatever God or prophet or idol others believe in but this doesn’t make me any better than those who believe this.

What if there was a religion that made no judgements on others?  It’s okay to be a woman and have a voice.  It’s okay to help others.  It’s okay to be different.  It’s okay that you have a tattoo.  It’s okay that you are Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Rastafarian, pagan, atheist or whatever.  What is not okay is to judge, oppress, divide, conquer and hate.

So I ask, which world would you rather live in?  A world that dictates everything you should believe or a world that allows you to ask questions and not be a follower?

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Have you ever thought about how you treat yourself on a daily basis?  Have you took notice of how you react to other people and certain situations?

I try to take notice of everything I say and do to myself or to others because ultimately, what you do or say affects every aspect of your physical and emotional state.

Why should we get angry and irritated about getting stuck in traffic?  It is frustrating but, you don’t know the reason for the jam.  If the traffic jam is a result of someone dying in this accident, wouldn’t that make the complaining pointless and irrelevant?  Wouldn’t your mood instantly change from anger to gratitude that you are alive and empathy for the friends and family of the person who died?

Why hang on to thoughts of anger, sadness and anxiety?  These thoughts will only allow the low-energy feelings to stay with you.  Next time you feel this way – try to acknowledge these feelings and think about the events that may have brought on these feelings.  Could it be an inter-action you had with a family member, co-worker, friend or spouse?  Could it be something you ate?  Could it being medication or recreational drugs and alcohol?  Recognizing what brought on these low-level energy feelings is the first step in moving towards creating postive change and positive feelings.

Motivate yourself by feeding your body and mind the things that promote positive energy.  If someone in your circle of friends is creating “static” in your life and becomes a beacon of negativity – remove yourself from that circle until the situation changes.  This is relative to family members as well – if a family member is sucking the positive energy out of you and only spews negativity, maybe it’s time to stay away from them for a while.

If low-level feelings are brought on by your job, maybe it’s time to think about changing careers.  Think about something you are passionate about and make that your job.  If you eat a lot of fast-food, carbonated soft drinks, milk or other processed foods and have many low-energy thoughts, maybe it’s time to incorporate more organic and plant-based foods into your diet.  Even the lack of exercise can bring on low-level energy feelings….change this by going jogging, doing yoga, weight-lifting, cycling and something as simple as going for a walk in the park.  

You will be surprised how much clarity, good emotional and physical health you can receive by incorporating a plant-based diet and exercise program into your life.  Don’t you deserve to have optimal emotional and physical health.  Should you not have a more holistic and proactive approach to your well-being as opposed to  medicating it with pharmaceutical drugs or unhealthy food?

Don’t be too judgemental about what you do.  Approach this part of life as an educational process.  You have learned all your current habits and you can certainly un-learn them.  Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail at something or you don’t reach a goal you set for yourself – just pick yourself up and move forward.  Acknowledge your low-level feelings with love and thank the universe for allowing you to address them.

Isn’t it time to be kind to yourself?  By being kind to yourself, you ensure that you are kind to others.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!