It is that time of year when we look back at what we may have accomplished and what our future goals may be.  Reviewing accomplishments is great when you have reached them but not so great if you didn’t attain them.  The goals we make for ourselves should be realistic in terms of being able to achieve them.

Now, it’s time to review the things I have accomplished and what goals I have to look forward to.

2016 saw me continuing my advocacy for animals, the LGBTQ community and for animals.  I also continued my criticism of world politics.  I did this by sharing blog posts, memes and links to news articles and petitions on these issues.  This will continue in 2017.  In addition, I will try to find more time to share stories that promote positivity and help motivate people to create positive change in our world.

In order for me to decrease my carbon footprint and to minimize my desire to purchase unwanted materialistic goods, I have decided to keep a log of everything I buy for one year.  I will also catalogue all the money I pay on life’s necessities – my food, mortgage, heating costs, gas, etc.  In addition to that, I will include all the money I spend on on recreational items such as; dining out, buying alcohol, clothing, haircuts, etc.

My goal for doing this is to identify where I spend my money needlessly and where I can save buy not buying things that are not useful in my day-to-day life that I may eventually throw out and ending up in a landfill.  My husband and I feel that we already have too many useless ‘things’ that do not fulfill us in any way – they were purchases of habit or want instead of purchases of necessity.

The spending and saving journal is what I have called this project and it will last one year.   I will make adjustments throughout the year, as needed – as I learn and identify where I am spending money frivolously.  My goal is to ensure I am not a slave to my mortgage and to greedy corporations who seem not to care for their clients  well being or the environment.

I hope you will follow my journey.  I also hope that I inspire you to look at your lives so that you can make the necessary changes to create positivity in your lives.  We have to change our goals so that they reflect what is important to us like; spending time with family, enjoying nature, helping those who are in need, protecting our environment and NOT buying materialistic things that only help greedy corporations and corrupt governments.  It’s time for YOU and it’s time for a REVOLUTION OF LOVE.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!







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