Today, a human decided that it was his responsibility to be judge, jury and executioner of innocent people enjoying their day. Omar Mir Seddique Mateen killed 50 people today – 50 people who were celebrating joy, happiness, love and life.  I am outraged.

I read a Facebook post that included tweets congratulating the shooter for ridding the world of these 50 human beings.  Why?  Simply because they were born gay.  Most of the comments were in support of the shootings because homosexuality is a sin according to religious doctrine and ideologies.  I become completely outraged when people use their religion or their God to reinforce their hatred of something.  This hate stems from a doctrine that was clearly written by man in order to bend the shape of society so that they are controlled and conformed.  This belief that I have about religion doesn’t come from hate or any violence, it is from my life experience that not much good comes from religion.

In my short life on this planet, I have witnessed the horrors of hunger, the genocide of animal species, the never-ending destruction of our planet, religious greed, corporate greed, poverty, slavery and so much more and no God or religion has presented a solution that these atrocities will ever stop.  But I have hope.

HOPE is a word filled with never ending possibilities that humans from all backgrounds and lifestyles will come together and create positive and lasting change in the world.  As I said, I am outraged that this happened.  I am outraged that you can buy a gun from a corporation who feels it is necessary to be protected yet, most of their employees need to supplement their income with food stamps in order not to starve.  I am outraged that Americans and so many individuals in LGBTQ  communities around the world had to fight for simple civil liberties while governments negotiate war.  I am outraged that people continue to die because of someone else’s religious beliefs.  I am outraged that we glorify HATE so much more than we promote LOVE.  But I am hopeful.

My heart and thoughts are with the families of those who lost their love one’s today.  This year, let’s celebrate PRIDE for them!  To all my LGBTQ brothers and sisters around the world – HAPPY GAY PRIDE!

Heart In Turmoil (2nd Original Art Piece)