Are there any real benefits to hanging onto the past? The answer is simply – no. The past is complete and there is nothing we can do to change what has happened. Can we learn from the things we have done in the past – absolutely. Anything we have involved ourselves with in the past are all things we can recall to ensure we don’t repeat the things we don’t want to repeat.

Think about the way those events in the past have made us felt – do they recall low level energy feelings such as; sadness, anger, hate, depression, anxiety, sorrow and stress? Do we really want to revisit those low level energies? So what do we do? We can simply forgot the past and live for the moment. Live for NOW.

So what if we experience low level energy feelings in the moment? Acknowledge those feelings with love and affirm, “I understand I am feeling this way right now, I acknowledge these feelings and ask the universe to give me strength and guidance to reconcile why I’m feeling this way. With love.” We may also want to ask ourselves what incident(s) instigated those low level energies. Was it food, alcohol, recreational drugs, your job, the news, friends or even family? Anything that is causing you to feel defeated has a solution.

You may think – I can’t leave my job or ignore my friends or family. Well, then you will continue to have experience low level energy. If your job is causing you stress and you have tried to address the issue with your employer and nothing has changed, you may want to look for a new career. If someone in your family is constantly degrading you, disagreeing with your lifestyle choices, only offering negative commentary about you and your life – distance yourself from that family member if they have no desire to make your life their business.

We all want to live a life free of hate, anger, depression, sadness and anxiety – so we have to ensure we don’t invite anyone or anything into our lives that would cause any of these feelings. We can’t escape everything but we can certainly find ways to ensure those feelings will not dictate our lives. If the television or radio is spewing news stories of war, violence, hate and corruption – turn them off and go for a walk in the park, volunteer at a soup kitchen or animal shelter or meditate. We have the option of suffocating in feelings that continue to make us physically and emotional un-well or to engage in activities that promote feelings of love, compassion, joy, fulfillment and positive empowerment.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!

Heart In Turmoil