What can we do in order to remove all the negativity that we encounter each and every day of our lives?  We are constantly bombarded with irrelevant information, negative news and so many sensationalized stories to keep us fearful and distracted.

Corporations keep telling us that capitalism is great.  Spend your time buying countless products to keep you distracted while the shareholders and CEO’s of those companies become wealthier beyond comprehension.

Food companies keep insisting that we eat their food – food that is poison for our bodies and our minds.  This food also keeps us distracted and our minds foggy – they also make us sick so that we can rely on the medications from pharmaceutical companies.  Governments regulate our food and our medications, so they to are responsible in keeping people distracted, fearful and unwilling to do anything about the negativity that is happening around the world.

Corporate media is not acting on your best interest – they help perpetuate the fear and they assist in cloudy our judgements.  They help promote our sickness and distraction by promoting the food companies, pharmaceutical drugs and products that are killing us.  Think about it, how often have you heard, “don’t have time to make a nutritious meal, get a super meal at Burger King, KFC, McDonalds or Dominoes.” and following that commercial or advertisement for fast-food, you’ll hear this; “Feel gassy, bloated and uncomfortable from your last meal, try this medication.”

Depressed – we have a pill for you.  Fat – we have a pill for you.  Angry – buy this gun and release your anger.  Need a television in every room of your house – Come to Best Buy.  Tired of your current camera, stereo, computer, phone, etc….well throw the old crap away and come get the latest and best product anywhere and everywhere.

Terrorists are everywhere and they WILL get you – arm yourselves. Support the fight against terrorism and allow your elected officials to send minorities to war.  Allow governments to increase their military budgets while our waters are poisoned, while our lakes disappear, while our forests burn and while the earth slowly dies.

What can you do to clear your head?  TURN OFF THE TELEVISION!  Support organizations that have YOUR best interests at heart.  Elect governments that work for the people and not for corporations that are only concerned about their bottom line and lining the pockets of those who help their cause.  Most importantly, get the facts and learn the truth, don’t allow those whose objectives are to keep us distracted win and clear your head.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one.


Many people believe that a vegan diet limits you to eating a nutritious and balanced meals.  That is simply NOT true.  You do not have to eat meat or dairy in order to receive proper nutrients – despite what “experts” say.  The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) has recently indicated that meat causes cancer, something many vegans, holistic health-care practitioners and doctors already knew.

Today’s blog IS NOT about proving the above claims as I don’t require the proof as what I eat and the state of my health is proof enough.  So, what do I eat??  Here are some of the many vegan dishes I have made and eat regularly:


Tofu scramble, baked home-fries, meatless sausage, toast and beans in a tomato sauce make for a delicious and hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner.


This is a vegan version of an egg salad sandwich.  It includes seasoned tofu, vegan mayo, celery and green onion.


Breakfast could not be more delicious with a serving of vegan pancakes topped with maple syrup and fresh and organic strawberries.


How can you make a vegan pizza??  Easy – this pizza was made with quinoa balls, green olives, tomato, dairy-free cheese and tomato sauce.  The crust is a whole-grain crust.


I love experimenting with salads.  This is a lightly fried tofu and garden salad.  I add a combination of mixed greens, carrots and cucumber.  For the dressing – it’s either a home-made oil and vinegar or I buy an organic vinaigrette dressing.  I also add hemp, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.


This is a seasoned tofu stir fry – I make sure only to use NON-GMO and organic tofu.  I also use a salt-free stir fry sauce if I don’t make my own.


Another mixed green salad – this one includes avocados and beans.


Meatless ‘loaf’ with some baked potatoes and seasoned peas.


Oven roasted tofu with mash and seasoned roasted vegetables.  Great substitute for turkey during the holidays.  The key is knowing how to season it.


Seasoned tofu steaks, lemon-ginger brocoli and carrots.


A mixed bean salad with meatless ‘italian sausage’.


Mixed vegetable salad with rice and breaded and meatless ‘chicken’.

I sometimes drink a vegan wine and prefer Yellow Tale from Australia.  I occasionally have coffee and only drink it with either soy or almond milk.  I rarely have any white pasta or rice – the rice is usually whole grain and the pasta either kamut, rice or quinoa.

My decision to become first vegetarian then vegan was mainly due to my spouse’s decision to go vegetarian.  I later became vegan after watching a video of rabbits screaming in pain – it changed my life.  At that moment, I decided that I could no longer support an industry that caused animals so much pain and suffering.  I later concluded that by not eating these tortured souls that I wouldn’t be consuming the pain and suffering those animals endured.  I really am conscious of what I buy and what companies make an effort to support a cruelty-free life for animals.

Along with the ethical reasons I became vegan – I wanted to make a difference in curbing climate change.  Agriculture and raising beef for food is the biggest culprit in climate change.  Cattle ranching is a huge cause in deforestation across the planet – and this is the tip of the iceberg (pardon the pun).  You can find proof of the effects cattle ranching has on our environment by visiting any of the following sites:

We all have a responsibility to end cruelty against one another, including the animals we share the planet with.  We also have a responsibility to the planet that has given us so much.  We need to focus on healing it and ensuring the children of tomorrow have the right to clean water, clean air and clean food.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Imagine a world in which being homosexual is “normal” and being straight is a “sin.”

When we take HATE and IGNORANCE (and RELIGION) out of the equation; gay, straight, black, white, Mexican, Swedish, skinny or fat would be moot issues because in the end – LOVE WINS!

No-one should be bullied for something they can’t choose.  Here is an example, which I have blogged about before on the topic of homosexuality:

Be cognizant in how you treat others and what type of language you use to describe others.  If we want to end bullying, prejudice, racism, sexism, ageism and so many other negative things, it must begin with YOU!

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!