Sometimes…. ‘SORRY’ is the greatest word.

Music by Elton John and Lyrics by Bernie Taupin

What have I got to do to make you love me
What have I got to do to make you care
What do I do when lightning strikes me
And I wake to find that you’re not there
What do I do to make you want me
What have I got to do to be heard
What do I say when it’s all over
And sorry seems to be the hardest word
It’s sad, so sad
It’s a sad, sad situation
And it’s getting more and more absurd
It’s sad, so sad
Why can’t we talk it over
Oh it seems to me
That sorry seems to be the hardest word
What do I do to make you love me
What have I got to do to be heard
What do I do when lightning strikes me
What have I got to do
What have I got to do
When sorry seems to be the hardest word
Here is the original audio by Elton John:
Now a version/remake sung by Mary J. Blige:

Together we can make the world a more positive one.



What can you see from these statistics?

  • Half of the world’s prison population of about nine million is held in the US, China or Russia *
  • Prison rates in the US are the world’s highest, at 724 per 100,000 *
  • African-Americans now constitute nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population **
  • African-Americans are incarcerated at nearly six times the rate of whites **
  • One in six black men had been incarcerated as of 2001. If current trends continue, one in three black males born today can expect to spend time in prison during his lifetime **
  • 1 in 100 African-American women are in prison **
  • About 14 million Whites and 2.6 million African-Americans report using an illicit drug **
  • 5 times as many Whites are using drugs as African-Americans, yet African-Americans are sent to prison for drug offenses at 10 times the rate of Whites **


* International Centre for Prison Studies

** NAACP – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Clearly, there is something very wrong with America’s judicial system when the majority of those who are being incarcerated are minorities. 

According to a study conducted by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), keeping these prisoners locked up for life costs taxpayers around $1.8 billion annually.  Locking people up is big business:

  • Private prisons are one of the fastest growing sectors of the prison industrial complex
  • Corporate firms operate as cheaply and efficiently as possible to ensure a profit (lower wages for staff, no unions, fewer services for prisoners)
  • Prisoner’s make an average of .22 cents per hour
  • For those who have invested in private prisons, say the authors, prison labor is like a pot of gold. There are no strikes, no unions, no unemployment insurance, or worker’s compensation. Prisoners can now be found doing data entry for Chevron, telephone reservations for TWA, raising hogs, shoveling manure, and sometimes making lingerie for Victoria’s Secret.

What can we do about any of this?  First and foremost – get the facts.  Don’t rely on mainstream media for knowledge, most are owned by big corporations and only provide biased news that benefits them and their shareholders.  Seek other unconventional news outlets – look to the internet.  I prefer the resources of Project Censored.  Check them out at:

Ask governments to stop the militarization of our police departments.  Ask them to stop racial profiling and recruit and train more minorities to ensure a better cultural representation on our streets.  Proper training for police officers so that they are equipped to ask questions first before they shoot.  Stop the war on drugs – we don’t need to throw people in jail for minor possession charges, especially for marijuana possession.

Continue protesting peacefully – the more pressure we put on our elected officials, the more they will have to act on our behalf.  Let your government officials know that they are put in office to act for the greater good of the people and not the greater good of corporations or wherever the money is.

The people, corporations, businesses, governments need to start discussions about income inequality and how to properly address this issue.  The top 1% should not  have that kind of power and should not be dictating policies.  There is definitely something wrong when our policy makers are siding with banks, oil and pharmaceutical companies versus working for the people. 

Many people are at a breaking point – working 3 jobs to make ends meet is not the American dream.  Having a full-time job and getting food stamps doesn’t equate to a good working economy.  Leaving college or university with a huge debt is not a great start to life.  Allowing companies to poison us through our food and water is not working for the people….it’s time for real change.

It’s time to send a message to our police everywhere – those hired to serve and protect the people.  Actually, it is time to demand that they STOP shooting our brothers and sisters, it is time to demand that they stop arresting us for wanting to protect our planet or feed the hungry and it is time to do what they are hired to do and SERVE and PROTECT – not KILL.

This is for Michael Brown and so many others who have lost their lives due to police violence.  Let’s start a Revolution of Love and Peace for them.

Together we can make the world a more positive one!


What happens after we die?  Is there life after death?  These are very fearful thoughts for some people but let’s face it, as soon as we are born, are lives are limited on this planet.  There is no need to fear death because you can’t fear what you don’t know.  I see death as a return to where we all really came from.   We can’t remember being born so surely, we won’t remember dying. 

Thinking of my wonderful pets Freddy and Bradley – who left our world too soon, in my opinion, I take comfort knowing that neither were left behind in a state of misery, discomfort or pain.  As hard as it was to lose them, I am glad that they returned ‘home’ without incident.  This is how I look at someone’s passing – they are returning to where they belong.  I used to have a fear of death – mainly because I thought too much of how I would go, if I would be in pain and where I would go (hell or heaven) based on the religious beliefs that were instilled into me.

Instead of focusing on the negative energies of death or the unknown.  I came to terms that we are all born to die – you can’t change that, it is inevitable.  Why fear it?  Why not embrace it and live each moment in the moment?

Today, I want to take a moment to remember my Bradley and my Freddy.  I also want to remember everyone else I loved that have gone back home.  This is for you.


written by Martin Gore and performed by Onetwo (Claudia Brucken and Paul Humphrey’s)

Thought I saw you up there
Drifting with the clouds
Thought I heard you call me
First quietly then loud
Is it imagination? What is real?
I think I’m part of you
I breathe like you feel

Can’t forget the power
The magic of the night
The overwhelming moment
I looked into your eyes
Dancing with the wind
Dancing in your arms
Gliding like two surfers
In the sea of love

Don’t ask for tomorrow
Just carry on with now
Don’t drown your heart in sorrow
I’ve got to leave you now
Don’t ask me for the future
Don’t cry for yesterday
It’s time to say goodbye now
I’m sure we’ll meet again

Moments turn to hours
Hours into days
My lonely heart is aching
Since you’ve gone away
I wish you’d read my mind
Send a little sign
I carry you so deeply
Within my soul

Don’t ask for tomorrow
Just carry on with now
Don’t drown your heart in sorrow
I’ve got to leave you now
Don’t ask me for the future
Don’t cry for yesterday
It’s time to say goodbye now

Together we can make the world a more positive one!


Who is Sam Simon and why should we care?

Sam Simon is an entertainment mogul.  He is co-creator of the multiple Emmy Award-winning The Simpsons writing genius behind hit shows like Taxi, Barney Miller, Cheers, The Tracey Ullman Show, The Drew Carey Show and the FX series, Anger Management but it is not his celebrity status that I want to write about.  I want to write about his BIG heart, animal advocacy and his compassion.

Sam Simon has been diagnosed with terminal colon cancer but continues to advocate for animals.  Ingrid Newkirk, President of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), has recently stated, “Sam Simon may be a big Hollywood figure, but it’s his big heart that makes him a PETA soul mate.”  Sam Simon serves on PETA’s Executive Committee and has been a vegetarian since he was 19 and vegan since joining PETA years later.  He attended a PETA news conference with Bob Barker, another animal rights activist and previous game show host of The Price is Right, in which he indicated (regarding using animals in film/television), “If you can’t afford the CGI (computer-generated imagery), either do a rewrite or do a cartoon show like I did.”

Simon is known for his work within the Sam Simon Foundation, which rescues dogs from shelters and trains them to assist soldiers who return from war with physical and mental trauma.  He addresses animal homelessness by sponsoring spay and neuter surgeries in low-income areas of Los Angeles and has assisted PETA launch their newest mobile spay-and-neuter clinic.  He has also hosted PETA fundraisers at his home in L.A.  Simon once donated his fee for an episode of The Drew Carey Show to PETA because the plot involved greyhound racing, and he fleet that he could not in good conscience keep the money.

Simon has donated his time, his heart and his finances as mentioned above and has been pivotal with his work with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Save the Children.  He has taken up the hobby of buying up captive animals from places like zoos and circuses and recently answered PETA’s and ARAN’s (Animal Rights Action Network) appeals to rescue Benjy, an Irish breeding bull believed to be homosexual, from slaughter.  Mr. Simon has also donated a $2 million ship to Sea Shepherd’s anti-whaling fleet.

PETA’s Norfolk, Virginia, headquarters has a new moniker – the Sam Simon Center – in honour of his advocacy for animals.  He once said of PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, “I say yes to everything she asks me.”

Imagine what positive and loving changes you can contribute to if we only allowed ourselves to say “yes” more often.  We can make huge and positive differences in the world – we can become beacons of hope for people and animals that can’t stand or speak for themselves.  We can be instruments of change when so many of our governments and corporations can only think of the ‘bottom line’.  Sam Simon’s compassion and endless generosity should be an example of humanity’s greater good and what we can accomplish.  This blog is my way of showing my gratitude for his generosity and for creating positive change in our world.

If you would like to help in creating positive change – please donate to any of the not-for-profit charities that Sam Simon supports, here are the links: (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) (The Sam Simon Foundation) (Shepherd Conservation Society) (Save The Children)

Together we can make the world a more positive one! 



How do you make a difference in the world to invoke positive change?  I like to share knowledge and stories of people and animals overcoming great challenges.  I pledge to share this information in hope to educate others on climate change, social injustice, human rights issues and the inhumane treatment of animals, to say the least.  We are entering the holiday season and so many of us don’t even give a second thought to those who are less fortunate than we are – we are too caught up in the consumer game and helping corporations with their bottom line and huge profits.  Just imagine if we refocused our thoughts and actually did something for the greater good of the planet, environment, animals and those who are much less fortunate than we are.  IMAGINE THE IMPACT.

It was 30 years ago of the release of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” – Written by Bob Geldof (Boomtown Rats) and Midge Ure (Ultravox).  It was released to raise money for famine that plagued much of Ethiopia in 1983 – 1985.  Some of the biggest names in the British Music (and a few Americans) participated with no intention of receiving anything in return.  Those that participated included Bono and Adam Clayton of U2, Wham!, Duran Duran, Paul Young, Spandau Ballet, Culture Club, Sting,  Phil Collins, Paul Weller, Bananarama, Kool and the Gang and Jody Watley – just to name a few.  Here is the original clip:

“Do They Know It’s Christmas was re-recorded in 1989  as Band Aid II and again in 2004 to raise awareness and benefit the troubled are of Darfur in Sudan.  The 1989 version included Kylie Minogue, Chris Rea, Jimmy Somerville, Matt Goss, Cliff Richard, Jason Donovan, Sonia, Lisa Stansfield, Bananarama, Marti Pellow and Big Fun.  Here is the clip for that version:

The 2004 version – Band Aid 20 “Do They Know It’s Christmas” was released to raise awareness and benefit the troubled area of Darfur in Sudan.  This version included the artists:  Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield, Bono (U2), Chris Martin of Coldplay, Dido, Robbie Williams, Busted, Ms Dynamite, Skye Edwards of Morcheeba, Estelle, Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy, Justin Hawkins of Darkness, Jamelia, Tom Chaplin of Keane, Beverly Knight, Lemar, Shaznay Lewis of All Saints, Katie Melua and Roisin Murphy.  Here is that version:

And finally here is the current version.  This version was put together to raise money to fight Ebola in Africa.  Band Aid 30 features Bono, Sinead O’Connor, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora, Paloma Faith, One Direction, Emeli Sande and Ed Sheeran.  Here is that clip:

Despite what you believe about these charity recordings – whether you believe that the artist is getting free publicity or that you heard funds were being misappropriated, just remember the key goal for all of these benefits – to raise your awareness of what is happening in the world.  Never believe that you can’t be part of the solution – you do not have to be a huge star to make a difference.  These celebrities are using their well-know names to bring awareness to an issue that affects us all and they came together to do something about it.  Isn’t that enough to celebrate these forces for good?  You don’t have to enjoy the artists – all you need is compassion and empathy and you too, can make a difference.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



What does this mean, we need a revolution for love?  Well – everytime I say or have said “we need a revolution for love”, it comes from frustration, anger, disbelief and lack of satisfaction from worldwide governments in acting for the greater good of the people and the issues that matter most to us.

Today’s issues don’t have the same importance as the issues of 25, 50 or even 100 years ago.  The most important issue affecting the worlds economies is climate change and its’ affects.  We are spending more money rebuilding and on health care due to the devastation from more frequent super storms.  Why are we not using financial resources for sustainable and renewable energy – doing this would stimulate the economy and create jobs.  Think about it….solar energy used to power homes is much more effecient, cheaper and environmentally conscious than using dirty oil and depleting earth’s natural resources.  Building green cars/electric cars (the electric car was the first ever built) will ensure the reduction of pollution and many illnesses associated with pollution (asthma and bronchitis).

Governments are too busy passing legislation that serves the best interests of corporations that continue to contribute to climate change – McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Wendy’s (and any otherfood company that relies on the meat industry).  Factory farming is one of the main causes of climate change (deforestation for meat production factories, depleting water  resources, methane release into the atmosphere).  The oil industry pays governments to ensure they acquire drilling contracts/rights in very sensitive parts of the world- SHELL wants to drill in the Arctic.  The Canadian Government (Harper Government) and the National Energy Board want to complete oil exploration in Baffin Bay and the Davis Strait – 80 to 90% of Narwhals live, play and breed here, it is THEIR home and oil exploration could potentially harm much of the regions marine life, including the narwhal.  Please GREENPEACE’s website to sign their petition to help Clyde River send their message that drilling/oil exploration in this region is NOT an option. Sign the petition here:|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)&__utmv=-&__utmk=12012407

So – we require a revolution of love.  A love for the planet and not government’s who are creating a wider gap regarding income inequality between thos that have and those that don’t have.  We also have to ensure governments work for the people and people are not corporations.

What can you do?

  • Contact your MP (member of parliament) and demand they vote for legislation that supports renewable energy and not polluters.
  • Get involved by creating community groups and urban gardens.
  • Educate yourself about the benefits of solar energy and electric vehicles and demand companies increase their production.
  • Stop buying products that contribute to landfills and are not biodegradeable (water bottles, plastic, excessive electronic products, etc).
  • Commute when/if you can.
  • Don’t travel to environmentally sensitive destinations – The Great Barrier Reef, The Amazon, etc.
  • Eat a vegan or vegetarian meal a few times a week.  This not only saves animals, it sends a message to the meat industry that deforestation is wrong, inhumane treatment of animals is wrong, the depletion of water is wrong, polluting our environment is wrong.
  • Talk to your employer about ‘tele-work’ options – if you don’t have to commute to work daily and have an option to work out of your home office, why not do it?  This will increase productivity and decrease sick calls.
  • Take public transportation whenever possible.
  • Educate yourself.

Don’t believe that we can’t make a difference.  We know that governments and corporations act on demand – the more we demand, the more pressure we put on our governments and corporations to to act in the responsible and accountable manner that we demand of them.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


“Instead of bringing only problems to me, why not bring some solutions as well?”

What a great and empowering statement.  If we all brought solutions to any problems we are facing – whether it be at home or work, it would be conducive to creating positive change everywhere.

Next time you have an issue in life – think about this and when you discuss that problem with family, friends, partners, lovers, co-workers or whomever you have that issue/problem with – why not offer to bring solutions as well?

Good luck, good health and may you share love and laughter with anyone willing to receive it.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Have you ever wondered what/where the world’s tallest freestanding structure was or what the all-tim best-selling non-fiction book was?  Do you know what world destination is the most visited?  What of social media – do you prefer Facebook, Twitter or Google+ Well, look no further because I am about to share some of the answers with you now.



The oldest elephant ever was Lin Wang, an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus), who died on 26 February 2003 aged 86, at Taipei Zoo, Taiwan.

Grandpa Lin, as he became known, carried supplies through the jungles of Myanmar (formerly Burma) for the Japanese army, during World War II. He was even taken prisoner by the Chinese in 1943. Lin Wang retired to the Zoo in 1954. The average age of an Asian elephant is 60 years.


The longest snake in captivity is named Medusa, she resides in Kansas City, Missouri USA and is 7.67 metres long or 25 feet, 2 inches.  She weighs 350lbs.


The best-selling non-fiction book in the world is The Bible

Codex Leicester by Leonardo da Vinci is the most expensive book ever sold – $30.8 million (sold in 1994).  Bought by Microsoft mogul Bill Gates.  A 72-page document (and therefore not a printed book), Codex Leicester is a collection of scientific writing and gained its named from Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester who bought it in 1719.  The journal covers theories on astronomy, water, rock, air, the moon and the heavens.



Billboard HOT 100 Top Group – The Beatles

Billboard HOT 100 Top Female Artist – Madonna.  Madonna is also Billboard’s Hot 100 top female artists.  She has had the most top 10 singles, a total of 38.  She has sold over 305 million albums worldwide and is the best-selling female recording artist according to Guinness World Record.

Best Selling Digital Artist – Rihanna 



The tallest freestanding tower in the world is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  The Burj Khalifa houses offices, residentials units and a hotel.  It measures 829.8 metres tall.


Here are the top 5 most travelled to locations or destinations in the world (according to the Business Insider):

5.  Niagara Falls (22.5 million)

4.  Union Station, Washington D.C. USA (32.8 million)

3.  Central Park, New York City, NY USA (37.5 million)

2.  Times Square, New York City, NY USA (39.2 million)

1.  Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV USA (39.6 million)


The top 5 grossing films of all time are:

5.  Frozen (2013) – $1.2 billion

4.  Harry Potter and The Deathy Hallows Pt II (2011) – $1.3 billion

3.  Marvel’s The Avengers (2012) – $1.5 billion

2.  Titanic (1997) – $2.1 billion

1.  Avatar (2009) – $2.7 billion


Here are the top 10 series finales in television history (US):

10.  Home Improvement – May 1999 (35.5 million)

9.  Family Ties – May 1989 (36.3 million)

8.  All In The Family – April 1979 (40.2 million)

7.  The Cosby Show – April 1992 (44.4 million)

6.  Magnum P.I. – May 1988 (50.7 million)

5.  Friends – May 2004 (52.5 million)

4.  Seinfeld – May 1998 (76.3 million)

3.  The Fugitive – August 1967 (78 million)

2.  Cheers – May 1993 (84.4 million)

1.  M*A*S*H – February 1983 (105.9 million)


Facebook – Has approximately 1.15 billion users, 350 million photos are uploaded everyday and 751 million users access Facebook from a mobile device.

Twitter – Has approximately 500 + million users and approximately 20 million twitter accounts are fake.

Google+ – Has approximately 500 + million users of which 67% are male.

Pinterest – Has approximately 70 + million users of which 64% are female.

Instagram – Has over 130 million users and MTV is the most followed with over 1.2 million followers.

Linkedin – Has over 238 million users.

Technology has allowed the world to come together to witness some of the most amazing things in the world.  We have witnessed triumphs and tragedies across the world.  Revolutions were organized using social media.  We are able to receive instant messages of events happening across the oceans and throughout the universe.  With all the milestones we have witnessed – imagine the great things to come and the potential to create positive change around the world by sharing, following, favoriting, pinning and liking.

Together we can make the world a more positive one!



Do you find yourself feeling uncomfortable, harassed or annoyed when someone tells you that they are vegan or vegetarian?  Do you often think – how can these people survive on plants, are they getting enough nutrients, how about B vitamins or protein?  Why do they have to be so aggressive and ‘in your face’ about their lifestyle choice?  I thought I would answer some of these questions in hopes to debunk some of these ‘untruths’.

Many people become vegetarian/vegan to ensure a healthier lifestyle and to possibly curb or cure some medical issues they may have such as;  diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol and even cancer.  Others may become vegetarian/vegan simply for ethical reasons (have you ever heard a rabbit scream?) or environmental reasons (mass deforestation, depletion of natural resources).  No matter the reason, instead of becoming uncomfortable, annoyed or treat those who are vegetarian or vegan without being condescending, why not embrace their choice as they have embraced yours?

It is normal to visit restaurants and order cow, pork, lamb, veal (baby cows), horse, fish, octopus, frog, duck, chicken and whatever other meat may be on the menu but for a vegetarian/vegan, we are limited in what is available to us because being vegetarian/vegan is out of the norm.

Let’s look at some facts regarding meat consumption:

The facts about dairy (milk/cheese):

  • Cows produce milk for the same reason that humans do – to feed their young
  • Baby calf’s are taken away from their mothers at infancy
  • Mother cows are often heard bellowing for their young after they are taken away
  • Milk promotes depletion of calcium in bones
  • Milk consumption may lead to bone fractures

Where do vegetarians/vegans get their nutrients from?


  • Tempeh – 41g (1 cup)
  • Wheat germ – 33g (1cup)
  • Seitan – 31g (3 oz)
  • Soy beans – 29g (1 cup)
  • Buckwheat – 24g (1 cup)
  • Lentils – 18g (1 cup)
  • Beans – black beans 15g (1 cup), kidney 13g (1 cup), pinto 12g (1 cup), garbanzo 12g (1 cup)
  • Peas – 9g (1 cup)
  • Wild rice – 7g (1 cup)
  • Raisins – 5g (1 cup)
  • Avocado – 4 g (medium avocado)
  • Nuts – peanuts 7g (1 oz), almonds 6g (1 oz), pistachios 6g (1 oz), cashews 5g (1 oz), Brazilian 4g (1 oz), walnuts 4g (1 oz)
  • Spinach – 5g (1 cup)
  • Artichokes – 4g (1 cup)
  • Brussel Sprouts 4g (1 cup)

B Vitamins

B1 (Thiamine) – involved with the metabolism of carbohydrates and the production of energy.  Foods that contain B1:  whole grains, dried beans, nuts and seeds.

B2 (Riboflavin) – works with other B vitamins to produce red blood cells and generate energy by breaking down carbohydrates.  Foods that contain B2:  Any green leafy vegetables.

B3 (Niacin) – helps nerves function properly.  Foods that contain B3:  Avocados, beans, nuts and potatoes.

B5 (Pantothenic Acid) – necessary for the metabolism of food as well as the prodcution of hormones and cholesterol.  Foods that contain B5:  Avocados, broccoli, kale, cabbage, beans & lentils and whole grain cereals.

B6 (Pyridoxine) – involved in blood cell production and brain function.  Foods that contain B6:  Avocados, bananas, beans, nuts and whole grains.

B7 (Biotin) – involved in the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates for energy and plays a critical role in the production of cholesterol and hormones.  Foods that contain B7:  Fortified cereals, beans and nuts.

B9 (Folate) – involved in the production and repair of DNA.  Foods that contain B9:  Asparagus, broccoli, beets, beans, lentils and green leafy vegetables.

B12 –  is used in the production of red blood cells and is needed for nerve function.  B12:  is found in fortified cereals, soy milk and nutritional yeast.  ***if you are not receiving enough B12 – you should consider a supplement***

Vegetarians/Vegans do not lack in vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  Plant-based diets promote wellness of the brain, heart and body.  Plant-based diets are also known to reverse many medical conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer with moderate exercise. 

Check out this great site for resources, videos and photos of vegan body builders – you will be amazed at what you can accomplish with a vegan and plant-based diet.  Here is the link:

Together we can make the world a more positive one!






What is a soldier of love?  When we think of soldiers we think of men and women going off to fight for freedom, democracy and to stand up and liberate those who can’t stand up for themselves.  Mostly, we think of soldiers in an almost negative way – death, dying, fighting, conflict and blood.  That is not the soldier I want to talk about.

The soldier that I want to talk about is one that is passionate and committed to creating positive change into our world.  An advocate for love, for compassion – someone who acts with kindness and without judgment.  This type of soldier will do anything for their significant other, they love life, the environment and fight for a cause that does not create conflict but rather diffuse it.  A soldier who will resolve to protect the living  – whether that is man or animal, without raising a gun.

I believe that most countries engage in conflicts that are in the best interests of corporations who are bought and paid for by our governments.  I don’t want to see more soldiers dying for wars that have no positive resolution for the country they are trying to liberate or for our world.  Maybe it is time to let countries fight their own battles?  Needless to say – I do have the out most respect for those men and women who offer their lives to insure we have the freedoms we do today but I am in no way and advocate for violence and war.

I am a soldier of love – and I want to recruit more soldiers.  Soldiers who will not engage in violence and only promote wellness, peace, love and positivity throughout the world.  I want a REVOLUTION OF LOVE – a revolution that will not think in the mindset of yesterday and deal with issues that matter for today’s generation and the generations to come.  We need a new world community that will not wait for governments to act to create positive change but will evoke that change themselves.  We will peacefully demonstrate and advocate for policies and change that will make our world a better place – for the people and not for greedy corporations.  This revolution will fight for the protection of our planet – clean water, clean air, natural and nutritional foods that are not genetically modified or coated with pesticides.  We will fight to free animals in distress that only know a life of cruelty and violence.  We will protect environmentally fragile spaces – the Amazon, the Arctic, the Great Barrier Reef and so many other places around the world that are almost at the point of no return.

The REVOLUTION OF LOVE will not raise a gun but we shall raise our voices for the only thing that matters – THE PLANET because without it, there is nothing else.

How can you become a soldier of love and join this revolution?  Here are several suggestions:

  • Join or donate to Greenpeace – defenders of our planet against corporate and government greed.
  • Join or donate to the protectors of our environment such as the World Wildlife Fund or the David Suzuki Foundation. (Canada) or (international)
  • Ask companies, churches, financial institutions to divest from ‘dirty oil’ – Get more information at:
  • Contact your member of parliament and ask them how they have advocated and instilled policies to protect our environment.  How are they promoting renewable and sustainable energy?  Are they on the side of companies that continue to deplete the earth’s natural resources or are they promoting solar, wind and other cleaner resources?  If not – DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR VOTE!
  • Educate yourself on climate change – get the facts from reliable sources not corporate media (Greenpeace, WWF,, PETA and the David Suzuki foundation)
  • Get real news and not the corporate sponsored (and censored) news from Fox, NBC, CBC, ABC and CNN – check out or or check out the YouTube channel – Breaking The Set.
  • Understand how raising cattle and eating meat impacts global change by getting the facts via
  • Educate, educate, education yourself about climate change:

Are you ready to become a soldier of love? 

Together we can make the world a more positive one!