There is no denying that climate change is a reality and is happening now.  What is uncertain is the impact and devastation that climate change will have on the planet.  We have witnessed ‘super storms’ that have wreaked havoc in places all around the world.  These storms cause and continue to cause tremendous amount of pressure on world economies which are already fragile, not to mention the destruction, animal and human displacement and continue pressure on the environment. What do we do?  Are there viable solutions?  Yes, I believe there are some excellent solutions on how we can ease these pressures and Jacque Fresco is at the helm of a very viable and sustainable solution.

Here is a video that explains his ideas, we must plead with our governments to ensure that these ideas become realization.  We must mobilize and demand better from our governments, corporations and each other to ensure we have a habitable planet in 20 years.  Enjoy the video:

For more information about Jacque Fresco, his organization and The Venus Project, please visit their official website at:

Save The Earth

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!




Today, I am grateful that I am alive….I am grateful to be able to see, hear, touch, and smell.  I am happy and I am healthy.  What kind of energy are you attracting into your life?

If you really want to attract postive energy – you must think positively and eliminate anything that causes you worry, stress and grief.  Instead of beginning your day with misguided, negative news stories, turn off your television and play music that makes you happy and energizes you.  Don’t start your day with ‘I hate’, ‘I can’t’ or ‘I don’t want to’ instead, look forward to having a great and productive day.

Change negative situations into positive ones.  Remove the need to always be right to avoid argument.  Genuinely smile at people and thank them for their service.  Remove judgements that you may have about anyone – you do not know their story or the reasons that they are in the situations they are in.  Take note of how you speak and treat others.  Are you respectful, friendly, loving, compassionate and do your offer empathy?  Every time you think something negative or negatively of a situation, acknowledge it and change it to something positive.

  • There will always be light to remove the darkness.
  • Love will always conquer hate.
  • Peace will prevail over war.
  • There is only beauty in everything and everyone.

We are all from the same energy….we are all created from Source/God and that Source is a loving source.  Remove all the ideologies of traditional religion.  These ideas teach you to be fearful of whatever energy created us and that energy is negative energy. 

Keep telling yourself of the things you would like in your life instead of the things you don’t want.  Whenever you express that you don’t want something – that is what you will attract.  Keep telling yourself that you want love, happiness, joy, laughter, and health and that is what you will receive.  Remember to be of service to others without expecting anything in return. 

Don’t live life with endless worry, stress and anxiety instead, live for this moment because THIS moment is the only moment that counts.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!





I’m always looking for articles and videos that are inspiring, positive and invoke emotion.  Most of the images, articles or videos I share tend to be of the subject matter that is closest to my heart such as; the environment, the treatment of animals and issues relating to the LGBT (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender) movement.

Today, I am sharing a video that was both touching and funny.  It is entitled, I Hit Send or Modern Meltdown.  Please note, there is harsh language.

Thanks to Steve Boyle. who shared such a personal and amazing poem and video!

LOVE is powerful and love belongs to everyone.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


I am so tired of people saying, “he’s too gay” or  “that’s so gay”.  This automatically suggests that there is something wrong or negative about the word or being gay.  I am also tired of people becoming frustrated or complaining that there is too much gay news everywhere.  Yeah right, too much gay news of bullied teens committing suicide or states denying the LGBT community some fundamental basic rights.

I knew I was gay for a long time, as far as I can remember, but I also knew that the time was not right for me to ‘come out’, as a matter-of-fact, I feared that it wasn’t safe for me to come out.  During the time that I lived as a shadow of who I was supposed to be I felt despair, anxiety, depression, anger, hate, confusion and the isolated.  I could relate to the oppression women or how people of colour felt and no-one should be made to feel so unloved or unwanted.

I could understand how activists become aggressive in their fight for equality especially after you have been oppressed and even put to death for fighting for equality.  There was a time when people of colour were not allowed to be in the same spaces as white people  – not very long ago either.  There was a time when women couldn’t vote.  Today, homosexuality is still punishable by death in many countries.  Yet, I am told that I can’t have a gay pride parade because straight people don’t have straight pride. 

I have heard people saying that it is too much for them to handle people ‘gayness’ – like it’s a bad habit such a smoking or drinking too much – I wonder how offended they would get if I told them (with all my GAY PROUDNESS) how offended I am with their straightness?  Well, you would never hear that from me because it is not conducive to creating good energy.

For all those gay people who are struggling with their sexuality and authenticity – I am here to tell you.  ALL WILL BE BETTER, just embrace and love who you are.  You will be surprised of all the allies you will have both straight and gay.  People who only see you as the loving and beautiful person you are.  There is nothing wrong with you because you are a reflection of who created you!

Here are some great and POSITIVE quotes regarding homosexuality from some people you may or may not know…..they will surprise you:

“If a bullet should ever enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door.”Harvey Milk

“The only queer people are those who don’t love anybody.”Rita Mae Brown

 “We are sick of hearing people say, “That band is so gay,” or “Those guys are fags.”  Gay is not a synonym for shitty.  If you wanna say something’s shitty, say it’s shitty.  Stop being such homophobic assholes.” – Pete Wentz

“Anybody can be unhappy.  We can all be hurt.  You don’t have to be poor to need something or somebody.  Rednecks, hippies, misfits – we’re all the same.  Gay or straight?  So what?  It doesn’t matter to me.  We have to be concerned about other people, regardless.”Willie Nelson

“Some people think I am gay, which I think is awesome.”Daniel Radcliffe

“My thoughts on gay marriage are that everyone has the right to love and to be loved, and that’s the position I take.”Nick Jonas

“The poetry you read has been written for you, each of you – black, white, Hispanic, man, woman, gay, straight.”Maya Angelou

“From a religious point of view, if God had thought homosexuality is a sin, he would not have created gay people.”Howard Dean

“Tell me:  When God looks at a gay person, does he endorse the existence of this person with love, or reject and condemn this person?…It is necessary to accompany them with mercy.”Pope Francis

“I could be wrong, but I think heterosexual marriage is threatened more by heterosexuals.  I don’t know why gay marriage challenges my marriage in any way.”Elizabeth Edwards

“My life has been immensely enriched by gay mentors, colleagues and friends, any discrimination and persecution of gay people is unacceptable.”Mikhail Baryshnikov

“By large in this country the issue of gay rights and equality should be past the point of debate.  Really, there should be no debate anymore.”Scott Fujita

“Just being out you’re doing your part.  It’s like recycling.  You’re doing your part for the environment if you recycle; you’re doing your part for the gay movement if you’re out.” – Martina Navratilova

“It should never be a crime to be gay.”Hillary Clinton

“Gay people are born everyday.  You will never legislate that away.”Melissa Etheridge

“I have some good friends of my own who happen to be gay, and when it comes to gay, straight or whatever, I’m for anything life-affirmative.  I’m for gay power, straight power, male power, female power; everybody should feel empowered without oppressing anyone who’s different.”Matthew McConaughey

“I kind of cheer the presence of any gay characters at all – I think the more we can saturate television with any gay character or lesbian character or transgender character, I think that’s a really great thing.  We’re kind of getting past the fact that they’re the punchline or that they’re the novelty.”Jesse Tyler Ferguson

“Yeah, I had gay friends.  The first thing I realized was that everybody’s different, and it becomes obvious that all of the gay stereotypes are ridiculous.”Bruce Springsteen

“Americans know as much about Canada as straight people do about gays.  Americans arrive at the border with skis in July, and straight people think that being gay is just a phase.  A very long phase.”Scott Thompson

“I’m for all kinds of gay rights.  I’m almost like a gay man myself.”NeNe Leakes

“Even in high school, I had friends that I didn’t know were gay until years later.  I’d find out on Facebook or something and be like, ‘Oh, that explains some things,’ or ‘Wow, no wonder they were so cool.”Kellan Lutz

“Gay men in a very real way created my career.”Marianne Williamson

“I know gay – gay people who aren’t married who are better parents than some, you know, straight people I know who are married.”Dennis Leary

“I did a woman’s movie, and I’m not a woman.  I did a gay movie, and I’m not gay.  I learned as I went along.”Ang Lee

“People were saying that David Geffen and I had gotten married and it just blew me away.  Not that they thought I was gay, but that they thought I could land a guy that hot.”Keanu Reeves

And the most important quote of all (joking)……

“My sexuality doesn’t define who I am as a person – it is the way that I treat others that defines me.”Robert Pavao

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Do you really understand the implications of the words you use, not only for the people you use them against, but for yourself?

How many times have you said something about someone or about a situation, such as; I hate you, you’re ugly, you’re fat, you are stupid, l hate that, I could never do that, why doesn’t he/she go on a diet, why are they wearing that, I am so unsuccessful, I don’t have any money, I hate my job….

Think about this:  What you are saying about something or someone is what you are saying about yourself.  The energy that you give out into the universe is the same energy that comes back to you.  So, all the judgements you put on others are really judgements you are putting onto yourself.  If you keep reflecting on how awful a person is – it is really you that you are talking about.  If you pre-occupy your time and harbour negative feelings about the current world situation – that is the same energy you will attract into your life.  Instead, focus on the positive.

When you wake up and start your day by saying, “I hate my job”, you are waking up and inviting negative energy to rule your day.  Why not wake up and start your day by being grateful that you still have breath in you and that you are still able to see, walk, talk, smell, taste and be alive?

We tend to focus so much on the negative aspects of life and the negative things that are going on in the world that this becomes the only thing we see and attract into our lives.  Don’t give any more power to those who view you or what you do in a negative light or how they judge others with that same negativity, let them work out their own issues.  Continue to love yourself, respect yourself, be kind to yourself and empower yourself and that will be the same things that you will attract into your life.

Tell yourself the following:

  • I am perfect as I am from God/Source
  • I am beautiful
  • I love myself
  • I am kind and compassionate
  • I deserve abundance because I come from love

I have learned to let go of the restraints of organized religion and have come to terms that ‘God’ is not fearful or wrathful.  God is love, God created us from love, He is all loving and we can see that when we connect with nature.  God is infinite, as we are, we are only shells occupying our bodies for a temporary moment in infinity.  God is Source/Universe, God is everything and everyone, God is love.  I self identify as an atheist who believes in a power that is greater than all of us, I call that power – Source/Universe, others call it God.  God is love and God wants positivity for all of us.  When you look at the stars, flowers, sky, trees, animals, people, oceans and everything else, you see God/Source/Universe.  See yourself in everything and in everyone and you too will start to connect to that infinite Source.

“We must be the change we wish to se in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!






What we put in our bodies can actually promote positive energy or negative energy in how our bodies relate and respond to whatever it is we are giving it. 

We all know that processed foods are junk and can have a diverse affect on your health and long-term well-being.  Processed foods may even cause death.  The food and lifestyle choices we make can have a diverse affect not only directly to your health but on the environment as a whole.  (Cattle ranching/factory farming/pollution/waste).

Thinking about just the food you consumed, ask yourself, how has this food affected your body and mind?  Did you drink enough water?  Have you consumed enough vegetables, fruits, beans and seeds to give your body the vitamins and minerals required to ensure you have sufficient energy for your daily activities?  Are you feeding your body carcinogens that promote cancer in your body or feeding it fresh and organic foods that decrease your cancer risks?

What fast-food chains (McDonald’s/Burger King/KFC/Wendy’s/Tim Horton’s) promote:

  • increased risk of diabetes, heart attack and high blood pressure.
  • animal cruelty.
  • pollution (water and air).
  • deforestation (for factory farms/cattle ranches/pig farms).
  • excessive landfill waste from garbage that can’t be recycled.
  • low wages for employees but huge profits for shareholders and CEO’s.
  • bankruptcy for local farmers who can’t compete with BIG corporations.

What other things can have a diverse affect on your body?

  • pharmaceutical drugs
  • excessive alcohol
  • lack of exercise
  • breathing polluted air
  • over-the-counter drugs (allergy, sinus, headache, and all other medications for minor ailments) ***many of these medications can be stopped with proper diet and nutrition***
  • excessive recreational drug use

When we are armed with the right information and really listen to our bodies, we can have tremendous and positive effect on bodies both physically and mentally.  Try this experiment….remove all ‘white’ foods from your diet – sugar, flour, bread, pasta and notice how your body feels (after the withdrawals of course).  If you have sinus infection or allergies, remove milk from your diet and substitute it with rice/soy or almond milk.  Migraines and high blood pressure???  Remove meat from your diet for a month and notice what happens.

We have all been bombarded with lies and misconceptions about what our bodies require.  These lies and misconceptions mostly come from companies who are dependent upon our lack of knowledge and education.  As a matter-of-fact, these companies (Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Neilson, KFC, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, etc) they profit from our distractions and our unwillingness to education ourselves.  These BIG corporations work with governments to ensure their agendas are being met by pushing legislation that benefits these corporations.  Think about it – if people are not becoming sick, how can pharmaceutical companies make money, how will hospitals treat the sick, how will insurance companies deny their clients health claims?  By being vigilant and proactive in our health, we not only benefit ourselves but our environment, the local economy, small businesses, local farmers, animals, our environment and our planet.  By NOT being distracted, we can also hold our governments and corporations accountable for the damage they are doing to us and to our planet.

I’m sure most of us prefer a life free of genetically modified food, meat that isn’t pumped with steroids and antibiotics, vegetables and fruits without damaging pesticides, water that is clean and air that we can breathe.  That is not reality right now because we are not demanding these rights.  Is it not time to clear your mind and body of all the toxins and distractions that these corporations and our governments are feeding us?  Would it not be great to finally live an authentic life without the influence of poisonous foods and drugs?  Isn’t it time that we cleanse our bodies and minds?  When we remove the slave mentality that our governments and big corporations have instilled in us, we become better people, better communities and a better world.  All you have to do is start with your food.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



“You can find love everywhere, you just have to be open and receptive of it” – Robert Pavao

Where have you found love today?  I see it everywhere I look;  in the trees, the sky, the birds, other people, the animals around me, in art, in books, in film – it is everywhere.  Why focus on the things that deplete our positive energy when we can enjoy the energy that makes us happy?  Choose to see love, happiness and joy and you will guarantee a life that is authentic and compassionate.

So, I ask you again;  where have you found love today?


**original art by Robert Pavao** – contact me if you are interested in a print.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!




I am a big fan of music in its various formats and genres; some pop, rock, alternative, country, reggae, dance, house and electronica.  Some of my favourite artists come from the house music/electronica genre like; Depeche Mode, Erasure, Kristine W, Ultra Nate, Madonna, The Human League, OMD, Billie Ray Martin, Massive Attack and Tricky – just to name a few. 

The artists I named above have been instrumental in providing the ‘soundtrack to my life’ some more than others but one artist that has been consisted in providing music that has deeply resonated with me and the events of my life has been Sinead O’Connor.  Ever since I heard her captivating voice as it softly sang the first verse of her underground alternative hit “Troy” form the ground-breaking album The Lion and the Cobra:

“I’ll remember it
And Dublin in a rainstorm
And sitting in the long grass in summer
Keeping warm
I’ll remember it
Every restless night
We were so young then
We thought that everything
We could possibly do was right
Then we moved”

I was hooked right from the beginning – her voice was soft gentle and passionate at the start of the song but strong, defiant by the end.  Since then, Sinead O’Connor has released albums that transcend all music genres from pop to reggae and topics ranging from love, religion and spirituality. 

Due to Sinead’s outspoken nature and personal issues stemming from a troubled home-life and abuse endured by the hands of her mother, Sinead’s music career went from over-night success via her Prince-penned hit single, “Nothing Compares 2 U”, to becoming ostracized for making a very courageous statement about the Catholic church and their sexual abuse scandals.  

Sinead’s latest effort is entitled;  I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss.  Her latest single, “Take Me To Church” is a rebirth of sorts.  Sinead sings about not having regrets in being the woman she used to be and living authentically as  the woman she is today.   Here are the lyrics, followed by the video:


I don’t wanna love the way I loved before,
I don’t wanna love that way no more
What if I’ve been right and lost some storm?
I don’t want to write them anymore
I don’t wanna sing them the way I sang before
I don’t wanna sing that way no more,
What if I’ve been singing love songs before?
I don’t wanna sing them anymore,
I don’t wanna be that girl no more
I don’t wanna cry no more
I don’t wanna die no more
So get me down from this old tree,
Cut the rope and all from me
Sat me on the floor,
I’m the only one I should adore!

Take me to the church,
I’ve done so many bad things that hurts
Take me to the church,
but not the ones that hurt
‘Cause that ain’t the truth
And that’s not what it’s worth
Yeah, take me to church
Yeah, take me to church
I’ve done so many bad things that hurts
Yeah, get me to church,
but not the ones that hurt
‘Cause that ain’t the truth
And that’s not what it’s worth

I’m gonna say souls of love and unforgiven ??
Sons of living, sons of calling in the night
It’s time to rise above the light
And love the only one you shouldn’t bite
So get me down from this old tree,
Cut the rope and all from me
Sat me on the floor,
I’m the only one I should adore!

Take me to the church,
I’ve done so many bad things that hurts
Yeah take me to the church,
but not the ones that hurt
‘Cause that ain’t the truth
And that’s not what it’s worth
Yeah, take me to church
Yeah, take me to church
I’ve done so many bad things that hurts
Yeah, get me to church,
but not the ones that hurt
‘Cause that ain’t the truth
And that’s not what it’s worth


Many critics are saying that Sinead is back in top form and that the album is a great ‘come-back’.  For me, it isn’t a come-back album because I have enjoyed much of her under-rated work such as the amazing works of Universal Mother, Gospel Oak EP, the glorious Faith and Courage and the fantastic How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?  If you haven’t been honoured in listening to any of her music after her so-called ‘break-down’, I would recommend opening your mind and your heart and taking the musical and emotional journey of what Sinead’s music and lyrics can provide you.

For more Sinead’s discography, tour and other information, please visit her official website at: or like her Facebook page.  You can purchase Sinead on the iTunes store via:

I am grateful for her music and wish her much peace, love and health because that is all her music has given me. 

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Why do we allow ourselves to be troubled by those who are not connected to good and positive energy?

Mostly it is because we let our ‘egos’ get in the way.  We always have a desire or need to be right or believe that are views are the only views that matter.  We place  judgements on others based on religion, lifestyle and people’s appearances.  Our achievements are no less important than the achievements of anyone else.  We also tend to deem our lives are much more important than the lives of our ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’.  We are all connected and all come from the same Source.  Ego is what makes the distinction of our differences.

Knowing this – isn’t kindness, love, compassion and empathy in all of us to give and to receive?  Yes, it is!

Take a look at how your previous days, weeks, months, years have passed and how your energy levels affected those around you and yourself.  Usually, when you are sending positive energy out into the universe, it is usually want comes back to you.  Imagine if that is all that you allowed yourself to give to others and yourself – your life would be much more gratifying. We have all heard the saying;  “The energy you give is the same energy that is returned to you.”  Thinking of that mantra, allow yourself to be kind, compassionate and empathetic.  Connect with positive vibration.  Allow yourself to help others without the expectation of receiving anything in return.  Once you release this positive energy into the universe, you will find that that same energy is what comes back to you.  You will notice that the answers you were seeking will present themselves.  You will attract like-minded people and your life and soul will thank you for it.

Be a soldier for the REVOLUTION OF LOVE and help create positive energy everywhere in the world.  Be kind and compassionate to the environment, animals and to each other.  Show empathy for those who require it and let LOVE rule your world.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!  




By now, most of us have witnessed the destruction and horror that is taking place in Gaza.  The situation there is dire and has engaged many to debate the ongoing conflict.  I have engaged in debates with friends using social media like; Facebook and Twitter.  I have engaged in civil conversations about this issue but have also been on the receiving end of harsh criticism.  I have been called anti-Semitic, I have been told that I don’t know what I am talking about and that I don’t understand the history of the conflict.  My views have been taken out of context and in order for me to conform to a certain ideology – I my lifestyle was forced into the debate.

As I do not want to further create hostilities and engage in a debate of who is wrong or right, I want to clearly state my position of how I feel about this conflict and many others like it around the world:

“I am not PRO ISRAEL or PRO HAMAS.  I DO NOT agree with acts of terrorism and terrorist factions.  I DO NOT need to understand the history of this conflict in order to have empathy and compassion for those who are dying from the conflict.  I STAND FOR PEACE, LOVE and an end to this violence and the death of many innocent people.  That is my stand on this issue.”

I am not alone in my feelings about this – I have talked with many colleagues (of many different nationalities/religions) and most seem to agree that one IS NOT anti-Semitic just because they have empathy and compassion for innocent people dying.

Throughout my spiritual journey, I have found that being positive, loving, compassionate and empathetic allows one to live a more positive and happier life.  Sometimes it is difficult to engage in debate with people who don’t have those characteristics as it may be difficult for them to see ‘the other viewpoint’.  The lesson I have learned is that it is sometimes better to stop the debate than to allow the negativity and if the negativity continues – remove it.  What good will it do you and your state of mind by engaging in never-ending arguments in matters that even governments can’t solve?

Here are some statements and questions I have asked myself in order to live more positively:

  • Do not watch negative news or read negative newspapers.
  • Ask yourself:  Is (whatever situation) creating negative feelings within you?
  • What positive outcome can come from arguing?
  • Can you have a sensible and positive debate?
  • Are my personal feelings getting in the way of positive debate?
  • I live from LOVE and if I give LOVE, I will also receive LOVE.
  • Live with compassion, empathy and LOVE.
  • Treat others as you want to be treated.
  • Try not to judge others.

The above statements and questions have allowed me to recognize those who bring negative energy into my life.  With that recognition, I have been able to assess whether or not I want to move forward and have that energy in my life.  Usually, the answer is no, which I am perfectly comfortable with.  I remove the energy with love and hold no hard feelings towards those who harbour that energy.

Path To Loveimage (2)

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!