Here are 3 short (and great) videos that emphasize the urgency of humanity’s need to act to save our planet.  Knowledge, truth and acceptance will allow us to come together for the greater good of our planet.  LOVE always wins in the end.  Let’s start the REVOLUTION OF LOVE for our planet and for humanity.

Jamie Dunmore’s CALL TO HUMANITY:

Greenpeace’s plea and CALL TO ACTION for our PLANET:


The time is now…..

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



How have you awakened to this new day?  Have you accepted it with open arms and ready to face it with love and positive energy?  Do most of us wake up and start our day off with the following thoughts:

  • “I wish it was Friday”
  • “I hate Monday’s”
  • “Another work week, arrgh”
  • “I wish I could win the lottery and not have to work again”
  • “It’s so dark and gloomy outside”
  • “I hate the people at work and hate my job”

What we are doing when we think like this, is sabotaging our day.  When we wake up with a negative disposition to everything we are essentially saying that we want more of it.  If we keep dwelling on any negative thoughts – you will find that only negative things will happen; you will stub your toe or spill coffee on yourself, you will miss the bus to work or be in traffic longer than usual, your boss will be in a bad mood or you will have to work late.  You will encounter other negative and curt people, you will not have a happy day. 

How do we change this pattern?  We can start by changing what we do prior to going to sleep.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Don’t watch television prior to going to bed, especially the news.
  2. Clear your mind of all negative thoughts from the day prior.
  3. Go for a walk or to the gym.
  4. Meditate.
  5. Read a book.

Instead of waking up with negative thoughts or views about how your day will be – turn it around and tell yourself you will have a fantastic day filled with love and positive energy.  If it is raining outside – embrace the fact that the rain is life-giving and rejuvenating mother nature.  Wake up and remind yourself that you still have the breath of life – you are alive and well.  Sing as you get ready for the day ahead.  Smile and love that you are alive.  Don’t get me wrong – life isn’t easy and we do need to acknowledge that ‘stuff’ happens but it is how we deal with that ‘stuff’ that determines what kind of day, week, month, year and life we are going to have. 

This is why MY day will be a successful one:

  • I will treat others the way that I want to be treated.
  • I will not judge others.
  • I will laugh a lot.
  • I will appreciate and give gratitude that our planet allows me to live.
  • I will respect all living things.
  • I will be open and receptive to new ideas.
  • I will be kind and compassionate.
  • I will spread love into our world.
  • I will do these things willingly and without the notion that I want something in return.

  Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


I will never tire of this video – break away from what makes you uncomfortable and make it comfortable.  Allow yourself to feel the positive impacts of circumstances that you would normally never experienced before or that you were uncomfortable.  Enjoy the feeling for being connected to positivity.

Song:  “All The Same” by the Sick Puppies – you can download it here:

Want to learn more about the free hugs campaign?  Please visit the official site at:

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



I have recently re-watched the Harry Potter series and I love the reoccurring themes of friendship, honor, faith and love.  I especially love the scene in the final movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part II, where Harry seems to have died and is encountered by his old headmaster – Professor Albus Dumbledore.  Harry briefly chats about where he is and whether or not the encounter is actually happening.  The scene is fantastic and offers the most profound message of love to all of us when Albus says to Harry:  “Do not pity the dead Harry, Pity the living and above all, those who live without love.”  

I love these movies – they offer an escape from the monotony of our every day lives and allow us to imagine a world where anything is possible as long as you believe it is.

J.K. Rowling is brilliant and is the perfect example that with perseverance, faith and patience that your dreams can come true.

You can buy the Harry Potter movies on iTunes.  To learn more about J.K. Rowling, please visit here official website –

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


How often have you made a comment about someone and never really thought of the impact it would have on that person?  Words hurt – I know.

I remember a difficult time in my life where I realized that I was not quite the same as everyone else, I knew there was something different.  I was gay.  The way society, family and religion viewed homosexuality made it very difficult for me to live my true and authentic life.  Why would I publicly admit to being a homosexual when all I heard of the topic was negativity and things like;  your family will turn your back on you, your friends will hate you, you will be beaten, you will die of AIDS and that God didn’t accept gays.  So I decided to live a lie based on what society and religion dictated.

During my life in hiding and not choosing to live my authentic life – I began to hate myself and others who were able to live their authentic lives all because I could not.  I remember being called ‘faggot’, ‘homo’, ‘cocksucker’ and ‘fairy’, I would fiercely deny this and re-assure the people who called me these names that I would never belong to such a deviant group.

Years passed and in order to save myself from a life of depression and possible suicide – I decided that I needed to live my life as my true and authentic self.  I couldn’t change who I was – I know, I’ve tried for 21 years.  I finally allowed myself to feel, live and be the person I was born as.  It was so relieving finally being honest with myself.  But the name-calling didn’t stop.  I heard people use the words faggot, homo, cocksucker, fairy and so many other names that were meant to hurt and demean but, I decided that I needed to start standing up for myself and for other people who were being called these names.

I am not perfect – none of us are…what we need to do is really think about the impact of the words we use and how they affect others.  We are not BITCHES, NIGGERS, FAGGOTS, WHORES, FAIRIES, PAKIS, SAND MONKEYS, DYKES, SPICS, FROGS, FRESH OF THE BOAT, SLUTS, FATSO, LAZY and whatever else we are called.  Those who call us these names are insecure and can’t face their insecurities, that is why they bully and feed off the weakness of those who can’t stand up for themselves.  NO MORE!

It is our responsibility to ensure we stop those who use these hateful and degrading words to demoralize another group.  Imagine a time when you were the topic of bullying/name-calling.  Remember how you felt and let that be your guide to speak out against people doing the same to others.  The easiest way of doing this is to imagine someone calling your mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, friend, niece, nephew or anyone you love – these hateful words.  Empathy is powerful.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Humanity is at a cross roads regarding the state of our planet – if there is anything we can do about it, WE MUST DO IT NOW.  The debates must stop and we must act.  So, what is the problem?  Modernization, Consumerism and the demand that we put on our planet’s resources for wanting and needing more.  Most of us do not think about the consequences of our actions on a global scale – when we want something, we go out and buy it.  No questions asked and no regard of the outcome of the decision we make in buying that said product.  How many of us ask ourselves:

  • “Do I really need (insert whatever it is you are buying)?”
  • “What am I supporting when I purchase this?” (Deforestation, human rights issues, low wages, poverty, public safety).
  • “Do I really need to buy new, or is there a ‘used’ alternative?” (less packaging, less waste, less impact on the planet’s resources).
  • “Do I really need another car, boat, etc…?”
  • “What am I supporting when I purchase from this company?” (Do they have great environmental policies, are they working to sustain the planet, do they test on animals, are they part of the environmental problem and not the solution?)

In our desire to want and need, we continue to deplete what little natural resources we have.  An automobile can cost $35,000 but what is the cost to the planet when we need to use steel for the skeleton of the car, leather for the seats, plastic for the body, etc…How much more can our planet take?  Well, according to the majority of climate scientists, we are on the brink of a catastrophe of great proportions – it is not a matter of ‘what if’ anymore but of ‘when’.

In Stephen Emmott’s book, “Ten Billion” – Stephen asks an aspiring and brilliant scientist on the impeding climate crisis what he would advise his child – the scientists reply was shocking to say the least…He indicated that he would ensure his child knew how to use a gun to prepare for the civil unrest due to climate change based on their facts.  I come from a more optimistic view and hope that we can come together and solve this potential crisis.  Here are simple solutions that can decrease your carbon footprint: 

  1. Educate yourself – rely on facts not what you hear from our politicians, religious institutes and corporations.  Politicians will tell you anything to get your vote, rely on their actions to make a difference for the planet and for humanity.  Corporations rely on your money and will tell you anything to get it – demand better product for your health, the environment and the ethical treatment of animals.
  2. Stop buying products the promote deforestation on a mass scale (paper, palm oil, cotton).  Find alternative products.  For example, hemp can be used for many things and has much less impact on our planet.  Again – demand this from corporations and your politicians.  Hemp is not what they want you to believe it is – educate yourself and stop listening to what ‘they’ want you to believe on hemp.
  3. Support politicians that make a real commitment and effort to fight the impacts of climate change.  Ensure they support new technologies that are sustainable and don’t contribute to challenges the children of the future will have to face.
  4. Drastically minimize your need to purchase anything new.  Buy used.  More importantly – if you don’t need it, don’t buy it.
  5. Bring your breakfast/lunch/dinner in reusable containers/bags – there is no need to contribute to landfills.  Don’t buy anything in plastic or styrofoam containers.  If you do eat out – support a local business and “BIG CHAINS”.  When you eat at a local restaurant, you are supporting local farming and most serve their meals on plates and cutlery that is reusable.
  6. Think about fostering/adopting – there are many children in the world that would love the opportunity to receive love.  Having more children contributes to the challenge of over-population.  More people requires more natural resources (food, water, land).  If we are maximizing these resources now having more children will only contribute to the problem.  Educate yourself on this matter and really ask yourself “Do I want to contribute more to this problem, or do I want to help find a solution?”
  7. Limit travel to places that are fragile – Borneo forest, Amazon, Madagascar, Great Barrier Reef, etc.  The more you travel to these places – the more they will become endangered due to over development.

The most important thing you can do:

  1. Use your common sense:  The more we consume – the more garbage there is.  The more we use pesticides – the more we pollute our soil and water.  The more we fly and drive – the more we pollute the air we breathe.  The more we eat meat – the more forests we destroy.
  2. Listen to the experts:  Climate scientists don’t have anything to gain by informing us of the truth.  They are not being paid by politicians or big corporations.  They are providing factual information based on years of study and environmental events that are taking place right now because of our actions (drought, fires, extreme weather, landslides, flooding, rise in temperatures). 
  3. See the evidence that is right in front of you:  Look around – developers are cutting forests down to replace them with homes we don’t need, companies are destroying our waters and forests for oil that won’t last.  Governments are spending more money on policing the people and subsidizing wars rather than investing in sustainable energy and saving the planet.

Is ignorance bliss?  NO!

We need a REVOLUTION OF LOVE to save humanity.  We need more people to stand up to corporate bullying and we need politicians that are acting out of love for their countries, the people and the greater good of humanity and not for the kick-backs they can receive.

Please watch Years of Living Dangerously on Showtime.  Here is a link to the premier episode:

Support the following organizations:

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Faith – What does it mean to you?  What do you have faith in?  For me, faith is having complete trust and confidence in my beliefs and convictions and that a positive resolution will be the outcome of any situation. 

  • I have faith that animals will be protected from inhumane treatment.
  • I believe that most people act out of love.
  • I believe that tolerance always trumps ignorance.
  • I believe that people will find love in midst of darkness.
  • I believe that if you want positive change, all you have to do is work towards the positive change you want to see.
  • I have faith that if you believe that something is possible, it will come to fruition.
  • I believe that debate is great and listening to other people’s views will help achieve positive outcomes.

No matter what happens – having convinctions in your belief or having FAITH…the light will always remove the darkness.

FAITH – by V. V. Brown featuring Kele Okereke

I shake it off as I fall down to the ground
Belly-flop into a swimming pool of sound
‘Cause when we´re gone there´ll be no-one else around
So you got to have faith (oh yeah)I shake it off as I fall down to the ground
Belly-flop into a swimming pool of sound
‘Cause when we´re gone there´ll be no-one else around
So you got to have faith (oh yeah)
Or we´re gonna fade away (oh yeah)

I don´t really care what´s going on
Forget about the righting all the wrongs
Do whatever you feel, do what you like
We´re underwater, free and sanctified

I shake it off as I fall down to the ground
Belly-flop into a swimming pool of sound
‘Cause when we´re gone there´ll be no-one else around
So you got to have faith (oh yeah)
Or we´re gonna fade away (oh yeah)

You got to have faith (Got to have faith)
You got to have faith (Got to have faith)
You got to have faith (oh yeah)
So, you got to have faith (Got to have faith)
You got to have faith (Got to have faith)
You got to have faith (oh yeah)

I shake it off as I fall down to the ground
Belly-flop into a swimming pool of sound
‘Cause when we´re gone there´ll be no-one else around
So you got to have faith (oh yeah)
Or we´re gonna fade away (oh yeah)

You got to have faith (Got to have faith)
You got to have faith (Got to have faith)
You got to have faith (oh yeah)
So, you got to have faith (Got to have faith)
You got to have faith (Got to have faith)
You got to have faith (oh yeah)


Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


We can’t blame others for being obstacles in whatever path we choose to walk in life.  No-one is responsible for making what you want to happen or fulfill come to fruition except you!  All you need is determination, support and inspiration.  Inspiration can be or come from anywhere – you have to just allow yourself to accept it.  I hope this film inspires you to act on whatever passions you my have…..

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!





What do you think about when you think of karma?  I instantly think of the following:

  • The attitudes and behaviours you show to others is what comes back to you.

The definition of karma in the Concise Oxford Dictionary – 9th Edition defines karma as follows:

karma – n. Buddhism & Hinduism 1. the sum of a person’s actions in previous states of existence, viewed as deciding his or her fate in future existences. 2. destiny.

Here is what I think of karma and what it means to me:

KKindnessBe kind and show kindness to everyone.  We can change someone’s attitude by showing them kindness instead of being reactive and defensive.

A AcceptanceAccept the differences in everyone.  We all can’t have the same dispositions in life, our differences is what makes us all unique.

R RespectfulWe need to respect the differences, traditions and beliefs that others hold.  By respecting one another, we become more tolerant of one another.

M MindfulDon’t do something for the sake of doing it or because you feel you have to, do it because you want to and because you care.  

 A AttitudeMaintain a positive attitude in life and you will attract the same.

If we are kind, accepting, respectful, mindful and have a great and positive attitude in life, we are bound to receive the same.  Most of us put up so many barriers and may have been hurt or unloved in our pasts that we forgot how to show love and kindness.  If you take notice – FORGET THE PAST and live in the moment, we can begin to live a life that comes from love.  Put no pressure on yourself or don’t expect anything in return – just live from love and that is all that you will attract.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!