Creating awareness of a negative issue that is happening is a must in order to reach a positive outcome but what if that ‘negative’ issue is shrouded in lies for political gains?  Canada’s government is currently involved in two issues that stir controversy and have no benefit to most Canadians but much benefit for members of parliament or the lobbyists acting on behalf of big corporation:  The Alberta tar sands and the annual seal hunt.

Today, I would like to write about the annual seal hunt and ask the question – Is it really a necessity?  Many argue (especially Canada’s indigenous people) that the seal hunt is essential for the survival of some native communities as they depend on the seals for food and their pelts to protect them from the elements.  I mean no disrespect to these communities but is there no other means for food and clothing in these remote locations?  Our government isn’t too inclined to assist these communities to ensure they have access to proper food, clothing and shelter but rather allow the seal hunt to continue in order to secure votes in these communities.

Here is a timeline since the seal hunt began – please note, this information was supplied via IFAW (International Fund For Animal Welfare) in a ‘mock’ campaign to create awareness about the seal hunt.

Seal Hunt Stats 

***for more about this ‘mock’ campaign, please visit the following link***

Recently – Ellen Degeneres spoke out against the seal hunt and called it an inhumane practice.  This caused a small backlash against Ellen as many supporters (mostly by the Inuit) started a ‘selfies’ campaign urging others in the Inuit community to take ‘selfies’ with their seal pelts to send to Ellen.  An Inuk seamstress Sandi Vincent challenged Ellen’s claim regarding that the seal hunt is “inhumane”.  (Clubbing seals to a bloody death doesn’t seem to be an inhumane practice).  I understand that people can be appreciative, grateful and respectful in giving thanks to how they have obtained their food but, in my opinion, there is nothing humane in the slaughter of thousands of helpless seals.

Most countries have banned seal pelts/products – this annual slaughter is a dying tradition.  If these seals are a ‘staple’ food for the Inuit community, is it not possible to find an alternative method of obtaining the seals rather than bludgeoning them to their deaths? 

We have achieved so much with modern technology – man has invented the car, boat and airplane, we have had men, women and animals in space.  How is it so difficult to find a solution that will appease those in Canada who rely on the seals for food without such a violent end for those seals?

Together, we can make the world a more positive one! 


If you think that animals don’t have feelings and don’t have emotions – think again.  Anything that is sentient should be treated with respect.  Animals are not ours for fashion, entertainment or experimentation.  These videos will show you how much joy, happiness and love animals are capable of:





***this island was where they used to experiment on animals, they have since stopped and allowed the rabbits to live in relative safety***




Animals are amazing – please help spread the word and don’t support the fur industry, beef industry, hunting, animals being held without care, Sea World, or any outlet that expoits, tortures or kills animals inhumanely.  Animals have emotions just like you and I – please be respectful and loving.

Pleae help your local animal shelter by donating items they may need or with monetary donations, if you don’t have a local animal shelter – here are some websites you can visit to make your donations:

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



Can we be spiritual and speak out against the things we believe to bring pain and misery to people and animals?  Are people who strive to remove negativity from their lives able to engage in discussions or debates about the injustices around them?  I have and continue to struggle with the idea that I try to inspire others to remove negativity from their lives yet share stories that are sometimes not so positive.  Is this a contradiction of sorts?

Simply put – we have to address the issues that are not so happy or positive to talk about in order to help resolve whatever negative issue it is.  I have received messages/comments on various social media indicating “Why do you post such cruel or negative stories?” or “Some of pictures you post are really offensive and violent.”  I believe, that I have an obligation to be as truthful as I can about the issues that I am passionate about.  I would rather be blatant about these issues in order for people to understand the importance of a certain message.  We can’t be passionate about fighting climate change without understanding the devastation or impact that climate change will have on our planet.  You can’t speak of animal rights without seeing or hearing the abuse animals endure in our for us to eat or wear them.  We can’t act on human rights issues if we don’t have empathy for those who are facing those issues with threat of imprisonment, violence or even death.

I am shocked in knowing how many people were more enraged about Miley Cyrus’s MTV performance than the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case.  We have become so desensitized to the issues that we should be enraged about and enraged about the issues that shouldn’t matter at all.  If we managed to turn off our televisions long enough – how many of us would realize that television is just a means of distraction, a means to keep people pre-occupied from thinking – instead, they are told what to buy, eat, drink, smoke, visit, do, say, etc…and they really believe it.  Imagine if we kept our televisions turned off long enough to engage in conversation and to listen to one another and come up with solutions to the issues we should be concerned about.  Forget about Miley Cyrus and her MTV performance – you would not know of it if you were volunteering at the local animal shelter or soup kitchen.

Don’t get me wrong – sometimes, it’s okay not to care, it’s okay to have a day where we can be silly and not have to worry about a thing.  So what is a happy medium?  I believe that we have an obligation to act and to become involved in the issues that are causing so many grief and misery.  Ignorance is not bliss.  Our ignorance has allowed financial institutions to reap the rewards of their greed.  It has allowed our corrupt governments to create legislation that benefit corporations and not the constituents that have elected them.  Our ignorance has allowed us to be indifferent to the abuse animals endure for fashion and food.  Our ignorance (and lack of involvement) has given our governments free rein to control us with fear and a false sense of security and we need to WAKE UP.

It is time for action now because:

  • We are running out of fresh water and clean air.
  • The food we are consuming is killing us and keeping us sick.
  • Government is not working on our behalf.
  • Corporations are influencing legislation.
  • Media/Government/Corporations are dictating what we do, say, eat, drink, etc.
  • We don’t need another Wal-Mart/McDonald’s/Burger King/KFC/Kelsey’s/Home Depot/housing development/etc.
  • Prescription drugs shouldn’t be an answer to health care.
  • We only have THIS planet.

So – is it better to go through life as a zombie and to be told what YOU should be doing, saying, or buying?  Or is it time to WAKE UP, turn off the televisions (and whatever else is a means of distraction) and take action.  It is time to fight for clean air, healthy food, policies for the greater good of humanity and for LOVE.  What is more spiritual than having the need and desire to create positive change in the world?

It is time for action and for a REVOLUTION OF LOVE!

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



The wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is completely irrelevant to me.  As a matter of fact, the lifestyle’s of celebrities do not interest me at all unless they support a cause that matters to me or for the greater good of humanity.  Don’t get me wrong, I do buy music and go to the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies – but doing that is just a temporary escape from the distractions that BIG CORPORATION and governments want us to lose ourselves in. 

I do my best to remove the brainwashing that has occurred all of my life;  I have had to remove the notions that eating, drinking or wearing animal products was a necessity, I have had to tell myself that I don’t need a big car or house in order to be satisfied, I have had to understand that more consumption will not fulfill my life, I have come to the realization  that  governments or corporations are not acting for my best interests but their own.  All this has allowed me to ‘wake-up’ and to focus on issues that really matter.  What is a more important priority:  Discussing the name of the next royal baby or ending the mass genocide of seals that the government of Canada allows annually?  Forget about Lindsay Lohan’s next stint at rehab when the Alberta tar sands is causing sickness, destroying the environment and polluting Canada’s waters. 


Imagine if people gave their focus to the issues that really mattered – would there be as many people facing starvation, would there be less environmental devastation, would animals be protected from inhumane treatment, would there be less war, better health care and education?  Yes, there would be, but we are too busy being distracted by media to help us think, do or say.  Eat at McDonald’s, shop at Wal-Mart, drink Coca Cola, buy a gas-guzzling SUV, live and work in the concrete jungle, work nine to five and have children, a big house and a mortgage you can’t afford.  By doing all this, you are guaranteed to become sick, rely on pharmaceuticals to help you do something you hate to do all over again – until you die.  THIS IS NOT REALITY!

Here is MY reality:

  • I work to live and don’t live to work.
  • I advocate for things/people who fulfill my life (animals, environment and the LGBT community).
  • I eat foods that make my body and mind feel good (I do have some cheat days – which are great for the soul).
  • I try not to support companies that do not have good environmental or animal rights policies.
  • I am always working hard to change my behaviour to become more enlightened and positive.
  • I prefer to treat ailments in a natural way.
  • I try to be outdoors as much as I can.
  • I will not support political parties that will not commit to renewable/sustainable energy.
  • I have learned to pace myself and not become stressed regarding ‘lifestyle deadlines’ (life-style deadlines is a term I use to describe the traditional goals that were pushed on society and that we must reach at a certain age such as; finishing school, having a career, getting married, having children, buying a house, etc…).
  • Accepting and loving the aging process.
  • Learning to let go of my past and living for THIS moment.

I love not being distracted and I love that I have to think about the things that I do or say without having to conform to what everyone else is doing or saying.  I love being the ‘eccentric uncle’ or ‘that weird guy’ – I love being me.

 Are you ready to remove your distractions?

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



My spouse and I were recently asked by a friend and regarding the recent loss of my pet dog – Bradley, the following question:  “Why are you guys not grieving over Bradley?  I thought you would be more upset than you are.”

There are different levels of grief and my grief may not be the same as my husband’s grief.  People grieve in different ways, stages and levels.  I may look like I am happy and that all is well – but that certainly does not mean that my grief for my wonderful Bradley is non-existent.  Grieving also doesn’t happen 24 hours a day and seven days a week….the grief I feel for the loss of my dog comes and goes and the intensity depends on what I am thinking of. 

I know my friend wasn’t trying to sound insensitive to our grief – I think it is just his lack of knowledge or common sense of how the behaviours of grief vary from person to person.

I loved my dog – my spouse and I both loved our dog very much – better than many humans we know.  We revolved everything around our dog.  When we travelled, we only stayed at hotels that accepted pets.  When we stayed at friends/family – we ensured that Bradley was allowed to come.  We didn’t leave him at kennels because we felt that they would not be able to provide the kind of attention and focus that he was accustomed to.  We treated our Bradley no different from how people lovingly treat their children.

I am grieving, I am in pain, I am mourning but I WILL NOT focus on that grief, on that pain and my mourning.  I want to focus on the unconditional love that my best friend gave me and all the wonderful moments our family had together.  Focusing on those wonderful memories will assist in the healing process and will allow us to heal in our own way and in our own time.

Here are some great resources for those who are overwhelmed with grief or can not deal with the loss of their beloved pet and family member:

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


I will miss your zest for life and our walks.

I will miss how you snuggled between Jason and I as we slept.

I will miss how you commanded our attention.

I will miss how you were accustomed to eating your food and playing at the same time.

I will miss how you pawed at Jason or I whenever you needed a walk, food or to go to the bathroom.

I will miss your energy.

I will miss that little white spot on your nose.

I will miss you my beautiful and wonderful pet.

What I will not miss – are the wonderful memories you left and gave to Jason and myself.  Like the time you won ‘cutest dog certificate’ or your first swim in Barrie, or how you loved to stick your head out the window while we drove.  My beautiful boy – you will forever be in my heart.  Like our Freddy – you are one with the universe and you both will never be forgotten.

RIP – Bradley

Path To Love

Bradley, Jason and Rob

Jason, Rob and Bradley


Freddy (Bradley’s daddy)



I always believed that, as I got older, things would become better in our world.  The environment would be taken care of, animals would have the protection they required against cruelty, there would be tougher laws for those who inflicted hate crimes against the LGBT community, corporations would not dictate legislation, government would award companies that invested in sustainable energy, there would be laws against deforestation, laws against the use of animals for our entertainment and for clothing, we would see the protection of our water from BIG OIL, we would outlaw deforestation due to cattle farming basically, we would find new approaches and ideas for the things that have disabled the planet.

So many people believe they can’t effect change because they are only one person – but if that passion was felt by many, imagine the positive changes that would begin to happen across the planet.  The politicians and policies of yesterday should be left in the past – they haven’t served us well.  It is time for a new generation to rise and to actually do some good for the planet because this is the only one we have.  It is time for past generations to release their hold of power and allow a new generation to fix the mistakes they have made to ensure our survival and to pave the way for positive change in the world.

Here are some things that generations past have left us to contend with – it is up to ALL OF US to end this and to look for new ways that don’t harm the planet, our environment, our water, our land, animals and our people.  It’s time to make things right:

WE CAN DO SOMETHING – Share this information, write your politicians and hold them accountable – ask them to support sustainable energy, educate yourself and support companies that have excellent environmental policies and DO NOT contribute to the destruction of the planet.  Also – you don’t need more ‘things’ to be happy.  Surround yourself with positive people who want to contribute to healing our planet.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Many people go through life being distracted by things that will not bring them happiness or joy.  What kind of joy can a car bring compared to the beauty nature provides?  A television can’t bring you as much awe as you can receive from watching the suns reflection as it gently touches our lakes and oceans.

Many of us really don’t take the time to appreciate the beauty that is around us.  Not only of the beauty in what our planet has to provide but the beauty of the small things people do.  Take the time to appreciate the next time someone smiles at you.  Appreciate nature, animals, the fact that you have breath in you to live another day, your health, the suns warmth, the ability to see, hear, smell, touch and feel.  Let’s not focus on things that bring you worry, sadness, heartache and pain – just focus on seeing the wonder of it all.

The lyrics to this song (and the song itself) will help you reach that place in you that is filled with love and positive energy.  The song was written by the very talented Kristine W and can be purchased via iTunes or Kristine W’s website –


I can see you comin’ baby
For so long you’ve been running
Wish I could just save you just one time
I’m feeling my last ones gone and done and done and done
Bet you one thing

If we could only see
The wonder of it all
And all that we can be in a lifetime (baby)
You will always be
Forever in my heart
And love will set us free
If we just try

I can feel you tryin’
For so long you’ve been hiding
Wish I could’ve told you that one time
I’m feeling the last ones gone and done and done and done
Bet you one thing

If we could only see
The wonder of it all
And all that we can be in a lifetime (baby)
You will always be
Forever in my heart
And love will set us free
If we just try

When you’re down on the ground
And you’re barely holdin on
All you need is love
To keep from going under
For a while you’ve been trying to be strong and never fall
But it’s alright sometimes
It can only get better

If we could only see
The wonder of it all
And all that we can be in a lifetime (baby)
You will always be
Forever in my heart
And love will set us free
If we just try

This song can be found on Kristine W’s amazing cd – Fly Again.  “The Wonder of It All” was the third single released from this album and gave Kristine the all-time record for the longest string of consecutive No. 1 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play hits in the history of the chart.

May you begin to see the wonder of it all.  Be kind, be respectful, be positive and spread love into the world.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


“Stressful, resistant thoughts don’t have to be your habitual way of reacting to your world.  By practicing thoughts of minimal resistance you’ll eventually become the tranquil person you desire to be.”

“Persistenly viewing others as dishonest, lazy, sinful, and ignorant can be a way of compensating for something you fear.”

 Both quotes are by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and based on his wonderful best-selling book – The Power of Intention.


***original art entitled LOVE by Robert J. Pavao***  please contact me if you are interested in a reprint/postcard/blank card.