What is there to say about Jane Goodall – to me she is many things;  activist, role-model, modern-day Saint, animal lover, kind, loving, generous and caring.  Jane has devoted much of her life to rescue and study the behaviour of chimpanzees.  54 years ago – at the age of 26, Jane travelled to Lake Tanganyika in East Africa to study the area’s chimpanzee population and today, she continues her studies and her legacy to rescue chimpanzees continues.

This video speaks volumes and is confirmation that all the work she has done and continues to do is appreciated by the chimpanzees she has studied and saved.  What a gift of gratitude – to have your life’s work recognized by the same animals you have helped.

You can help create positive change by various different methods – but why not try something new.  Feel good about helping achieve Jane’s goals in making a positive difference for many chimpanzees who might otherwise have had a different fate:

Please show your appreciation and gratitude by donating to the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada.  You can make a secure online donation via this link:


For more information about the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada or Jane Goodall, please visit their website at:  http://www.janegoodall.ca/about-mission.php

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!

ALL IS FULL OF LOVE….all you have to do is open your eyes…..

Listen….and know that all is full of love……share it, spread it, live it and breathe it…….


You’ll be given love
You’ll be taken care of
You’ll be given love
You have to trust it

Maybe not from the sources
You have poured yours
Maybe not from the directions
You are staring at

Twist your head around
It’s all around you
All is full of love
All around you

All is full of love
You just ain’t receiving
All is full of love
Your phone is off the hook
All is full of love
Your doors are all shut
All is full of love!

All is full of love
All is full of love
All is full of love
All is full of love
All is full of love

**”All Is Full of Love” was released in June of 1999 and is from Bjork’s 4th full-length cd/album entitled Homogenic (September 22, 1997)**

Bjork is a truly masterful lyricist, poet, musician, visionary, and true artist in every sense of the word.  You can buy her music via her website or on iTunes – For more information about Bjork – please visit http://www.bjork.com

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


I don’t know much about Dale Hansen and have not even heard of him until someone shared this video on Facebook.  Now, I am glad that I know of Dale Hansen and wish that all people felt the same way as he does…..this video should be an inspiration to all of us to speak of others with respect, love and without judgment.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



Today – I was introduced to Kahlil Gibran by a friend at work.  I was amazed that I have never heard of him before.  She read a passage from his book Prophet” and I was completly mesmerized by the beauty of his words.

I told Suzanne (the friend who introduced me to Kahlil Gibran) that I believed it was no coincidence that she shared his work with me at that precise moment, just as she was introduced to him so many years prior.  These moments happen for a reason – they enter our lives because we are ready to receive whatever messages the universe is trying to give to us.  For me – it is to share his profound and positive words with all of you.  I look forward to reading the rest of his book(s) and I hope that his words move you as much as they have moved me.  Here is a passage from the book “Prophet”:

And one of the elders of the city said, “Speak to us of Good and Evil.”

And he answered:

Of the good in you I can speak, but not of the evil.

For what is evil but good tortured by its own hunger and thirst?

Verily when good is hungry it seeks food even in dark caves, and when it thirsts, it drinks even of dead waters.

You are good when you are one with yourself.

Yet when you are not one with yourself you are not evil.

For a divided house is not a den of thieves; it is only a divided house.

And a ship without rudder may wander aimlessly among perilous isles yet sink not to the bottom.

You are good when you strive to give of yourself.

Yet you are not evil when you seek gain for yourself.

For when you strive for gain you are but a root that clings to the earth and sucks at her breast.

Surely the fruit cannot say to the root, “Be like me, ripe and full and ever giving of your abundance.”

For to the fruit giving is a need, as receiving is a need to the root.

You are good when you are fully awake in your speech,

Yet you are not evil when you sleep while your tongue staggers without purpose.

And even stumbling speech may strengthen a weak tongue.

You are good when you walk to your goal firmly and with bold steps.

Yet you are not evil when you go thither limping.

Even those who limp go not backward.

But you who are strong and swift, see that you do not limp before the lame, deeming it kindness.

You are good in countless ways, and you are not evil when you are not good,

You are only loitering and sluggard.

Pity that the stags cannot teach swiftness to the turtles.

In your longing for your giant self lies your goodness: and that longing is in all of you.

But in some of you that longing is a torrent rushing with might to the sea, carrying the secrets of the hillsides and the songs of the forest.

And in others it is a flat stream that loses itself in angles and bends and lingers before it reaches the shore.

But let not him who longs much say to him who longs little, “Wherefore are you slow and halting?”

For the truly good ask not the naked, “Where is your garment?” nor the houseless, “What has befallen your house?” 

Kahlil Gibran’s words are inspirational and are examples of what we, as a positive global consciousness, can help create in our world today!

Thank you Suzanne for introducing me to such a wonderful poet/author.  Your own personal life reflections and experiences inspire me and am a grateful that you have allowed me to experience your past memories through your recollections.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Why do more people care about celebrity gossip than real social, political or environmental issues? If we focused our attention the same way we do at sports events like the Super Bowl or the Olympics – IMAGINE the greatness we could accomplish or the positivity we would put out into the universe.

Let’s start a REVOLUTION of LOVE and accomplish this!

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



An excerpt from the Dr. Wayne W. Dyer book “The Power of Intention” in relation to how kindness is shown:

In Brooklyn, New York, Chush is a school that caters to learning-disabled children.  Some children remain in Chush for their entire school career, while others can be mainstreamed into conventional schools.  At a Chush fundraiser dinner, the father of a Chush child delivered a speech that would never be forgotten by all who attended.  After extolling the school and its dedicated staff, he cried out, “Where is the perfection in my son, Shaya?  Everything God does is done with perfection.  But my child cannot understand things as other children do.  Where is God’s perfection?”  The audience was shocked by the question, pained by the father’s anguish, and stilled by the piercing query.  “I believe,” the father answered, “that when God brings a child like this into the world, the perfection that he seeks is in the way people react to this child.”  He then told the following story about his son, Shaya.

One afternoon Shaya and his father walked past a park where some boys Shaya knew were playing baseball.  Shaya asked, “Do you think they’ll let me play?”  Shaya’s father knew that his son was not at all athletic and that most boys would not want him on their team.  But Shaya’s father understood that if his son was chosen to play, it would give him a sense of belonging.  Shaya’s father approached one of the boys on the field and asked if Shaya could play.  The boy looked around for guidance from his teammates.  Getting none, he took matters into his own hands and said, “We’re losing by six runs, and the game is in the eight inning.  I guess he can be on our team, and we’ll try to put him up to bat in the ninth inning.”

Shaya’s father was ecstatic as Shaya smiled broadly.  Shaya was told to put on a glove and go out to play in centre field.  In the bottom of the eight inning, Shaya’s team scored a few runs but was still behind by three.  In the bottom of the ninth inning, Shaya’s team scored again, and now had two outs and the bases loaded, with the potential winning run on base, Shaya was scheduled to be up.  Would the team actually let Shaya bat at this juncture and give away their chance to win the game?  Surprisingly, Shaya was given the bat.  Everyone knew that it was all but impossible because Shaya didn’t even know hot to hold the bat properly, let alone hit with it.  However, as Shaya stepped up to the plate, the pitcher moved a few steps to lob the ball in softly so Shaya could at least be able to make contact.  The first pitch came in, and Shaya swung clumsily and missed.  One of Shaya’s teammates came up to Shaya, and together they held the bat and faced the pitcher waiting for the next pitch.  The pitcher again took a few steps forward to toss the ball softly toward Shaya.  As the pitch came in, Shaya and his teammate swung the bat, and together they hit a slow ground ball to the pitcher.  The pitcher picked up the soft grounder and could easily have thrown the ball to the first baseman.  Shaya would have been out and that would have ended the game.  Instead, the pitcher took the ball and threw it on a high arc to right field far beyond the reach of the first baseman.  Everyone started yelling, “Shaya, run to first.  Run to first.”  Never in his life had Shaya run to first.  He scampered down the baseline wide-eyed and startled.  By the time he reached first base, the right-fielder had the ball.  He could have thrown the ball to the second baseman who would tag out Shaya, who was still running.  But the right-fielder understood what the pitcher’s intentions were, so he threw the ball high and far over the third baseman’s head.  Everyone yelled, “Run to second, run to second.”  Shaya ran toward second base as the runners ahead of him deliriously circled the bases toward home.  As Shaya reached second base, the opposing shortstop ran to him, turned him in the direction of third base, and shouted, “Run to third.”  As Shaya rounded third, the boys from both teams ran behind him screaming, “Shaya run home.”  Shaya ran home, stepped on home plate, and all 18 boys lifted him on their shoulders and made him the hero, as he had just hit a “grand slam” and won the game for his team.

“That day,”  said the father softly with tears now rolling down his face, “those 18 boys reached their level of God’s perfection.”

This story is an excellent example of pure kindness perpetuated by a group of young boys.  We could learn so much from this incident.  We are approaching ‘random acts of kindness’ week.  Let us create more wonderful stories of kindness, love and respect by being kind to one another – don’t expect anything in return, just be kind and let your kindness infect those around you thus infecting everyone in the universe.

***You can purchase Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s book ‘The Power of Intention:  Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way’ via Hay House – http://www.hayhouse.com  You can also visit Dr. Wayne W. Dyers website for latest information, tours, etc at  http://www.drwaynedyer.com

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



What would our world look like if everyone believed that we are reflections of each other?  Would we be kinder to one another?  Why do we allow ego to dictate all that we do and think?  Can we un-learn the things that we thought to be truth?  Loaded questions with simple answers.


Showing kindness is not hard to do at all.  There are many ways you can show kindness; buy someone a coffee, give someone a compliment, buy lunch for a complete stranger, hold open a door, say ‘thanks’ and mean it.  Always treat everyone you the same way you would like to be treated.  Smile, laugh, be happy, live and breathe kindness and those around you will respond the same way and send the same kindness you show into the universe.


Give love and show love in everything you say or do.  Many people say “I hate my job”, “I am not a morning person”, “I hate that person”…..change these thoughts to love.  Wake up and tell yourself you will love this day and you will love your job and you will love everyone you meet.  You will be amazed at how positive and great you day will be in changing ‘hate thoughts’ to ‘love thoughts’.


Take another look at everything around you and appreciate its’ beauty.  Don’t look at something with disgust and hate.  Appreciate the beauty of the sky and the air that allows you to breathe.  Appreciate the beauty of the trees and grass, of people walking their pets in the park, a cat sitting in front of a window, the laughter of children’s joy, the food that you eat….See everything with new eyes and know that everything is beautiful and a reflection of what YOU are!


Respect everyone’s differences and appreciate those differences – see what you can learn from each others differences.  Respect the planet – it gives us all life, air, clean water and beauty.  Love it and respect it.  Respect the animals on this planet and treat them as you would treat yourself – show them love, respect and kindness and appreciate their beauty.

It is so easy to become distracted and fall into a negative vibration – what you have to teach yourself is to ignore those negative vibrations and align yourself with the vibration of love and kindness.  We were all born from love and kindness but have lost our way from that vibration.  Meditate and ask Source/God/Universe to help you get reconnect to the love vibration.

Let LOVE, KINDNESS, BEAUTY and RESPECT be the attributes that allow you to move towards a more positive vibration.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!