Don’t let the negative aspects of life overwhelm you….change your negative thoughts, change your negative speak, motivate yourself to feel good and embrace the fact that YOU are still alive!  Don’t focus on the things that make you feel bad, sad or fear – focus on all those things that make you feel great, happy and healthy.  Turn off the news, stop reading gossip magazines and remove all the negative people in your life.  If there is a set-back and something brings you down – pick yourself up and use all of your will and determination to fight the need to lose yourself within negative thought and behaviour.  LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE EVERYTHING AROUND YOU AND SPREAD POSITIVE ENERGY INTO THE WORLD!!!!  Here is a video that helps motivate ANYONE to purge negativity from your day.  The video is a compilation of  worldwide YouTube footage and many images from the documentary by Kevin MacDonald called “Life In A Day”.  Additional and local footage by Jon Goodigan.  The poem is entitled “Instructions For A Bad Day” by Shane Koyczan.  ENJOY and spread it to anyone you feel may benefit from this post and this video!

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



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