How is it that society managed to allow 85 billionaires to possess the wealth of more than 1/2 the population of the planet?  Not only is that fact making hurting my brain but the justification that wealthy people make regarding this statistic, watch and listen to this:

Let me just add to what Amanda Lang is debating with Mr. O’Leary – How often or realistic does someone living in poverty have the chance to become a billionaire.  That isn’t a reality for most people living in poverty.  Why?  The lack of education – most of these people are having a tough time putting food into their mouths, let alone have the luxuries to watch O’Leary’s version of motivation.  The poor lack the resources that would allow them to become financially independent – the poverty is already a disadvantage.  Does O’Leary believe that poor people can just imagine becoming financially independent and voila – they become rich?  Let’s face it – poor people don’t have direct access to the things that can help motivate them in becoming financially independent let alone billionaires.  They don’t have access to great education, good nutrition, positive motivation, role-models, technology, etc…especially when governments are treating many of these basic necessities and rights that everyone should have as a business.  Poor people can’t receive a good education, health care, proper nutrition and even clean water because it all costs money.  Governments are working for corporations who amass all their money – money that gives them power to control government and power to control people.

What if we demanded change NOW – what if we demanded free education, free health care, a better government and a chance for everyone to have the same opportunities?  The current system isn’t working for everyone, it is only working for those who already have money and power.  The ‘old way’ isn’t working.  It is time for the people to stand up and demand that our governments work for the people and for the issues that we care for.  We don’t want to go fight to protect the best interests of greedy corporations.  We don’t want to bully other countries to believe that our way of life (consume, want, materialism) is the only way.  We want to fight for a future where we have clean water, clean air to breathe, good food to eat, and a planet that is not on the brink of environmental catastrophe.

I live in Canada – The official languages are English and French.  I don’t believe that I speak to only the English or only to the French (even though I don’t speak French) when I say this:  I can run this country better than our current Prime Minister because I would be inclusive and listen to the majority and not just those who have all the money.  I would fight to save our land, I would outlaw fracking, drilling for oil, coal and encourage companies to invest in renewable and sustainable energy.  I would ensure all citizens have access to the same health care.  I would promote local and organic farming.  I would install harsh punishments on those who commit atrocious acts against animals.  I would ensure that members of parliament were governing based on policies and not religious beliefs.  I would cut tuitions to ensure education was accessible to all – Education is NOT a business, it is a right every person should have access to.

What if doing all of these things give everyone the same advantage – what if everyone was on the same playing field…..would there still be this huge financial inequality?  What O’Leary needs is a dose of reality – he needs to experience the lives of those who live in poverty.  He needs to experiment what it is like to live in the slums of India or Brazil – see how long he can last without his precious millions.   The only comfort he will have, is knowing that he has the ability to go back to his life of luxury – most of the people living in poverty will never even experience 1% of that luxury.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one! 


Good karma attracts good karma…….it’s all around us.  Here is televised goodness.  Imagine the joy of hearing sounds that we take for granted everyday.  Check this out:

8 Days later she appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show…..AMAZING and INSPIRING!

You don’t have to look too far to find things that make you feel good or great – all you have to do is be open to it.  Good things are happening all the time – and not only on The Ellen DeGeneres Show – you will find goodness on your walk, at the gym, at work, in your house, your pet my bring you joy and happiness, or maybe your spouse or children….Just be open to it and you will see love, joy and happiness everywhere!

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!




What makes you feel good, happy or makes you smile?  Think about those things and ensure that you have them in your life on a daily basis.  Let the energy of the things that make you smile or feel great brighten up someone else’s day!  Here is a video that makes me happy:

We could learn so much from our animal companions, such as;  compassion, tolerance, patience and love.

Fill your world with love and happiness and let it inspire others to do the same.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


There is no GAY LOVE – it’s just LOVE!

There is no GAY MARRIAGE – it’s just MARRIAGE!

There is no GAY ADOPTION – it’s just ADOPTION!

There is no GAY ATHLETE, CELEBRITY, MOVIE STAR, POLITICIAN – they are just athletes, celebrities, movie stars and politicians!

Why do same-sex couples always have to endure the label of ‘GAY’ in front of everything that heterosexuals don’t even consider when they speak of the same thing?  It’s not ‘heterosexual’ love, or ‘heterosexual’ marriage or a ‘heterosexual’ relationship.  I don’t go to a heterosexual hospital, doctor, lawyer, real estate agent, hotel, auto shop, etc.  I don’t have ‘gay’ tears or ‘gay’ blood or a ‘gay’ smile – I just have tears, blood and a smile. 

So many people fear what they don’t understand and allow stereotypical behaviour to continue based on their lack of understanding and ignorance.  Many people automatically become angered, threatened or annoyed as soon as same-sex couples want to have the same rights and benefits as they do.  Most often cite religion as their justification for not allowing same-sex couples the same rights as they do.  

Two fathers posted an image of themselves getting their children ready for school via Instagram (The photo has now been circulating via Twitter and Facebook) and right away, the ignorant and hateful comments began.  Is it because they were of the same-sex – YES, undeniably.  Why can’t people see the picture as something beautiful – two men, assisting their children, loving their children, providing for their children but most importantly – being present with their children.  This isn’t ‘gay’ parenting – it is parenting at its’ best.  It is nurturing and something so many children lack today – a secure, healthy, happy and loving environment. 

Here is the photo that stirred so many feelings (and not all negative either) in so many people:

Kaleb, Kordale and family

(Thanks to Kaleb and Kordale – and family, for sharing such a beautiful picture with us.)

Love isn’t gay or straight – it is simply LOVE!  

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



SAY “NO” TO THIS………………


Oil Liner Capsized Alberta Tar Sands devastation Bird caught in oil spill Girl cries in oil spill debris Horrible Tar Sands Oil Drill Fire




Sunset Forest Green Earth 1 Green Earth RainbowE-House Electric Car - The Volt Electric Smart Car Solar Panels and Wind Turbines Urban Rooftop Farming Wind Farm Wind Turbine


Demand better of our GOVERNMENTS and CORPORATIONS!!!  If we act now – we can all make a BIG difference!!!

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


FAT, UGLY, BITCH, SLUT, WHORE, FAGGOT, STUPID, DUMBASS, DYKE, LOSER, NIGGER, PAKI, CHINK, etc….. – I’m sure many of us remember what it feels like to be called one or more of these names.  Many people used these names to degrade us and to make us feel like we don’t belong.  Many of these words are used today to make so many people feel like they don’t belong.  If you are one of those people who are being called any of these names and you don’t feel like confronting the person/people who are calling you these names – know that it will stop.  Don’t let the word deflate the beautiful person you really are – allow the word to empower you to act with love and compassion to others who may be in the same situation.  Don’t let someone’s ignorance define you by how and what they call you.  Don’t let someone else’s negative energy get the better of you.  Like I said, if you don’t feel like confronting the person/people who are calling you these names – you don’t have to.  Instead, create a support group with other people who are in the same situation as you.  Create something positive from those who are instilling their ignorance, hate and negativity onto you.

For those of you who witness this type of bullying and ignorance – STAND UP and put an end to it.  Stopping ignorance, bigotry and hate doesn’t have to be surrounded in conflict or violence.  We all have the right to ask someone not to be mean or to stop treating others with disrespect – it is our duty!  We are responsible for lifting people up and making them feel worthy not destroy their confidence.

Just over a year ago – my partner shared a story about a young lady who was being harassed on YouTube.  People made horrible and hateful comments on a video she posted and went as far as saying that she should be killed.  This extraordinary women is Lizzie Velasquez.  Instead of becoming overwhelmed with the hateful comments – Lizzie fought back and became a worldwide inspiration for many.  Today, Lizzie motivates people around the world with her inspirational speeches.  You can read her story in the book, Lizzie Beautiful:  The Lizzie Velasquez Story written by Lizzie and her mother, Rita.  You can also be inspired by reading her first book entitled, Be Beautiful Be You.  Both books are available via

For more information about Lizzie – you can visit her website via

Lizzie’s story motivated my partner and I to create a Facebook page and a Care2 petition.  You can join/like the Facebook page and send Lizzie comments, the page is called:  WE LOVE LIZZIE VELASQUEZ.  The petition was created to have Lizzie share her story on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, which was a dream for Lizzie.  (I don’t watch television too often so I don’t know if this happened or not).  To sign and share the petition – please visit the following site:

Here is Lizzie speaking at the TEDx Women of Austin event.

These are the stories we should be sharing with our friends and our families.  Someone you may know is potentially being bullied right now – your son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, father or friend.  I am sure you wouldn’t want them to feel so bad about themselves.  We have seen or heard the stories of so many teens taking their own lives because of how others made them feel.  Let’s make sure we don’t allow this to continue.

We have all made mistakes and have used some of the words above in order to describe someone.  Maybe out of anger, resentment, ignorance or fear – whatever the reason, there is no excuse.   The best thing to do is to apologize and ask for forgiveness from the person we hurt with those words.  We can also think before we speak – words hurt and ultimately they words you speak are saying something not only of the person you are speaking about, they also say so much about yourself.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


We really attract what we put out into the universe – THIS IS TRUE!!!  Think about how your day is going – have people been kind, happy and supportive with you or have they been mean, angry and irritable?  Usually, the mood of those around you is a reflection of how you are feeling – so if you are feeling sad, withdrawn, irritable, angry, hurt or annoyed, CHANGE THE WAY YOU FEEL!!!!

Don’t worry about how others are feeling and how they are affecting your mood – CHANGE THEIRS!!!  If someone is curt or rude – smile and wish them nothing but positive energy and love.  Smile, laugh and stay positive and that is what you will attract.

Do something nice for a complete stranger – buy lunch for the person behind you.  Buy someone a coffee, tell someone they look great, tell someone they have a beautiful smile or just be courteous, friendly and nice.  Share your love, share you smile and share your positive energy and all will be well in your world!

"Burning Love"

“Burning Love”

“Burning Love” oil painting by Robert Pavao (copies available upon request – via

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Don’t let the negative aspects of life overwhelm you….change your negative thoughts, change your negative speak, motivate yourself to feel good and embrace the fact that YOU are still alive!  Don’t focus on the things that make you feel bad, sad or fear – focus on all those things that make you feel great, happy and healthy.  Turn off the news, stop reading gossip magazines and remove all the negative people in your life.  If there is a set-back and something brings you down – pick yourself up and use all of your will and determination to fight the need to lose yourself within negative thought and behaviour.  LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE EVERYTHING AROUND YOU AND SPREAD POSITIVE ENERGY INTO THE WORLD!!!!  Here is a video that helps motivate ANYONE to purge negativity from your day.  The video is a compilation of  worldwide YouTube footage and many images from the documentary by Kevin MacDonald called “Life In A Day”.  Additional and local footage by Jon Goodigan.  The poem is entitled “Instructions For A Bad Day” by Shane Koyczan.  ENJOY and spread it to anyone you feel may benefit from this post and this video!

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



Life on our planet is limited for all of us.  Instead of hanging onto fear, hate, anger, ignorance and violence, enjoy the things that make you feel joy, love, happiness and make you laugh.  Here is a perfect example of enjoying life and just being in the moment:

Find more of these moments and be inspired to share positivity with everyone.  Be motivated to do and share goodness and to bring happiness into people’s lives.  What is more rewarding than someone’s smile and gratitude?

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!