There have been many things in my life that have and continue to allow me to reach my full potential, things like; lacking confidence or motivation but, the one thing that has really held me back in moving forward with my life is forgiving those who did me wrong.  I felt that forgiving them was actually giving them justification for what they did do me.  I continued to hang onto to my hate, anger and distaste towards those who wronged me until I learned that the only person that I was hurting was myself.  Anger and hate doesn’t promote healing, hanging onto these emotions and feelings only allow disease to fester and grow within you.  I learned that forgiving people who have emotionally and physically harmed me, doesn’t mean that you have to forget what they did to you – it just means that you can let go of the feelings associated with the harm they have inflicted.  Forgiveness is wonderful because it doesn’t assign blame to anyone – I wasn’t to blame for the hurt and pain that others caused me, and they weren’t to blame either because they were not responsible for the hurt and the pain that was inflicted upon them.  Here is what forgiveness gave back to me:

  • awareness that I was hurt
  • release for the guilt I felt about being physically and emotionally harmed
  • relief for releasing the bottled up emotions that I continued to hang onto
  • the power to create new positive and effective relationships with those who hurt me
  • love for myself and love for those I forgave  

What feelings and emotions will you be letting go of when you allow yourself to forgive those who have emotionally and physically harmed you?  Here are some powerful videos on the topic of forgiveness:

Together, we can make the world a more positive one.



Firemen/women – don’t receive enough credit.  They risk their lives in order to save the lives of others – including animals, this video is amazing and, the fireman who brought this kitten back from deaths door is a hero in my eyes!  The video is heart-wrenching.

Here is a video from an inspiring comedian and educator – Michael Pritchard, giving a funny, yet very serious presentation about bullying….EXCEPTIONAL!

For me, it is videos like these that inspire me to continue to spread positive change and love into the world.  I find these videos are much more important than celebrities having nervous breakdowns or celebrity sex tapes….Our society has their priorities wrong and most of us are so addicted to media sensationalism, violence and irrelevant and worthless gossip.  Gossip is not good for our souls, violence is not good for our souls, getting enjoyment from other people’s disappointments is not good for our souls, so we need to stop this cycle of negativity and hate.

Let us learn from the above videos – how did you feel after watching them?  Didn’t these videos make your heart swell and give you a greater sense of hope?  Keep that feeling alive and, instead of spreading gossip, hate, violence and negative energy – spread love, compassion and positive energy into the world.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



In order for good things and positive change to happen we must know and understand corruption and deception before we can manifest positive change in the world.  It is wonderful to spread love, joy, compassion and laughter but we must remember that there are so many things that we need to be reminded of so that we can act for the greater good of humanity, the environment, human rights or whatever negative issue it is that we want to address.

We, supposedly live in a continent that prides itself on ‘freedom of expression’.  But do we really?  Governments are bullying us into creating legislation that allows them to take away some of our freedoms.  You want to see this in action – watch the amazing Naomi Wolf movie, The End of America or visit her website for other resourceful information. You can find the movie on YouTube.

Remember the OCCUPY movement – people were arrested all over the globe in peaceful protest against the greedy banks and the increasing gap between those who have everything and those that have little.  There were protests against the invasion of Iraq – with the UN’s backing – but the USA went against the laws of war and attacked anyway.  Banks are corrupt and have cheated so many people out of their money yet, they are handing out bonuses that would take me a lifetime to make (if I was lucky).  Oil companies are destroying the beauty of the planet at an alarming rate and are given free rein to drill wherever they want.  Here is an example:

On September 18, the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise took peaceful action at Gazprom’s Prirazlomnaya platform to stop it from producing the world’s first oil from icy Arctic waters.

The Russian Coast Guard reacted strongly: after firing warning shots and detaining two activists under armed guard, they then seized the ship and have towed it to the port of Murmansk.

We should be outraged – does Russia own the Arctic?  Are there no laws in place to protect this very important area in the world?  Why were they allowed to use force in detaining peaceful protesters?  For more information about this, please visit:

It feels like those that have all the power have the upper hand and rely on our submissiveness to continue their deception and corruption.  They believe that the world community can be bullied into silence.  People need to voice their concerns if we want to start a peaceful revolution, a love revolution and a people’s revolution.  Please watch the following video – it is probably the most important 14 minutes that you can spare and share.  You may not believe what you are seeing but you have to ask the questions, you have to make the connections and you have to demand the answers.

This video makes you really think about those ‘shadow people’ that are controlling the world…..what is the cost of not finding out the truth?

There are so many celebrities who are very active in their opposition to those who want to bring the majority to their knees, here are some examples:

  • Daryl Hannah and her passion to fight for the environment.
  • Woody Harrelson and his crusade against the inhumane treatment of animals and the miracles of hemp.
  • Roseanne Barr fighting for a new political party in the United States and her belief in true democracy and freedom.

There are so many people who are conduits for change – WE MUST LISTEN and WE MUST ACT!  Whether you dislike her or not, Madonna has recently made a brief video to start her LOVE REVOLUTION.  Madonna has always been political and has always included images and videos regarding current social and political issues happening around the world during her concerts.  I believe this to be very affective in creating awareness of what is happening and calling on people to act.  Her latest short film is a collaboration with Steven Klein – the message is powerful, the images are powerfuland the message is clear: humanity must begin the REVOLUTION OF LOVE, here is the 17 minute film:

I reiterate:  Do you want to be a conduit for change?  Do you want to start a LOVE REVOLUTION?  Do you want to fight for a better world where we can respect each other, our environment and our planet?  Then you must act – write a blog, join a peaceful protest, support companies that treat their employees well and give back to our environment, stand up to bullying, demand better of big business and governments but most importantly…..SPREAD THE WORD!  Join the revolution.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!



What does perseverance mean to you?  If something gets in the way of any goals you set, do you give up on those goals?  If your goals are in line with what you are really passionate about, only success can come.  The universe will keep whispering in your ear and keep sending you messages to continue to pursue that passion.  What role does education have in meeting your goals to live the life that you are passionate about?  Sometimes pursuing your passion is not always easy and some of us are not really sure what we want to do as a career because we are caught up in what family and society deems to be the desirable jobs and how much money we can make in those jobs.

I was never fully present in terms of knowing what I wanted to do – I lacked self-confidence and direction.  My mind was to preoccupied with personal issues that I completely lost myself.  I knew I loved the environment but I lacked the direction and focus I needed to remove the cloudiness and distractions in my life.  I wasn’t ready to listen to the universe.  How are we expected to fulfill our goals or passions when we are shuffled along like sheep through elementary school, junior high school, high school and, for those who are fortunate, college or university only to come out with a massive debt load?  The business of education is not what it used to be – it is not about the student anymore but about the teacher’s unions, tuition, salaries, and revenues – education is lost.  Today, students come out of university with debt they can barely manage and their certificates can’t even guarantee them a job. 

After finishing high school and receiving my diploma, I was still unclear of what I wanted to do.  My parents didn’t push university on me but did say that if I didn’t go to school, I would have to get a full-time job.  During this time – I ignored all the messages the universe was sending me to find my true authentic self and life and to live through my passions.  I continued my life of distraction and fell into the belief that we all have to follow the pattern – get a job, buy a car, have a family and do the same thing day after day after day, so I did.  I was told that if I wasn’t happy in what I was doing, that I should go back to school and study something that I enjoyed and get a degree in that field.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know what I enjoyed.  I went to community college for a year and enrolled in a psychology class, I finished the term, did well in the class but never returned.

For years, I continued to work at the market research firm and shuffled through life as everyone else did.  I can’t remember the exact details as to why I left the market research company, but I did.  I began to really listen to my inner-voice and knew I had to deal with my internal struggle and be true to who I was.  I battled depression, alcoholism, drug abuse all because I feared to be and live my true authentic life.  I knew that in order to move forward in my life, I had to be honest with myself.  This began my journey in rediscovering myself.

At the age of 21 – I left home and moved in with my first serious boyfriend.  I was being true to myself and managed and loved it.  I also found a job in a hotel that serviced the gay community.  Despite the hotel being in a not-so desirable location, my work schedule hours (11pm to 7am), and my attitude problem – I loved the job and came to enjoy the service industry.  I stayed there for a year (I was wrongfully dismissed, but that’s another story) and decided I wanted to work in a hotel that allowed me the opportunity for growth and to learn more about the industry.  I managed to get a job with The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel and worked their as a Guest Service Agent.  I then became the Regular Guest Coordinator/Front Desk Trainer and eventually a Guest Service Manager.  I gained much experience and made many good friends there.  But, life’s distractions found me again. 

My 5 year relationship with my partner ended, a new relationship began and the demons I had been fighting with my whole life, reared their ugly head.  I struggled with my new relationship because of those demons and almost lost the most important person in my life (now my wonderful husband).  I was then faced with another life changing event – the loss of my job.  After the events of September 11, 2001 – the hospitality industry suffered huge financial loses because people didn’t want to travel.  Our occupancy rate went from the high 90’s to way below 50%.  Shortly after, I was laid-off.  Was this another sign from the universe telling me that I needed to focus and live my life through what I was passionate about?  If it was, I didn’t listen.

I decided to take some time and really think about what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be.  I would find a part-time job and take the time to investigate my options.  After about a month – I applied for a job that was listed as part-time, was called in for an interview, was successful in getting the job (which ended up being full-time) and almost 12 years later – I continue to work at this job.  The difference now is that I am comfortable working in a job I enjoy and with people who I like, but know that this is only temporary.  I am currently and slowly working on my certification in holistic health and have discovered I have a love for painting.  I do have plans to run my own business but understand that I don’t have to stress myself out in meeting those goals.  I am also not allowing those obstacles to deter me from achieving my future goals. 

The current challenge I am facing in becoming self-employed is finding financing.  Becoming self-employed is not as easy as it was in the past.  If you don’t meet the obligations that the government and financial institutions set forth – find other ways.  Banks and governments make you jump through hoops just to process a loan application.  If I can’t meet my ‘start-up’ financial goals through normal means, then I have to be creative and put my trust in the universe and my talents to allow my passion to flow.  My dream will happen, it will just take a little more time.

All the job experiences I have received (market research, hospitality, finance, accounting), the sporadic courses I am taking (holistic health, spiritual psychotherapy), my drive and the passion I have will eventually allow me to operate a business that will inspire people to create positive change in the world.  Here is a brief synopsis of the business I want to start:

My holistic health/spiritual Bed and Breakfast/Retreat will offer a place for people to come and relax, meditate, be with nature and enjoy vegetarian/vegan cuisine.  It will be a waterfront property and as ‘green’ as possible (solar-powered).  I will offer yoga classes/meditation sessions/holistic health education/nutritional advice and reiki.  The retreat or B&B will be in a location where individuals can reconnect with mother nature – hike, canoe, sight see, kayak or just lay back and enjoy the sun and have a swim.  I will support local businesses and organic farms.  I will support companies who have the same values and respect for the planet, animals and the environment as I do.

My intention for my business is set in motion and released into the universe.  I continue to work towards making this goal a reality.  In order to meet my financial goals, I will be selling my original art pieces and creating a GoFund me account to secure financing and lender donations.   

More information to follow, progress report and a link to GoFund me account will be posted in the coming weeks.  I will also work on creating a shop on this site where you can purchase my original works of art.

Path To Love

PATH TO LOVE – original piece by Robert Pavao (2013)

Together, we can make the world a more positive one! 


Animals are wonderful creatures – they have emotions just as we do and we can learn so much from them.  Here are some facts and videos of some of my favourite animals:


  • The DNA of a gorilla is very similar to humans (98-99%) – more than any other animal in the world
  • Gorillas interact with other species and sub-species – these types of interactions are very amicable
  • When male gorillas are about 12 years of age, they can develop silver colouring on their back, this is where the name ‘silver back’ comes from
  • A group of gorillas that live together are called a troop
  • Gorillas are not meat eaters
  • Every gorilla has a unique fingerprint – just like humans
  • Gorillas are considered to be one of the most intelligent animals in the world.  They are able to process information and to think independently
  • Gorillas never sleep in the same place two nights in a row
  • Mother gorillas will continue to carry their offspring for about 2.5 years even though they are able to walk when they are 8 months old
  • They are able to see in colour.  All of their senses are very highly developed


  • Largest animals in the world – The largest ever recorded was an adult male who weighed 24,000 pounds and was 13 feet tall at the shoulder
  • Can live to be over 70 years of age
  • The only mammal that can’t jump
  • Have highly developed brains and the largest of all land mammals.  The brain is 3 or 4 times larger than the humans although smaller as a proportion of body weight
  • Elephants have poor eyesight but an amazing sense of smell
  • Elephants have the longest pregnancy of all the animals.  It takes a female 22 months from conception to give birth
  • Elephants purr like cats do as a means of communication
  • Tusks are an elephants incisor teeth.  They are used for defense, digging for water, and lifting things
  • Elephants wave their trunks up in the air and from side to side to smell better
  • Elephants cry, play, have incredible memories, and laugh
  • Elephants are highly sensitive and caring animals, if a baby elephant complains, the entire family will rumble and go and go over to touch and caress it. Elephants express grief, compassion, self-awareness, altruism and play
  • Elephants have greeting ceremonies when a friend that has been away for some time returns to the group
  • Elephants are social creatures. They sometimes “hug” by wrapping their trunks together in displays of greeting and affection
  • Elephants pay homage to the bones of their dead, gently touching the skulls and tusks with their trunks and feet. when an elephant walks past a place that a loved one has died, he/she will stop dead still; a silent and empty pause that can last several minutes
  • Elephants use their feet to listen, they can pick up sub-sonic rumblings made by other elephants, through vibrations in the ground. Elephants are observed listening by putting trunks on the ground and carefully positioning their feet


  • Dolphins are extraordinarily intelligent animals who also display culture, something which was long-believed to be unique to humans (although now recognised in various species)
  • Dolphins have been observed teaching young how to use tools. They cover their snouts with sponges to protect them while foraging
  • Dolphins have several highly developed forms of communication. They have a “signature whistle” which allows other individuals to recognise them
  • Dolphins are altruistic animals. They are known to stay and help injured individuals, even helping them to the surface to breathe. Their compassion also extends across the species-barrier. There are many accounts of dolphins helping humans and even whales
  • Dolphins are incredibly social animals. They live in groups and cooperate with each other to get food and in raising offspring (calves)
  • Dolphins are extremely playful and curious animals. They play-fight with each other and also play with seaweed. They have also been known to play with other animals such as dogs

Here are some other amazing animal videos…..

Dog playing in leaves:

Trailer for the Disney movie – Chimpanzee:

And finally…..some cute cat videos:

We can learn a lot from the videos above – these animals show compassion, tolerance, respect and love for one another.  We must remember that we share this planet with these lovely creatures and must do all we can to ensure they are not harmed and that the planet is not harmed.  Animals are not ours for fashion, entertainment, or to eat.

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of wild animals or the planet, please visit Greenpeace, WWF (World Wildlife Fund) or your local animal shelter and make a donation or volunteer.

Together we can make the world a more positive one. 


Today is about having a good time, letting go of all of your negative feelings and to embrace music like you have never embraced it before.  Imagine if every one of us just let go of our fears and worries and just danced like no-one was watching………well, don’t imagine it and just DO IT!!!!!  I feel your love and energy and know that all of our love is here to stay and I feel that when you all send love into our universe, I feel that you are all SO CLOSE TO ME.

Let this video and the soulful voice of Kristine W take you to a place where we can all be connected by love and music without any judgments.  Turn up your MP3 player, computer or whatever listening device you have and ENJOY!

You can buy “So Close To Me” via iTunes or via Kristine’s website:

Keep music and love alive!!!!!

Together we can make the world a more positive one!


I can’t imagine how I would feel if I was told that I had terminal cancer.  There would be much to think about in terms of preparation to fight for my life.  I am very adamant about using natural foods and remedies to cure any ailment but would I feel the same if I was told that the only way to live would be to have chemotherapy and radiation – I would have to say yes.

My sister has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is emotionally strong but has indicated that the diagnoses and treatment was very hard to deal with.  She recently had her last chemotherapy session and is gearing up for the onslaught of radiation.  I know that both these treatments are hard on the body and the immune system but I am also aware of the power of the mind.  Chemo and radiation may not be a good alternative for myself and many others but if people (like my sister) believe that it will help them heal or even cure them, so be it.  I am also aware that cancer (even terminal) can be cured through natural and holistic methods. 

One of my favorite stories of cancer survival is the story of one of my favourite spiritual writers – Louise L. Hay, who is a cervical cancer survivor.  Here are two other cancer surviving stories where both individuals refused modern-day treatments (chemo/radiation) and opted for a more natural and holistic way to battle their terminal cancers:

CHRIS WARK (survived stage 3 colon cancer)

You can find out more about Chris and how you survived cancer by visiting his website/blog at:

CARL HELVIE (longest living lung cancer survivor)

What we put into our bodies will have either a positive or negative effect on our health.  I hear so many people who say “I know someone who was very healthy, exercised everyday, didn’t eat meat, never drank alcohol and never smoked and passed away”.  My only rebuttal is “that is very rare”.  People who live a healthy lifestyle are not dropping dead without cause and not nearly as much as those who engage in behaviours that is not healthy for the body.  

We should also never under-estimate the power of our minds.  If you think and believe that you can beat or overcome something – you will!  If you think positively, meditate, chant, say positive affirmations, exercise and eat foods that are healthy and nutritious, the body will respond in kind. 

***Please noteThis blog post is not meant as a deterrent for chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  This is only meant to educate people on different and more holistic treatments to cancer.  I am not offering any medical advice what-so-ever.  Treatment for cancer is a personal choice and individuals should consult with medical physicians, holistic health-care practitioners or other health-care professionals to make an informed decision on what treatment would be best for them.***

For more about Louise L. Hay, please visit her website at:

 Together we can make the world a more positive one!


I am stronger today than I was yesterday.

I am happier today than I was yesterday.

I love more today than I did yesterday.

I will be stronger tomorrow than I am today.

I will be happier tomorrow than I am today.

I will love more tomorrow than I do today.

Don’t reflect on the things that you think you lack….reflect on the things that make you the unique person that you are…….No one can tell you what to do, how to feel and how to act.  Embrace your uniqueness and don’t listen to the negative chatter of others.  Be present and comfortable in your own skin.  Love and accept whatever quirkiness that you may have.  You are no more or less important than anyone else.  Life is so much better when you empower yourself and tell yourself that YOU are beautiful and YOU are loved.

Together we can make the world a more positive one.

Heart In Turmoil

(oil painting – LOVE IN TURMOIL by Robert Pavao, 2013)


Why are so many people unhappy?  Why do they find it difficult to find happiness?  I believe it is because many of us define happiness by how others perceive happiness to be.  Being happy and content is a choice – we can choose to be happy or not.  There may be situations that happen that are out of our control that will cause us to be unhappy but other than that, we can create our own happiness and contentment.

Here is a short video of the Dalai Lama speaking of happiness:

How are you creating and spreading happiness?

Together we can make the world a more positive one!