It’s really this simple….listen and feel the words and music and the answer to the gun debate is pretty simple! 

This song is featured on Snoop Lion’s (Snoop Dogg) album Reincarnated which was released on April 23, 2013.  The album is a departure of the usual hip hops sounds Snoop is most comfortable in.  Snoop dabbles in the reggae genre and does it very well.  Most of the album is produced by Major Lazer and features artists; Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, Mavado and Popcaan, Angela Hunte, Drake and Cori B (his daughter), Mr Vegas, Collie Buddz, Akon and Iza.  It has received mixed reviews (but who cares what the critics say) – the album is great and has been spinning on my mobile/other devices quite frequently….personally, I think it’s fantastic.  You can buy all of Snoop Dogg’s music via the iTunes store.  For more information about Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion, please visit his websites:

Follow Snoop on twitter –

Together, we can make the world a more positive one! 


***In reference to this article – LGBTQ stands for: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and queer.

Russia and Vladimir Putin have a lot to answer when they legislated their anit-gay propaganda law.  In doing so – they have given permission to their citizens to harass and bully the LGBTQ community and it is happening.  There has been recent news out of Russia about human rights atrocities being committed against gay citizens, tourists and straight people and it is because of policies like this.  Uganda has officially declared that their LGBTQ citizens are lesser than those who are heterosexual when they introduced their “Kill The Gays” bill.  Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Portia Lucretia Simpson-Miller, has indicated that she will investigate the deaths and hate-crimes that their LGBTQ community faced and has done nothing since, even in light of the recent murder of a 17-year old gay teen – who was beaten, searched and chopped after individuals at a party found out he was dressed as a woman.  Many politicians and religious leaders hide behind their religious beliefs to incite their bigotry, ignorance and hate which in turn allows their citizens to bully and harass their LGBTQ citizens. 

These atrocities (especially in Russia), are getting much publicity and many people are speaking out.  Many gay clubs around the world are boycotting Russian vodka and asking gay athletes not to participate in the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.  Many have questioned if boycotting Russian products would be an effective way of protesting the human rights issues in Russia.  According to an article by John Aravosis on AMERICAblog called Boycotts 101: Why the gay boycott of Russian vodka is already working, apparently yes, it is effective.  Here is the link to the article:

Until these countries make an effort to stop these human rights atrocities, it is up to everyone else in the world to give them a clear message that these atrocities are not acceptable and must stop.  I encourage this boycott and many others like it – until Russia, Uganda, Jamaica and so many other countries stop inciting violence against those who don’t conform to what they deem is ‘normal’.

I believe that LOVE wins in the end and I also believe that……..



There was a point in my life when my thoughts were clouded by the distractions of media, consumerism, alcohol, violence, fear, anxiety, anger and hate.  I felt like there was always a dark cloud above my head – even though the sun was shining bright.  I lacked confidence in myself and lacked the courage to be and live my true authentic self.  I was too caught up in what my friends and family would think of me instead of just believing in myself and being happy.  For me, my lesson was to learn how to accept and love myself then try to remove the dark cloud that followed me.  I did learn to love myself – authentically and not what religion or those around me thought about what love was.  My lessons will continue because they are ongoing and for life.  Thus far, I have learned that living a life with compassion, non-judgement and love removes the fears, anxious feelings, hate and anger.  I have also learned that success isn’t measured by how big my house is, or having the best car or the most money – those materialistic things mean nothing after we are gone.  My journey thus far, has allowed me to learn (and continue to learn) about my increased passion for the environment, the planet and animals.  I have also learned that there is so much corruption from our governments and big corporations to keep us all distracted so that we don’t see the real issues.  I have learned that the old saying “What you don’t know, won’t hurt you” is a complete joke because without knowledge, how do you know what will or will not hurt you?

Without knowledge – do we just accept what information is being fed to us?  Do we just believe the advertisements on television or in print?  Is convenience robbing us from our own health and welfare?  Who do we blame?  What do we do and how do we do it?  First – you turn off your televisions, then you think about what the food, household products, technology, etc…is doing to you and how they make you feel.  Really think about the state of our planet – fresh water and green space, do we need that much development?  Are you ready to remove the dark clouds of distraction about your head and begin to see clearly?

Governments and big corporations rely on our lack of knowledge and inaction.  This will insure they continue their destructive behaviour.  If we have the knowledge that ‘dirty oil’ is a huge culprit in climate change – why are we not more motivated to protest?  If we know that processed foods kill us, why are we not demanding healthier foods?  If you know that pesticides are wreaking havoc on our soil, drinking water and our health, why do we continue using them?  We are more motivated to trample people to death during holiday sales then challenge our government on their policies.  We are more affected by a royal birth than demanding that the automobile industry create greener cars.  We are more concerned about when the next big gadget is released rather than hold the pharmaceutical companies accountable for the prescription drug addiction that has clouded the nation.  Yes, life is difficult – and mindless television is a great distraction to all the violence, hate, bigotry and corruption that is going on in our world but what is even worse, is our lack of action to stop the violence, hate, bigotry and corruption.

I don’t know where my advocacy and passion for the planet, our environment, animals and human rights will take me, but I’m certainly grateful that I have removed the dark cloud of distraction above my head.  Don’t get me wrong, that cloud is powerful and has attempted to lure me back, but I am now armed with that knowledge and know that this blog is the only the beginning to spreading truth and creating positive change in our world.  Help me strengthen the Coalition of Positive Energy into a movement to create positive change everywhere in the world.  Spread the word, spread the love.



Do you remember what song played during your first kiss or your first break-up?  Do you remember your the first song played at your wedding reception?  (Mine was “Hung Up” by Madonna).  Music was pivotal to the soundtrack of my life.  My tastes crossed all genres but I preffered to listen to Electronic/Dance.  Thinking about your life, what music was pivotal in helping you during the tough and not so tough moments in your life?

Here are 25 cds/albums that I would definitely need or have with me should I be stranded on island:

25:  THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Hysteria (1984)

24:  NEW ORDER – Substance (1987)

23:  GEORGE MICHAEL – Listen Without Prejudice Volume 1 (1990)

22:  ULTRA NATE – Grime, Silk, & Thunder (2007)

21:  UB40 – Labour of Love (1983)

20:  DIDO – No Angel (1999)

19:  TRICKY – Maxinquaye (1995)

18:  JAMES BLAKE – James Blake (2011)

17:  BILLIE RAY MARTIN – Deadline For My Memories (1995)


15:  DAVE GAHAN – Hourglass (2007)

14:  EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL – Temperamental (1999)

13:  MASSIVE ATTACK – Protection (1994)

12:  PEACHES – I Feel Cream (2009)

11:  MISTRESS BARBARA – I’m No Human (2009)

10:  DEEE-LITE – Dewdrops In The Garden (1994)

9:  ERASURE – Erasure (1995)

8:  DEPECHE MODE – Black Celebration (1986) and Violator (1990)

7:  FAITHLESS – Outrospective (2001)

6:  BJORK – Vespertine (2001)

5:  SINEAD O’CONNOR – Faith & Courage (2000)

4:  ERASURE – I Say, I Say, I Say (1994)

3:  KRISTINE W – Land of the Living (1996)

2:  MADONNA – American Life (2003)

1:  MADONNA – Ray of Light (1998)

As Madonna once sang:  “Music makes the people come together, yeah”

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Is it our purpose in life to be slaves to consumerism and BIG corporations?  Are we supposed to go through most of our life getting educated, building a career and then striving to buy the biggest and the best we can buy?  Are we born into this world to be told what we must do, what we must be or what we must have to be successful and happy?  WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE and will you purpose inspire and create positive change in our world?

Many people are happy living their lives without wanting anything more than what they have.  For example, someone may have two jobs and work really hard to enjoy the little time off when they are not working.  Others work so hard because their jobs demand that of them and have no time for themselves or their families.  Is this our purpose to work so hard just to make ends meet?  Can we truly be happy trying to climb the corporate ladder in order to try to make a name for ourselves?

I find that many of us are almost forced to find ‘the perfect job’ and to work hard in obtaining that job.  We first go to elementary school to learn the basics (reading, writing, arithmetic),  then we are shuffled to high school and secondary school to explore what our interests may be so that we can build a foundation on what our careers may be.  Finally, we are told we require post-secondary education to teach us the theory behind what we choose as a career.  I don’t ever remember anyone instructing me to choose a career based on what I love to do.  I believe we are pressured when we are given these guidelines to ensure we find a career that may potentially bring us financial stability versus following your passion and being happy.

So, what is my purpose in life?  It’s exactly what I am doing now.  I’m writing this blog to inspire people to look at their own lives so that they can make changes to ensure they create positive change in the world.  I am advocating for the issues that I believe in – the environment (because without one we can’t be here), animals (they can’t speak, so I will speak up for them) and for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and queer community to ensure we have the same rights as everyone else.  Being passionate about these things allows me to share information that other people may not have been aware about which may inspire them to do something about.

How do we find our purpose?  All you have to do is look within – ask yourself what do you care most about and find a way to incorporate that into your life.  Your passion may start as a hobby and grow from there.  Let your inner voice guide you – think about the moments in your life that have had a profound affect on you.  Think about the things that invoke an emotional response within in.  These feelings and emotions should be your guide to helping you live life through your passion.  When you listen to your inner voice, the universe will respond and send you subtle messages to follow your passions. 

The passion I have for the environment, animals and human rights has enlightened me and given me a purpose to create positive change into the world.  It has ignited a spark in me that can never be diminished and will continue to grow brighter.  Have you ignited your spark?

Together, we can make the world a more positive one! 


Many of us have our personal views on social and political issues.  Some people dislike debating or discussing politics and religion because they find it too personal.  Personally, I enjoy debating any social, political or religious topics – I don’t mind sharing my views with others as long as they are open-minded and understand that my views are not intended to judge those of others.  Here are some examples:

On animal advocacy

I sometimes share videos on various social media outlets advocating for the ethical treatment of animals….some videos are a little graphic.  Some people are thankful and appreciate these videos because they didn’t have that specific awareness.  Others become angry and offended that I have shared this graphic material.  Some people have made comments that the material I shared is inappropriate….yet, they don’t believe that some of the information they share is completely clear of offending others.

On being a vegetarian (and then vegan) 

After becoming vegetarian and later vegan – I realized that my passion for the ethical treatment of animals and my veganism were directly connected.  How can I eat pork/beef/fish/cheese and any other animal products knowing that many of them have gone through tremendous horrors to end up on my plate.  I  was reminded daily of how beautiful, smart and funny animals could be by my pets Freddy and Bradley.  They reinforced my desire to try my best to be as kind as possible to animals.  Again, I would share videos/recipes/pictures of foods I eat and what some animals endure in order to end up on our plates……..quickly the responses came.  I would get messages like:  you have leather shoes, humans are meant to eat meat, you can’t survive without meat, you will have blood deficiencies without meat, etc.  I also noticed people making jokes about vegans or would post pictures of their meat dishes and stating ‘I LOVE BACON’.  I didn’t understand why so many people would become enraged that I wanted to share my information without any judgements and only to create awareness.  The information I post is not to spite people and what they choose to do, it is to give information to people who may have not had that information before. 


I believe there is a divine presence – something bigger than all of us.  Some call that presence God, Allah, Jesus, Mohammed, Jah, etc….That is great.  If the purpose of this presence is to create unconditional love and compassion into the world – then I’m okay with that.  The minute someone uses religion to justify their ignorance, bias, hate and violence – then I am lost to religion.  Many people around the world site religion to ensure others don’t receive the same recognition (under the law) as they do (women’s rights, civil rights, gay rights).  Religion and politics are separate entities – your religious beliefs should not dictate how you vote or who you vote for because those beliefs are not reflective of everyone.  If AIDS or unwanted pregnancies and abortion are issues we want to prevent, why are some religious institutions so against condom use? (Just one example).


The only things I have to say on politics is that YOUR member of parliament is no better than MINE is.  Politics today has become a side-show and a stepping stone for members of parliament to work for big oil, big corporations, banks and pharma.  Our parliaments are not a representation of the people – it’s a representation of those with the most money.  Democracy is a bit of a joke when there are only 2 political party choices (in most cases).  This may sound like it’s a democracy but it’s only a choice between two parties that mainly have the same agenda – work for those who have the most money and ensure they are taken care of.


We only have one planet – WAKE UP PEOPLE and demand sustainable energy.  It can and has been done.  If you don’t believe in climate change and that humans are responsible because of our dependency on fossil fuels – than you are working for big oil, the auto industry or just don’t give a shit.

I believe that we are all entitled to our opinions.  I also believe that we have common sense and know what is right and was is wrong but we just keep making excuses not to have to face the issue head-on.  I also believe that many people just don’t want to care because the alternative is too much for them and they may not be able to handle that type of reality.  There is also scientific proof – evidence that things have/or have not happened, that food is good or bad for you, that medication may/may not be good for you but many people choose not to believe that evidence. 

Dialogue is good – I may learn things from others that I may not have known before, this is the intention I have when I share information on this blog and on other social media outlets.  I believe that with debate/dialogue, people can resolve issues that will create a positive resolution for the world community.  If we are not open to the opinions of others – than there is no room for discussion and no room to create positive change and I believe…………..

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!




I recently watched the film entitled Any Day Now directed by Travis Fine and written by Travis Fine and George Arthur Bloom.  The movie stars Alan Cumming and Garret Dillahunt who play a gay couple that are granted custody of a boy with Down syndrome after his mother is sent to prison.  The movie is a touching and honest account of the trials and tribulations that the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) community faced in terms of how society saw them.  Alan Cumming (The Good Wife) and Garret Dillahunt (Raising Hope) were excellent in their roles as Rudy Donatello and Paul Fleiger.

Here is the trailer for the movie:

I made a conscious decision not to raise a family – that decision wasn’t because I felt I couldn’t, because I know I would be a great father, it was because I didn’t want to.  After watching this film, many emotions surfaced on the topic of gay adoption and how society views same-sex couples.  There are many people who believe that gay men and women would not make great parents because of their lifestyle.  Many believe that it is a perverted and deviant lifestyle and that we are all pedophiles who only love to have promiscuous sex.  They believe the stereotypes because that is all they know of what it is to be born homosexual.  Yes, there are same-sex couples who are not fit to have children just as there are heterosexuals who are also not fit to raise children.  It is not difficult to have a child, anyone can do it.  Not anyone can provide a loving and nurturing home however, if there are loving, committed people (who happen to be of the same-sex) that can do so, why are so many still not allowed to do so?  I believe it is because of the social stereotypes that are associated with being gay or lesbian (we know what they are).  I also believe that religion plays a big factor on the issue of homosexuality – many people have interpreted the bible to justify their hate, bigotry and intolerance for homosexuals which, in turn, perpetuates those stereotypes.

Basically – isn’t it in societies best interest to find a home for so many children in foster care?  Here are some statistics:

In the U.S. 400,540 children are living without permanent families in the foster care system.  115,000 of these children are eligible for adoption, but nearly 40% of these children will wait over three years in foster care before being adopted. 

Around the world, there are an estimated 153 million orphans who have lost one parent.  There are 17,900,000 orphans who have lost both parents and are living in orphanages or on the streets and lack the care and attention required for healthy development.  These children are at risk for disease, malnutrition, and death.


With these types of statistics, why is there so much ‘red-tape’ in finding permanent, loving and stable homes for these children – including those who are in same-sex relationships?  When will society (along with religious institutions and government) act on the best interests of these children and resolve to finding loving and nurturing homes for them?  I believe that there are enough people who want to provide homes for these children – that isn’t the problem.  The problem is the process and all the ‘red-tape’ involved which only further hurts all those children who are waiting to be adopted by those who have so much love in their hearts to give.

Thank you to Travis Fine and George Arthur Bloom for their inspirational words.  Thanks to Travis Fine for making such a great and important film and thank you to all the actors (especially Alan Cumming and Garret Dillahunt) who gave all their passion to bring the words and emotions of Travis Fine and Arthur Bloom to life.  You are all conduits for positive change in this world.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


I have never witnessed as much mass protesting around the world ever in my lifetime.  Is it because I wasn’t ‘awake’ to notice these protests or is that people have had just about enough from banks, big corporation and corrupt governments and politicians?

Personally, I believe that governments and big corporation/banks etc are working together to ensure that we are distracted so we don’t notice their corruption.  They want their people to turn a blind eye to their greed and corruption.  Most governments are acting to insure the best interest of banks, the oil/automobile industry and big corporations are taken care of while the people continue to struggle.   These distractions come in the form of political scandals, focus on climate change catastrophe’s, war, media manipulation, legislation that takes away people’s freedoms, etc.  Don’t worry about the environment and the devastating effects climate change is having on the planet because the world government’s are taking action by ensuring they invest in sustainable energy like the KXL pipeline and drilling for oil in the Arctic (said in a very sarcastic manner because we all know this isn’t true).

If governments we were interested in preserving our environment and planet, they would be investing in wind farms, solar energy, demanding that the auto industry make electric cars and other fuel-efficient vehicles more affordable.  The auto industry has indicated that there is no real demand for EV’s (electric vehicles) – that isn’t true.  It’s because they sabotaged the publics interest in their demand for them amongst other things.  You can watch the amazing documentaries; Who Killed The Electric Car and Revenge of the Electric Car by Chris Paine to understand the corruption and the power the auto industry has over the American government.

We can continue to be distracted by saving our money to buy the biggest house or the most luxurious car because that is exactly what our government and the banks want.  They want people to remain in debt.  Think about it and think about these things:

  • Is post-secondary eduction affordable for most people?
  • What is the cost of health care? (many American’s can’t afford proper health care/don’t have coverage)
  • Why is processed food much cheaper than food that is healthier for us?
  • Why is soda/pop and sugary drinks much cheaper than water in most places?
  • Why is there so much television programming?
  • Is financial freedom a reality – when so many people are living pay cheque to pay cheque?
  • Why are prescription drugs/alcohol and other drugs much more accessible than clean water and good food for so many people?
  • Why have their been so many amendments to legislation or new laws that infringe on peoples freedoms and rights – post 9/11?  (A good reference for this is watching the documentary The End of America by Naomi Wolf)

Most people don’t want to face the reality of what kind of impact their decision(s) are making on the planet – they just don’t care because society tells us that we are most happy when we have and want more.  We are obsessed with materialism – we have to have a television in every room in our house (what happens when these televisions are no good anymore?), we have to have the latest and best cell phone, computers and other devices (where do they go when they are no use anymore?), the biggest/fastest car (what impact on the environment is having this car have?).  How many times have we really thought about the excessive waste we and our families produces on a daily basis?  We are not doing the best that we can because we are not looking at the bigger picture or the impact that we are having.  Why?  Because we are too distracted.

I am hopeful – I think people are beginning to understand that we must all come together to act for the greater good of the planet.  People around the world are rising up in peaceful protest.  People are becoming aware and the veil of distraction is lifting.  The people of Turkey were successful in their protest against big corporation and greedy governments.  We are seeing mass protests against Arctic drilling and the KXL pipeline – people are beginning to see that ‘dirty oil’ only causes devastation to the environment and wealth for politicians and oil executives.  We must continue to put pressure on our governments and big corporations to act on the best interest of the people and the planet.  Turn off your televisions, nurture your body and mind (try it without the antidepressants or other drugs that are clouding your mind), look within and find your authentic self without the manipulation of those who want to keep you distracted and be the change you want to see in the world and only then………..

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


Yes – YOU CAN!!!!

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t accomplish something that you set your heart, mind, body and soul to accomplish……if they are not the ones doing that particular thing – then they can’t tell you that YOU can’t do it.  Here is what you can do to achieve your desired goal:

  • plan and organize what it is that you want to achieve
  • set timelines in which to achieve smaller tasks that will eventually lead you to the original goal
  • visualize what reaching your goal will look like
  • Meditate and affirm that you will achieve your goal
  • Instead of believing that ‘you can’t’ affirm that ‘you can’
  • Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do what it is that you want to achieve
  • Celebrate when you achieve your goal and make new goals
  • Thank the universe and be grateful


In order for us to reach whatever goal we set out for ourselves,  we must devise a plan and organize our ideas to ensure we make achieving our goal(s) as easy as possible.  For example;  you want to lose weight.  Think about some questions you may want to answer before planning to lose weight: 

  1. How much weight do I want to lose?
  2. What does my diet consist of?
  3. Is my goal too ambitious at the beginning?
  4. Am I considering my health and age?
  5. Am I active?
  6. Are my exercising goals to ambitious at the start?
  7. Have I consulted any health care professionals (holistic healthcare practitioner, doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer, dietician)?

Keep a journal and write out your plans, this will give you direction on how to start and achieve your ultimate goal.  Good planning and organizing will help you create a manageable and realistic goal that is personalized for you.


Using our losing weight goal as an example – don’t set your goals too high at the start.  Start with a smaller goal/task that is realistic.  If your goal is to lose 50lbs in a year – aim to lose approximately 4.5lbs/month or start by removing junk food from your diet (pop/chips/cake etc).  Removing a certain item from your diet – like pop for instance, can greatly increase your chances of reaching your goal faster.  Say to yourself:  “In a month I will have not had one pop/soda and will replace it with something that will help me achieve my goal”.


It is very helpful to remind yourself of what you will look like after achieving your goal.  If that goal is losing weight – visualize what you will physically look and feel like once you achieve your goal.  If that goal is helping your local animal shelter – visualize yourself walking a dog or feeding a cat that is in that shelter.  Visualizing and imagining how you would feel like when you achieve your goal(s) will make them that much more attainable.  Don’t underestimate the power of visualization – it’s powerful.


Like visualization, meditation and affirmations are powerful tools to assist you in achieving whatever goal it is that you want to achieve.  Meditation allows you to clear your head of that unneccessary chatter that makes you feel like you can’t achieve your goal(s).  Meditation will also allow you to connect to source/God/the universe and may provide you with clarity in how to achieve your goal.  Affirmations will help motivate you.  Using our weight-loss goal, you can affirm; “I love my body and nurture it with healthy food and ensure that it receives proper exercise”.  You can buy great books or search the internet to have a better understanding of how to meditate and create personal affirmations.  Researching meditations and affirmations can be part of your planning and organizing process.


When you believe that you can do something – you will do it.  Remove your old belief that you can’t do what it is that you want to do.  Tell yourself you can and that you will achieve what it is that you want to achieve. Believing and affirming that you can is half the battle.  If you have a set-back, don’t beat yourself up over it and start again.


People may say that it is impossible to achieve your goal(s) and you may want to believe them.  Don’t let someone else dictate what you can or can not do.  There are skeptics everywhere; your friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances who will offer their own opinions of why you can’t do something.  People like this may not want to start their own personal growth or transformations and may be stuck – don’t judge them and move on.  I find it is best to avoid very negative people.  If we continue to associate ourselves with those who always say they can’t do something – we become just like them.  Surround yourself with like-minded people and you will find that your life will become much more positive and goals easier to achieve. 


When you reach or achieve your goal – take the time to celebrate it and the hard work it took you to achieve that goal.  Think about your future goals and work towards them.  Remember how it feels to achieve and to celebrate your goal and look forward to that.


Thank the universe/God/source for achieving your goal.  What you put out into the universe will only find its way back to you.  Be grateful that you were able to achieve your goals and ensure you take the time to thank anyone that have helped you achieve your goal.  Karma is great.

If you are passionate about singing – SING OUT and SING LOUD!  Whatever it is that you want to do – do it with passion and do it with love.  Don’t be discouraged by those who believe that one person can’t make a difference or because they are not ready for positive transformation, do it because you feel it.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!