Have you ever wondered how all of the personal events in your life have affected you throughout your lifetime?  Have you ever thought about how much social issues have played a role in you becoming the person you are today?  I have and I continue to do so.

We are taught to be perceived as ‘the right thing’ from our parents.  They have instilled onto us whatever was instilled into them by their parents.  So what are the things that we learned or carried with us that are wrong and that are right?  I believe that my parents gave me the basics – they taught me that it was not okay to treat others with disrespect.  My parents were good people but they had their faults – they encouraged a life based on their religious beliefs; that we should treat others with kindness.  Our parents certainly had much love for us but again, they were not perfect.  There were times when dad was very abusive and mom turned a bling eye.  I have forgiven my dad for his abuse and my mother for pretending the abuse didn’t happen – but that is what they have been taught and what they were raised in – it certainly doesn’t make it right.  What type of impact did everything my parents did or taught have on me today?

Generally, we are all taught to be polite, kind and respect each other from those who raise us but what happens to these lessons when we begin our own journeys and realize that in our society there are so many influences by traditions, cultures, religion, politics and personal preference.  Is it possible to find your true authentic self with so many different opinions, attitudes and influences from so many people?  I didn’t learn about different cultures, traditions or religions.  My parents were only interested in what they learned and what they were exposed to and I found that some of the things we learned as children/teens we had to pass on to our parents.  I struggled as a teenager because I was receiving so many mixed messages on how ‘things were supposed to be’ and ‘who I was supposed to become’.  My parents had their notions of who and what I was to become and my friends and all of society was telling me something different.  I knew what was socially instilled into me but that was creating a huge internal conflict.  There was so much contradiction every where I turned.  It was sometimes difficult to clear all the static that life creates for us, so how do we turn off all that noise.  How on earth do we rise above what everyone else is telling us is the right thing to do and knowing what is the right thing to do?

Did I get to where I am today because of intuition?  Did I trust enough in the universe to get to where I am today?  Why am I not Catholic, Christian or Jewish?  Why is it that I prefer not to be affiliated with any political party?  I am not perfect but I certainly don’t want to kill or rape anyone.  So, am I a product of what my parents taught me or have I been influenced by society, religion or politics?   The answer is simple – I have and continue to be a product of the best of all of these things.  My parents gave me the foundation to becoming a kind-hearted person and I have learned that I should not bring their intolerances into my adulthood. Society has taught me not to conform to what is perceived to be a ‘normal’ life.  There are so many differences in our world that nothing seems to fit into the ‘norm’.  It has also taught me to trust in myself and be confident in my convictions.  Had I listened to what society has deemed ‘normal’ – I would be pumped with anti-depressants and a shell of the person I am today.  Religion has taught me how men and women can distort something that was meant to be a good thing and make them believe it is something else for their greater good.  The only thing I take away from religion is the simple message that we should treat everyone with dignity, respect, love and compassion – it is that simple!  I don’t believe that any God would encourage his children to be hateful.  As far as politics go – I have no confidence in governments that only think about ‘how the they can benefit’ versus how we can all benefit.  Lately – governments around the world are only interested in assisting big corporations.  Oil, pharmaceutical, meat and banks.  Oil companies continue to rape the earths natural resources and keep creating huge environmental catastrophes, pharmaceutical companies keep people pumped on anti-depressants and drugs that keep them sick so they don’t think about asking questions, the food industry  keeps making processed and genetically modified food that contribute to our increased poor health so that we can rely on the drugs supplied by the pharmaceutical companies.  Should our politicians and governments be more inclined to work for a better tomorrow for our children?  Should they not be more proactive in better health care and  sustainable and renewable energy?  Is it that difficult to give money to find and build cars that don’t pollute our environment – give the big automobile companies the resources and this will create jobs and drastically reduce our carbon footprint.

In all this insanity and chaos – how do we remain sane?  Well, speaking personally – you trust in yourself, you stay positive, you laugh, you cry, you stand up for those who can’t stand for themselves, you show compassion, love and respect and you promote a more positive world.  I am thankful for the clarity the universe had given me and I know that I have much to learn still – I accept my willingness to learn so that I can become a better person.  I have chosen not to walk around my life in a zombie state and I want to help awaken the goodness I see in everyone.

Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


I have been a vegetarian for many years now.  My choice in becoming vegetarian was for several reasons – I wanted to be proactive in helping end cruelty to animals, I didn’t want to eat meats that were filled with chemicals/for health reasons and my partner was a vegetarian.  The choice wasn’t really difficult as I didn’t eat meat too often – this was hard to believe for many as I was Portuguese and apparantely, the Portuguese are known for their carnivoreous apetitites.  What in the world was I going to eat????  I wasn’t really fond of tofu (so I thought), and I kept hearing so many ‘non-vegetarians’ say things like “you are only going to be eating vegetables”, “you are not going to get enough iron if you become vegetarian”, “you are going to be so limited in what you eat – there is nothing out there for vegetarians” – I thought I would do the research myself as ‘meat eaters’ certainley were not experts on vegetarian cuisine – am I not right?  It is like asking a bus driver to drive a plane.

In my research – I found so many different types of foods that would give me all the nutrients I needed and that were very delicious too.  I can’t believe how many great vegetarian products are on the market today – so many vegetarian friendly companies such as; Becel, Yves, Tofurkey, President’s Choice, Schneiders – yes Schneiders, Sol, etc…I now use vegan margarine, mayonaisse, cheese, milk, luncheon deli-styled ‘faux meat’ slices, substitute chicken breast, faux chicken burgers, faux meat burgers and so on…..I have never looked and am on the cusp of becoming vegan (a vegan does not eat any animal products).

So – have I piqued your curiousity?  Would you like to take a look at some of my delicious creations?  Look no further:

Rob’s Vegetarian Jambalaya

Rob’s Veggie ‘Breakfast’ Jambalaya

Tofurkey Roast and Roasted Veggies (going into the oven)

Tofurkey Roast and Roasted Vegetables (after cooking)

Meatless Chicken Breast with Roasted Vegetables and Broccoli

Vegan Naan Pizza with Tofurkey Italian ‘Meatless’ Sausage

Vegan Veggie Pizza

Just posting these pictures has made me hungry!!!  There are great vegetaraian and vegan cookbooks if you want to know more about how to cook vegetarian and on the benefits of a vegetarian diet.  There is still so many vegetarian dishes and foods I have to try and experiment with.  Living in Whitby, Canada – there really are not many vegetarian outlets but I have noticed that this is slowly changing.  Toronto has so many vegetarian and vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants – Fresh being my favourite  so far. 

I hope that I have inspired some of you to go out and try some of the great vegetarian food that is available to you….if you would like to know how I made some of these dishes, please email me at

Thanks for you love and support.  Together, we can make the world a more positive one!


When we think of celebrities, we really don’t think too much about what other activities they are involved in other than whatever it was that made them famous – music, movies, books, etc.  We also tend to forget that celebrities are just like us and not the ‘untouchable’ icons we made them to be.  So what do celebrities care for?  Are they philanthropic?  Do they care about social issues and politics?  Yes they do.  Here are some celebrities who have really made a difference and have chosen to attach their names to causes and charities they believe in:

John Salley

  1. 1st NBA player to win 4 championships with 3 different teams
  2. Vegan/PETA supporter
  3. Actor in Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2

John Salley became a spokesperson for Walking with Anthony, a charity dedicated to raising money and awareness for Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI).  For more information about this charity, please visit their website:


  1. Was lead singer of one of the most known and successful bands of the 20th century – The Beatles
  2. Was lead singer of Paul McCartney and Wings, had a huge hit with ‘Band on the Run’
  3. Performed on Band-Aid’s charity single and participated in Live-Aid

Patron of ‘Adopt-A-Minefield’, a campaign of the United Nations Association of the USA, which engages individuals, community groups, and businesses in the United Nations effort to resolve global landmine crisis.  The campaign helps save lives by raising funds for mine clearance and survivor assistance and by raising awareness about the landmine problem.

Hosted PETA’s “Party of the century” gala in 1999, honouring his late wife Linda and those who have committed themselves to carrying on her work for animals.

In 2000, McCartney released A Garland For Linda, a choral tribute album to his wife, who died of breast cancer. Proceeds went to The Garland Appeal, a fund to aid cancer patients.

Along with his daughters, Mary and Stella, Paul is a Patron of the Vegetarian Society: “As Patron, I am more than pleased and proud to be associated with the Vegetarian Society and to show my support for its work. If you think about it, what could be better than enjoying great tasting food that is not only good for your health, but also far better for the planet and the creatures that live with us upon it?”

Today (July 26, 2012), after hearing from PETA India about the plight of a young elephant who has been beaten and is kept in chains, former Beatle Paul McCartney broke from rehearsals for his performance at the London Olympics to send an urgent letter to Indian Forest Minister Dr Patangrao Shripatrao Kadam.

  1. 2001, released her second album, Missundaztood with estimated worldwide sales of 13 million.
  2. 6 Billboard Top 40 cds (5 reaching Top 10)
  3. 23 Billboard Top 40 singles (12 reaching Top 10 and 3 reaching # 1)

P!nk began a petition asking KFC to make sure that the birds killed for its buckets each year aren’t abused.

Pink agreed to become the face of Australia’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) campaign to encourage teenagers to be kinder to animals.

With PETA, she criticized the Australian wool industry over its use of mulesing.

Pink headlined a concert in Cardiff, Wales on August 21, 2007, called PAW (Party for Animals Worldwide).

  1. Real name is, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
  2. Sold 1.1 million copies of her 2nd cd ‘Born This Way’ in its opening week
  3. Born This Way debuted at # 1 on Billboard’s album chart
  4. Over 23 million albums and 64 million singles sold worldwide

We want women to feel strong and feel strong enough that they can remember to protect themselves. To have this lipstick as a reminder in your purse, that when your man is laying naked in bed, you go into the bathroom, you put your lipstick on, and you bring a condom out with you…There are no exceptions.” – Lady Gaga, VIVA Glam campaign against AIDS and HIV

Gaga partnered with Virgin Mobile on her Monster Ball national tour offering premium VIP tickets to fans who volunteer their time to homeless youth organizations, which raised more than $80,000 in proceeds to support homeless youth, and generated 30,000 hours of community service for hundreds of charities across the country.

One of the recipients, The National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH), is a nonprofit, non-partisan, organization committed to preventing and ending homelessness in the United States. NAEH is partnered with the Re*Generation homeless youth organization and Gaga supports and joined Re*Generation at a pre-concert visit to Eva’s Phoenix, a Toronto youth shelter, wearing her full stage out fit to the shelter. While there she took a tour of the facilities and hung out with the kids, posing for photos and signing autographs.

Re*Generation partners include Green Chimneys, a non-profit organization restoring possibilities and creates futures for children with emotional, social, behavioral, and learning challenges, including runaway and homeless youth, with specific programming for LGBTQ youth.

  1. 2 time Academy Award winner for his roles in Mystic River (2003) and Milk (2008)
  2. Married Madonna in 1987 then divorcing in 1989
  3. Placed a US$56,000 advertisement in the Washington Post asking then President George W. Bush to end a cycle of violence (referring to the ‘war on terror’)

On October 18, 2002, Penn placed a US$56,000 advertisement in the Washington Post asking President George W. Bush to end a cycle of violence.

In September 2005, Penn traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana, to aid Hurricane Katrina victims.

Also in 2005, Penn visited Iraq to witness humanitarian work, and presented Sister Helen Prejean with the Chief Justice Earl Warren Civil Liberties Award for her work opposing the death penalty.

Penn attended the Hollywood premier of the full-length documentary, Crude, in support of Amazon Watch who hosted the event.

After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Sean Penn co-founded the J/P Haitian Relief Organization and has been running a 55,000 person tent camp.

Due to his visibility as an on-the-ground advocate for rescue and aid efforts in the aftermath, Penn was designated by president Michel Martelly as Ambassador-at-Large for Haiti, the first time that a non-Haitian citizen has been designated as such in the country’s history. Penn received the designation on January 31, 2012.



Many of us lead very busy lives.  We get up, get dressed and get ready for our day.  Some of us may have others that we need to help by starting their day – their children, their pets and even their elderly parents.  It is easy to forget our well-being or to take the time to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit with all the activity going on in our lives.  Do you take the time to ‘unwind’ from the pressures of the day?  Do you allow yourself moments throughout the day to clear your mind so to ensure you do not burn out? 

I remember (not to long ago) going to bed with so many thoughts in my head that I couldn’t even get to sleep.  I would be thinking about all the things that happened throughout my day and how to reconcile any issues in the coming days, weeks and months.  I remember going to bed with my heart racing, like I just finished exercising and I also remember feeling too excited or anxious to go to sleep with all the events of the day replaying in my mind.  There were many times that I have gone to bed with so much negative energy that I would wake up the next day with that same energy.  I knew that I had to do something to try and quiet my mind and body so that I could go to bed in a state of tranquilty and peace and wake up in the same manner.  Here are some of the things that I do now to end my day and rejuvenate my body, my mind and my spirit:

READ – I began reading books about meditation, self-help, spirituality, holistic health and such and found that many of these books promoted a well-being for body, mind and spirit.

MEDITATION – Meditation is great because it really allows us to concentrate on becoming relaxed and to quiet our minds from our daily turmoil and stresses.  Meditation  is not too difficult to do and can be down virtually anywhere.  If you need assistance, I would recommend buying a book and meditation cd so that you can be familiar with the basics (breathing).

WRITE – Writing is a great way to release any pent up negative energy that was accumulated throughout the day

Here is an example of a meditation I complete as I lay in bed in the evening:

I think of a colour that I really love and picture it with a beautiful, positive, healing energy and think about this light entering my body – I imagine it travelling from the tips of my toes up through my feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, groin, buttocks, stomach, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, throat, face, head and I also ensure that the same light travels through all my internal and vital organs – ensuring that it destroys any ‘potential’ bad cells.  I also imagine that my good, healthy blood cells attack any unhealthy ones to ensure that my body is funtioning with only good and healthy cells.  Once I complete this portion of the meditation, I surround my body with my most beautiful glow (white light) and send it throughout my hole body (starting at my feet and up through my head)…I imagine this white light/glow escape through my crown chakra (top of my head) and that all this positive energy is sent out into the world and universe.  I take myself to a peaceful place (usually warm and surrounded by sun and water)  I see myself and ask the universe if there is anything that I need to know – I breathe deeply and wait for a response.  I think of peace, love, compassion and see the earth below me – I embrace the world with the positive energy the peace, the love and the compassion that the universe has given me and know that all is how it should be.  I gently bring myself and my awareness back to my body – breathe deeply and wait for sleep.

I may also listen to chants/meditations via other sources to ensure that I have the most comfortable and undisturbed sleep.  Doing this allows me to wake up refreshed and filled with positivity.  How you wake up determines what type of day you will have.  If you wake up and think ‘I don’t want to deal with today, I would rather go back to bed, it sucks getting up’ (which I did, many times in my past) – your day will probably go something like this:  stub toe getting out of bed, swear, drop toothbrush in toilet, trip going into the shower, put 2 different socks on (you won’t notice until later), forget to pack a lunch, irritated getting into the car, the commute is very difficult, you get the worse parking spot, spill coffee all over yourelf, your boss and other employees seem to be very curt today……is that what type of day you want?  Definately not! 

Here is an example of my thoughts/mantra/affirmation as I wake up:

What a beautiful day!  I am so looking forward to the adventures today will bring.  I am happy to be alive, happy and healthy.  I surround myself in a positive light.  I sing/hum in the shower.  I surround my dog and partner in the same wonderful energy that I am feeling and kiss them goodbye.  I surround my car in a protective energy and put on music I love to listen to.  My day is filled with love, laughter and joy and everyone around me seems to be basking in my energy.  All is wonderful in my world.

When someone said “Take the time to smell the flowers” – I believe they really meant it.  So, do take the time to smell the flowers.  Take the time to ensure your well-being.  Take the time to be healthy, happy and positive so that your great energy affects others around you so that they can spread the same energy into our world. 

Together we can make the world a better one!!!


I love when celebrities are not afraid to speak from the heart and not worried about how their statement/words may affect their careers.  It is fantastic when they speak truth and come from a place where there is no judgements, here are some great examples:

Who inspires you to become an instrument for positive change in our world.  Change can only come when we let our voices be heard.  Let your voice be heard!

Together we can make the world a more positive one!



I am baffled at how many people become so engaged in ‘negative speak’.  Usually – the first question that friends or family pose is “Have you seen the news last night” and then automatically go into how horrible that particular news story is.  There are times when I am pleasantly surprised when someone shares a story that is filled with inspiration and a positive outcome.  I don’t think people are aware of what type of energy they surround themselves in when they share stories that are negative.  Picture yourself sharing a story about something wonderful that has happened to you.  Remember how you look, what your body language says, the excitement in your voice and how your audience responsds to your energy – imagine the same scenario but you are sharing a story that is grim, filled with violence and negative energy.  The energies are completely different?  Wouldn’t you want to keep the feelings associated with the positive energy going?

It is important to be aware of what is going on in our communities, towns, cities and in our world – but if this awareness is creating you to feel scared, angry, sadness, anxiety and fear – then it is time to think about how to turn those negative energies around and make them positive.  Instead of sharing news stories that everyone will have already heard about or know of – why not share personal stories of triumph or success?  

I make an effort to begin my day by surrounding myself with positive energy and ensure I end my day surrounding with the same energy.  I find that your day ends and begins with feelings of joy, happiness, laughter and love when you focus on a more positive mindset.

I hope that everyone who reads this thinks about spreading love, joy, happiness and laughter into our world.  It will not only make you feel great – but it will make others feel great.  Empower yourselves to do good and to talk about goodness and you will find that you life and your energy will be surrounding by love and positivity. 

“Together we can make the world a better one”.


Music touches our lives in so many ways….we remember certain songs during pivotal moments in our lives.  I have many memories that I can specifically attach a song to.  Song or music and lyrics touch us in different ways and may draw various and different emotions in each one of us – there are songs that I hear that may make me feel happy, joy, sadness, anger and that will also make me laugh, those same songs could effect so many others in different ways.  Here is an additional list of songs that have moved me in a positive manner and that I can certainly include as part of a ‘soundtrack to my life’, what songs are soundtracks to your life?

A Little Respect – ERASURE

Unison – BJORK

Marble House – THE KNIFE

Inside Of Me – MADONNA


Little Bird – ANNIE LENNOX



Pandora’s Box (It’s A Long Long Way) – OMD

How Soon Is Now – THE SMITHS

The Promise – WHEN IN ROME



The Wonder Of It All – KRISTINE W


How can you write something about someone who you didn’t even know, especially when their souls have gone back to spirit?

A few weeks ago, a friend came into work and began to share her story about how her best friend’s son had passed away.  She held back tears and was visibly upset.  She explained how this young man – David Italiano – went on a trip to Cuba to celebrate another friends decision to move to Mexico with his father.  It was a vacation and farewell they would never forget.  During a scuba diving outing – there was an accident and David’s life was taken from this world.  My co-worker described David and what type of young man he was – she talked about how nice and compassionate he was and mentioned his smile.  The more she spoke of him – I couldn’t help but think of myself as young man and how much I lacked the confidence David had at that age.  Had we been the same age, I know we would have definitely become friends because we had many similar interests.

Whenever we lose someone in our lives – especially at such a young age, we can’t help ourselves but think about what type of person they would have grown to become?  What would their triumphs be?  What would they accomplish?  I thought of David and I thought about those exact things and knew that from what his friends and family wrote on his ‘tribute wall’ ( that he would have been a great success in whatever he did.  From what I can determine – he was loyal, giving, loving, respectful, caring, happy, dedicated and confident.  He seemed to know what he wanted from life.  He was passionate about animals and I am assuming this was a contributing factor on his becoming vegetarian.  He was also passionate about the environment and was an active volunteer with Greenpeace.  I felt a connection with him through what his family and friends remembered or shared about him…..I felt like we were kindred spirits – his Facebook had a quote from one of my favourite songs (The Smiths – How Soon Is Now).

I could not hold my emotions back as I read some of the words people left on David’s tribute wall, things like; “he was absolutely and genuinely one of the kindest people I have met in my lifetime”, “Davey’s life has proven to me once again that the only reason to live is to love”, “he was such an amazing person with a heart of gold”, “the world needs more good people like him”, “a bright light has gone out but he did leave a warm glow”.  Yes – the world does need more good people like him and yes a bright light has gone out but we can ensure that David’s glow lives on through all of us whether you knew David or not!  We need to ensure that his light continues to shimmer strong and bright and that the love he shared for his friends, his family, the animals and the environment is not forgotten.  We need to honour his memory by allowing his life’s passions to live on through us – I did not know him but I do know that people thought he was kind, compassionate, caring and respectful – for me, that is enough to allow David’s life to continue on through me.

I hope that the pain David’s family and friends are feeling will ease with time and I hope they find some comfort knowing that he has touched the lives of so many who knew and loved him and others that did not know him at all!!!  Keep his memory alive, keep his passion alive and never forget that infectious smile!

Here are the links if you would like to make donations in David’s memory:

Donation2?idb=0&df_id=1360&1360.donation=form1&s_locale=en_ca&JServSessionIdr004=m2lcurril2.app202b (Nature Conservancy Canada)

DonationDetails.aspx?L=en-CA&G=131&F=985&T=GENER (Greenpeace Canada)


*** Disclaimer ***

I am not a medical doctor and am only providing this information based on personal research from various sources.  I always recommend speaking to your doctor, naturopathic doctor or holistic health care practioner before starting any new nutritional health care program.  I also find that it is best to be proactive and not reactive when it comes to your health.  Do your own research and find methods that fit best for you and your lifestyle.

Here are some natural ways of lowering blood pressure, suppressing a cough, reducing migraine pain, treat PMS and depression/anxiety.


Supplements:  Studies have shown that coenzyme Q10 reduces blood pressure.  The antioxidant, required for energy production, dilates blood vessels.

Soy:  A study from Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, found that replacing refined carbs in your diet with foods high in soy, can bring down systolic blood pressure if you have hypertension or prehypertension.

Pottassium Rich Produce:  Sweet potatoes, tomatoes, orange juice, potatoes, bananas, kidney beans, peas, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and dried fruit such as prunes and raisins are key to a blood pressure lowering program.

Read Food Labels For Sodium:  It is suggested that are sodium intake be approximately 1,200mg daily – check labels for sodium levels, you will be surprised to find that most items are very high in sodium.  Buying or low sodium alternatives is a great way to drastically reduce your daily sodium intake.

Tea:  Hibiscus helps lower stystolic blood pressure.  Many herbal teas contain hibiscus.  Look for blends that list it near the top of their ingredient chart.

Dark Chocolate:  Flavanols tend to make blood vessels more elastic, which helps with our blood flow….1/2 ounce of dark chocolate daily will help reduce high blood pressure (make sure the chocolate has at least 70% cocoa).

Drink Alcohol:  Some studies have shown 1 drink daily (for women) and 2 (for men) helps lower blood pressure.  Please note:  drinking excessively leads to other emotional and physical health issues – please drink responsibly.

Rigourous Walks:  Excercise helps the heart use oxygen more efficiently.  Going for a fast-paced walk or jog everyday for 30 minutes is beneficial to reducing high blood pressure and as a bonus – will help you shed unwanted excess weight.

Relax With Music:  Soothing tunes will keep you relaxed and relieve daily stress – try listening to light classical, indian or spiritual chanting to unwind from a busy day.

Breathe Deeply:  I can’t say it enough – meditation, yoga, and tai chi decreases stress hormones – which elevate renin, a kidney enzyme that raises blood pressure.  Start off slowly – 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night.  This is a great way to start and end your day.


Almonds:  Finely grind almonds (enough for a few teaspoons) and mix with a cup of orange juice.

Flax, honey and lemon:  Boil flax seeds (2/3 tablespoons) in a cup of water until thickened.  Strain and add 3 tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons of lemon juice.  Take 1 tablespoon as needed.

Thyme:  Officially approved German treatment for coughs, upper respiratory infections, bronchitis and whooping cough. Thyme flavonoids relax trachel and ileal muscles, which are involved in coughing – flavanoids also reduce inflammation.  2 teaspoons of crushed leaves in a cup of boiling water – cover then steep for 10 minutes and strain.


Feverfew:  Effective in preventing migraines but not stopping them once they have begun.  Parthenolide, the active ingredient in the plant, inhibits the chemicals in the brain that cause the blood vessels to dilate.

Butterbur Extract:  Used medicinally since the middle ages, butterbur extract can be taken daily as a powder, tincture, or other forms and is thought to have both antispasmodic effects and anti-infammatory properties.  It should be taken for 2 to 3 months until the migraine sufferer experiences a period ‘free of migraines’.

Aromatherapy:  Peppermint and lavender are used most often, but rosemary, eucalyptus, sandalwood, and basil often work well also.


Evening Primrose Oil:  Is made up of significant amounts of essential fatty acid named Gamma Linolenic acid or GLA.  This is understood to ease breat tenderness and swelling associated with your monthly menstrual cycle.

Magnesium:  Has been shown to effectively reduce weight gain, tenderness, bloating, swelling and mood swings.  Magnesium reacts with antibiotics and other diabetic medication and should not be taken if you suffer from heart/kidney disease or diabetes.

Chaste Tree Berry:  The chaste tree berry has been known to relieve depression, irritability, breast tenderness and headaches.  This can induce side-effects, so you should consult a doctor prior to taking.

St. Johns Wort:  Effective in alleviating the pain and discomfort of heavy periods and also helps to ease depression.


Antidepressants have been shown to be scientifically fraudulent (all the studies that show antidepressants do not work were never published…the rest barely show any benefit).  If a person can recognize that something isn’t right inside their body and mind, then that person is probably not really “mentally ill”.  They are probably suffering from physical and mental symptoms due to physical causes (processed food, food allergies, lack of vitamins, toxins etc).  Find the root of the problem, treat that problem and you can elliminate depression and anxiety.

What may be causing feelings of depression or anxiety?

Food Allergies:  You can exhibit feelings of depression an hour or even days later after eating certain foods.  You may have an allergy to certain foods that you eat.  Visit your doctor, a naturopathic doctor or holistic health care practitioner and ask about allergy elimination diets, food allergy testing, and other digestive health measures such as digestive enzymes and leaky gut problems.

Chronic Infections:  Lyme disease, bartonella, mycoplasma, babesia, many viruses, Candida, and many other pathogenic organisms are at the root cause of many epidemic diseases, including depression.  Get evaluated – an ‘LLMD’ (Lyme-literate medical doctor) is probably the best bet for finding someone who can properly evaluate your case.

Heavy Metal Chelation:  Mercury, lead, arsenic and numerous other toxic heavy metals have been shown to cause just about any illness, including depression.  Contaminated food and water, amalgam dental fillings, and vaccinations are some common sources of heavy metals.

Mold Toxins:  At least one study shows that household exposure to mold is related to depression.  Many integrative physicians have already long since known this.  Mold toxins can irritate your brain and cause virtually any symptom ranging from depression all the way to violent behaviour, seizures, and stroke.

What you can you do to elliminate depression and anxiety?

Raw Foods Diet:  Raw foods diets incidentally avoid refined sugar, processed foods, pesticides, preservatives, and additives, all of which have been linked to depression.  They are also dense in nutrients, which enhances wellbeing universally.  Fruits and vegetables also tend to have lower degrees of food sensitivities than many other foods.  Raw foods also help to balance low blood sugar, which is a major cause of depression.

Stop Addictive Behaviour:  Coffee, junk food, smoking, drinking, and drugs are all addictive.  Studies show the brain responds to junk food in the same way it does to heroin.

Probiotics:  At least two studies show that probiotics can reduce nervousness, anxiety, and depression.  Probiotics are “good” bacteria in your intestines.  They help detoxify, digest food, and modulate the immune system, which in a sense is literally an extension of the brain.

Other very helpful ways of elliminating depression and anxiety include the following:  removing toxins from the body (there are various methods), exercise and meditation.  Find what is best for you and live a more balanced and fullfilling life.  Remember – you must be proactive for your physical and emotional well-being.  Research, talk to your nutritionist, doctor, naturopathic doctor, and holisitic health care practioner to seek the answers and solutions that will best work for you!




Many of us have a difficult time adapting to change – especially when that change is beyond our control (job loss, death of a friend of family member).  Other changes happen with our intent and are still difficult to adapt to (job re-location, moving,  ending a relationship).  Whatever that change may be in our lives – we must find a positive and pro-active way of dealing with those specific and sometimes, stressful changes.  How we manage our stress due to these changes is key in maintaining good health and emotional well-being.  Here is some advice that I have for managing change in a positive way:

Don’t Panic – We tend to go to the ‘worse case scenario’ before assessing all the facts of the upcoming change.  The change is sometimes not as bad as we may think.

A Sign From The Universe –  Instead of thinking negatively about the impending changes that may come – look at it with positivity.  Could this be ‘a sign’ from the universe that it is time for you to move onto ‘bigger and better things’.  Maybe those changes have been holding you back from what your true passion in life is.

Change is Good – We learn from periods of change.  Whatever change happens for you in your life – think of them as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Allow Yourself To Feel The Emotions Associated With That Change (Good/Bad) – If we don’t allow ourselves to feel that emotions we are supposed to feel due to change that is beyond our control, we will become emotionally and physically sick.  If you experience a death – cry and feel all that needs to be released.  If you lose a job – be angry, hurt and sad.  FEEL!  Allow your body to release the stresses that are associated with those losses.  Without feeling, we are unable to move forward in a positive way for our emotional and physical well-being.

There are many exercises, for both body and mind, that can help you cope with change that is beyond our control; yoga, working out, taking walks, re-connecting with nature, meditation, learning something new (art/cooking/new language), talking with friends/family, etc.  If you have trouble adapted to any changes that are not within your control and you feel that you are becoming physically and emotionally sick – seek medical advise from your health care professional.

I am not saying that all events that happen in your life are going to be easy to manage – that would be a lie.  Life is difficult, change is difficult but knowing and preparing yourself for what is to come and being able to adapt – that is manageable!

Love, light and positive energy to all of you!